Saturday, October 10, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull is not who you think he is !

Whispers has come across all manner of odd tales but this one really caught our eye. The Internet is awash with conspiracy rumours and we love this one : our newly minted prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull is not who you think he is. 'Crisis actors' is one of the weirder conspiracy claims of the "truther " movement (they also say the Earth really is flat & the Moon Landing was faked) : these are actors who pretend to be 'victims' of the so-called 'false flag' events where the truthers claim every terrible action is a staged secret government plot as they lead us onto the New World Order, take away every citizen's gun in the USA and so on. Part of the grand conspiracy is that actors play the part of world leaders.
Our favourite was the claim that HM Queen Elizabeth was actually the Golden Girl star Betty White (they do look similar in a low light) but now it has been revealed : Malcolm Turnbull is in fact the star of Hannibal Lecter films Anthony Hopkins. Not only that, former PM Julia Gillard is in reality the Hollywood actress Jodie Foster !
Whispers has encountered all 4 of these personalities in person including being a guest at a dinner at Turnbull's Point Piper mansion, a book launch hosted by Julia Gillard, a small reception at Sydney's Fox Studios for Jodie Foster and 2 movie premiers with actor Hopkins.
Crucially : we have never seen all four at the same time in the same room !. We report, you decide.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber host party to save endangered turtles

  Aussie superstar Naomi Watts is currently gracing our TV screens as the face of online Presto in a campaign titled "Demand More", where she embraces the more 'demanding' side of her personality playing an over-the-top version of herself. Her runoured salary is said to be just over $2M

But in New York Naomi and husband Liev Schreiber are giving back to the community. They have just hosted their annual Turtle Ball to aid the Turtle Conservancy which protects threatened turtles and tortoises and their habitats worldwide.
left : Naomi & Liev
And they found support when a host of Hollywood & show biz greats turned up to help raise a whopping $800,000 as our exclusive pics from the event at the  Bowery Hotel show.
 Photographs : Patrick McMullan (c)

Ted Danson                    Helena Christensen                      Bruce Webber                           Richard Branson
Graydon Carter * Griffin Dunne          Shauna Robertson * Edward Norton              Susan Rockefeller *Anna Scott
Robert Kennedy Jnr                              Gina Gershon * Cheryl Hines                       Lynn Goldsmith * Patti Smith 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

GoggleBox Stars quit Oxford Street

Mick and Di Kershaw are 2 of the stars of the hit TV show GoogleBox noted for their often dry witty comments about the various programs watched, usually delivered while sipping on cocktails.

But now the Indigenous art dealers are the latest high profile Oxford Street business people to quit the once Golden Mile.
On Saturday Whispers counted 30 empty store fronts just in the Darlinghurst area. Further up the street in the Paddington part of
Oxford Street 'To Let' signs seem to pop up overnight. The Kershaws are Australia's top experts in selling & promoting Indigenous art and often acompnay successful artists for exhibitions in cities like Paris and Houston but now they have shut down their large gallery and are continuing to trade on-line.
And more seem to be fleeing the area as the popular medico Ben Hanson a favourite of the gay community and arts crowd is moving on from his Oxford Street surgery after 21 years. Last month thousands of protesters took to the streets decrying the lock-out laws that are crucifying inner city nightlife on the gay strip and Kings Cross.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A new women's cancer charity is launched

Marie Sutton*Tim Gilbert*Merle Finkel*Julie Singleton
 Charity Ambassadors and supporters gathered at a private home in Darling Point to hear Ovarian Cancer survivor Merle Finkel describe her battle with the deadly disease. Mrs Finkel is the Director of the newly formed Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation (AGCF) which hopes to raise awareness and funds needed to fight ovarian cancer which is often referred to as "the silent killer" due to the difficulty diagnosing symptoms.

Ms Finkel was diagnosed 4 years ago has been through a series of chemotherapy sessions. She became determined to inform other women about the importance of regular pap smears and sees the launch of the AGCF as a fitting tribute to her friend Senator Jeannie Ferris who passed away earlier this year from the disease.

Among the Ambassadors who hope to raise awareness and donations are Marie Sutton , Channel 9 'Today' reporter Tim Gilbert, Julie Singleton, actress Carmen Duncan who is appearing in the new musical Anything Goes, fashion designer Camilla Freeman-Topper and comedienne Jean Kitson.

                         right : Jean Kitson & Carmen Duncan

For more information go to the AGCF website here

Princess Diana's Aussie pal may write a book

Diana & Sutton
Chatting to Marie Sutton at the Darling Point morning event to launch the AGCF cancer charity (see above) brought some new revelations about the late Princess Diana's last visit to Australia in 1996 to launch the Victor Chang Institute. The visit  was to be Diana's final charity contribution before retiring to private life. Subsequent events have become history but Mrs Sutton revealed that she is seriously contemplating writing a book on her battle to maintain control over the plan which she conceived after contacting her friend Dr Hasnat Khan who was Diana's secret lover.

'My husband Bill kept incredible detailed diaries about the battle I had' says Marie. "Powerful people were desperate to seize control because of Diana's profile but she remained loyal to me". It is no secret that having conceived of the plan, Sutton found herself under intense pressure from figures like the late Nevile Wran who tried to wrestle control from her.

Whispers was lucky to accompany Sutton & Princess Diana on the tour and can confirm that Diana remained steadfastly loyal to her Aussie pal & was fully aware of the political machinations around her visit. When Diana died (and Whispers also had a connection to the late Dodi Fayed having lived in his Park Lane apartment for 3 months during the early 80s) Marie was rewarded by Diana's brother the Earl of Spencer with a personal tour of Diana's resting place on an island in the middle of the Althorp estate. Visitors cannot access the island and trees have been grown to prevent aerial photography of the grave. Marie took some photographs of Diana's resting place which had some extremely touching personal mementos placed upon the grave by her sons William & Harry. Although we have seen the snaps we are sworn to secrecy to never reveal what the items were. Sutton is still offered a small fortune by European publications for the photos.
A book on Sutton's Diana exploits would make fascinating reading.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Brouhaha in Bronte

Clare Strang & Matt Handbury
Bronte House, built in 1838 is a magnificent National Trust property owned by the local council. It's sweeping lawns cascade down a slope and join the park that backs onto the quaint Bronte Beach noted for it's trendy cafes frequented by many of the young elites that live in the Eastern Suburbs.
Bronte House's most recent tenant, Matt Handbury, a nephew of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch has just relinquished his lease after a number of years living there.
Before Handbury Sydney style expert Leo Schofield resided there and gave some pretty good parties. One which Whispers attended was a birthday bash for the late painter Margaret Olley where the entertainment featured the world famous artists Richard Tognetti on violin and Simon Tedeschi on piano.
Now Bronte House is up for lease again - one of the provisos for a pepper corn rent is that the beautiful gardens must be opened to the public for a certain number of days and the tenant is responsible fo r upkeep &repairs which can be pretty pricey.
Green's councilor, the exotically named Dominci Darugland Boondi Boondi Wy Kanak (pictured left) is demanding that confidential documents relating to the tenancy be revealed to the general public. Fellow Waverley councilors are resisting Kanak's request claiming that the papers contain confidential financial information about previous tenants.
Meanwhile Handbury who is boss of Murdoch Magazines with his HQ based on a wharf on Sydney Harbour is looking for new digs. Worth an estimated $370M he & wife Clare Strang could probably afford to move near his cousin and future News Corp boss Lachlan Murdoch in Bellevue Hill while Whispers awaits with baited breath to see just who the new tenants in Bronte House will be. Hopefully they'll be the entertaining kind.
Leo Schofield             Margaret Olley                            Richard Tognetti                    Simon Tedeschi

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Aussie actor starring at New York Fashion Week

 Ed Oxenbould & Olivia DeJonge
 New York Fashion Week, one the highlights of the social calender in the Big Apple is in full swing. Among the 200 designers showing are Australian locals Dion Lee, Zimmerman, Rebbecca Valance and Bec & Bridge. Another Aussie has also taken centre stage with the director M.Knight Shyamalan ("The Sixth Sense") premiering his new low budget flick The Visit in NY to co-incide with the fashion galas.
The Visit is the "terrifying story of a brother and sister who are sent to their grandparents' remote Pennsylvania farm for a week long trip." 

And starring in the film with Olivia DeJonge as one of the teenagers is young Melbourne actor Ed Oxenbould who at just 14 years old is a veteran of local TV shows like Puberty Blues and Underbelly. Made on a budget of just $5M The Visit has already taken over $50M at the box office and looks set to launch Oxenbould on a US film career.
Also a box office success and almost rivalling The Visit has been Joel Edgerton's The Gift with serious talk of Edgerton picking up an Oscar this year at the Academy Awards. The Gift was written, directed and starred Edgerton.
right : Cate Blanchett & Joel Edgerton at the Sydney Theatre Co

# And we have broken a few records ourselves here at Careless Whispers & the Social Shuttle with a staggering  13,200,379 views on Google!

Below is a clip from The Visit 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Matthew Newton answer his critics :"I have been in excellent health for the last three years"

Following our report last week that actor Matthew Newton had slammed the tabloid magazine Woman's Day over recent health claims, the actor has now given an exclusive interview to the Australian MailOnline and scotched rumours about his health and expressed how happy he is that sister Lauren is expecting her fourth child. The Newtons are a close knit show biz family and although the talented Matthew has been through some rocky times due to illness, it's pleasing news that his career appears to be thriving in the USA. You can read the Mail's report here.
# One of the oddest aspects of this mini controversy was a columnist on an Australian newspaper who had hoped that Newton would  "provide evidence to back up  his claims the Woman's Day article was "full of lies"". Call Whispers old fashioned (we are) but the usual expectation is that if a claim is made about a person, the claimant is the one expected to "provide evidence" etc. Still, we live in interesting times where many aspects of life have become topsy turvy.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rupert Murdoch & Jerry Hall : so much to discuss

One of the madder tales doing the rounds and which is bound to be repeated ad infinitum is the rumour that billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch is dating the Texan model Jerry Hall. Jerry is pictured here with her former boyfriend Warwick Hemsley and with her daughter Georgia May Jagger during Sydney visits.
What could this newspaper obsessed mogul possibly have in common with fun loving Jerry?. Well according to Nick Davies in his best- seller Hack Attack about the recent hacking scandal, perhaps pillow talk could involve a discussion about how Rupert's tabloids hacked the phone of Bernard Doherty who was Mick Jagger's publicist when he was married to Jerry which provided a string of exclusive tales about the couple's divorce for the Murdoch newspapers.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Away from the drama in Canberra, former PM Julia Gillard dines with pals in New York

Rupert Noffs* Julia Gillard* Matty Bennett
While Tony Abbott was being removed by his own MPs in Canberra and replaced by Malcolm Turnbull, former prime minister Julia Gillard dined with friends in New York as our exclusive snap shows. Pictured above with Julia are comedian Mark Trevorrow and Gideon Shoes' boss Rupert Noffs. The trio joined friends from the "gumleaf mafia" and Noffs partner Matty Bennett for dinner at Noff's & Bennett's apartment.
Noffs and Bennett are soon to open their own eatery, Lucky Bee in Soho's Broome Street (the street only had factories when Whispers lived there) specialising in South East Asian food and they have the New York Times buzzing with excitement. Ironically Malcolm Turnbull's first act as PM was to sign the two most populous states Victoria and NSW up to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) considered one of Gillard's most important pieces of legislation and one which she is justly proud of.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

exclusive : President Obama visits Kings Cross to talk on Lock Out laws

With the Kings Cross "lock out" laws having a devastating affect on Sydney's Kings Cross and the night life, help is at hand as the US president jets into town to save the day. And we were there..our special report:

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lawyer rips into the Womans Day

High profile Sydney lawyer Chris Murphy has criticised Bauer Media and their magazine Womans Day over a story on his client actor Matthew Newton. Last night Murphy poster this message on his Facebook page:
NEWS RELEASE: There is a story about Matthew Newton in Woman's Day magazine today. It is a total fabrication. My client Matthew Newton has written and authorised the following media release:
There is an article in Woman's Day magazine today saying that I have been rushed to hospital and that I suffered a psychotic episode. It is absolutely untrue. It did not happen. It has been made up. The whole article is full of lies.
I am happy and healthy. I have been residing peacefully in New York for the last three years with occasional business trips to Los Angeles. I am working with people on several film projects. I have not sought nor received financial support from my parents for many years
No journalist spoke to me before writing this nonsense in Woman's Day and it has been concocted with no basis in the truth. I have referred it to my lawyers to take action.

# we aren't going to re-print the Woman's Day story and trust Mr Murphy as a man of his word who takes great care of his clients. And good luck to Matthew Newton who we have had the pleasure of meeting several times when he lived in Sydney.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Saddle Up !

George and Thomas Burgess, a couple of GGs & their jockeys
It's that time of the year - Spring which means the Spring Summer racing season at Royal Randwick is upon us. Race days are like a melting pot of society where all manner of colourful characters, celebrities, socialites, sport's stars and fashion names gather to mingle, socialise and gamble on the horses.
Highlights of the season will be the Star Epsom Day and the Moet & Chandon Spring Champion Stakes Day with pop-up champer's bars, disc jockeys and a good reason to dress up for the day, the Myer Fashions in The Field. Randwick threw a shindig to launch the season and here are some of our snaps from the event.  

Tommy Berry * Gai Waterhouse,                                Edwina McCann             Maddison Kerry  *  Cloudia Ingall

worth the price of admission alone : Myer ambassador Jodi Anasta
Eliza Grant * Roy Billing * Nerida Winter                         Jodi Anasta* Kate Waterhouse * Anna Bamford

Monday, September 7, 2015

Show Biz News

Colourful gumshoe Frank Monte is celebrating his win over Fairfax Media after they nicked a photo from his girlfriend Sharon Sergeant's website and published it. Monte sued Fairfax via one of Australia's most experienced briefs Clive Evatt QC (centre left) and was awarded $10,000 in damages plus costs. Much was made during the trial of just what a MILF was with both Evatt & m'learned judge expressing puzzlement at the term.

Now Frank has announced in the Hollywood Reporter & show biz bible Variety that he is producing a pilot for a TV reality series called The Private Eye and The Madam which will deal with his daily private investigator activities and Sharon's escort business in the USA where the couple are mainly based.
And you can get in the ground floor by investing in this show by going here. Monte has received numerous offers from US producers and networks to take on the series but he says they just want too bigger percentages.
" I've written this show myself and not only will Sharon and I be the 'talent' & stars of the series, I just don't want to hand over the rights to a company where it may get out of my control but it's encouraging that 2 US cable networks are keen on the idea".
Sargeant has just appeared in 2 films with Sam Neil, Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford while Whisper's Las Vegas spy spotted Frank Monte  just 2 weeks ago deep in conversation with casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson at the Venetian Casino.
  Sounds like a winner to us and just the sort of show TV viewers would lap up - excitement, glamour, drama and sex !

It looks like it's libel lawyers at ten paces as superstar Mel Gibson and the Daily Telegraph look set to take each other on in the law courts.
The drama stems from Mel's visit to the Verona Cinema in Oxford Street Paddington. When he emerged from the theatre Mel says he was 'ambushed' by a Daily Terror snapper after a writer had received the brush off inside the theatre when he enquired of Mel what he thought of the film. The snapper says she was shoved by Gibson but local police after viewing CCTV footage said they will not be prosecuting Mel.
It's a quandary for Whispers. We've encountered both Gibson and the photographer involved and both have always been polite. Mel is possibly one the politest movie stars of them all despite the (Australian) media who can be extremely rude at times. The last press conference we attended one hack asked Mel if he was "losing his hair". He responded " why are you losing yours?".

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Outrageous Miley Cyrus !

Well maybe she is.  Certainly the MTV VMA Awards are good old US show biz at it's very best. But what about all those wonderful colours and designs during Miley's performance? They look awfully like the colourful and unique product of the Melbourne fashion outlet DI$COUNT UNIVER$E.

 We report, you decide. Below & left is a selection of outfits from Di$count Univer$e and Miley's numbers seem heavily influenced by them. And the designers are feeling somewhat miffed at the sourcing (as it's called these days) from their website without attribution
And that's a good enough reason to visit Di$count Univer$e to check out their product. Amazingly affordable prices so give them a go !

Monday, August 31, 2015

Denim to Die For

The Delta Riggs were in top form

We love David Jones department store. It's one of the world's great emporiums. And we love their parties even more. Last night DJs launched the Denim label with a great bash at St James Train Station.

It's not the only time we've been to a party in a station. The Mortuary Station near Central was often used as a venue. Fortunately we never actually caught a train from the Mortuary as it goes direct to Rookwood Cemetery and there's no return !

Back to DJs. Whispers knows there will be always lots of pretty young things at a David Jones party and of course there were. Some even wore denim.

Model Erin Wasson ( left) hosted the night and it doesn't get much better than that. This is a just a small selection of the guests. Someone has to do this job !
Jordan Barrett , Mimi Elashiri,   Jai Stevens                          Zac Stenmark, Kate Waterhouse and Luke Ricketson
Melina Vidler                          Erin Holland                                 Tahnee Atkinson                        Mimi Elashiri

Friday, August 28, 2015

Healthy Fruit

 It's not every day one is confronted by a live breathing platter of fruit. The opening night party for the revamped Cruise Bar at Circular Quay was an eye-opener. Leggy bodies were covered in all manner of goodies like luscious grapes, bananas, peaches and berries of all kind. And you don't always see guests eager to scoff their daily supply of vitamins with healthy fruit but this was a food platter extraordinaire. We didn't wait to see what would be revealed once the food had been consumed. Far too well mannered.
News of live food platters has swept social media and even newspapers in the UK are running the tale with headlines like "Outrage!" and"Guests shocked !". So that's another successful PR coup then.

## When Hollywood star Keannu Reeves was living in Sydney while he filmed the Matrix movies, the Cruise Bar was one of his favourite hangouts. Whispers often spotted him there in the afternoons, quietly sipping a latte and reading a book or just taking in the sensational view of the Sydney Opera House which is directly across the bay.


Has high profile barrister Charles Waterstreet noticed this image of his Archibald winning portrait?

It's on the corner of Park & Elizabeth Streets in Sydney not a stones throw from his chambers. It's plastered on the outside of a uni-sex convenience.
There's a joke somewhere in there about briefs etc