Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How They Party in New York

Well not quite New York City- it's the Hamptons where New Yorkers flee for a break. Shuttle long time associate Patrick McMullan who is the USA's most famous social snapper has a house there and here are a few snaps he took from a star studded last weekend. (that's Patrick in the middle at the right. As you can see he's pretty popular) 
Photographs (c) PMc Patrick McMullan

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hollywood Stars at the Helpmanns

Every year the Helpmann Awards for live theatre in Australia has become a bigger and grander event and this year it did not disappoint.
Held at the Capitol Theatre guests were treated to a two hour extravaganza featuring numbers from the Lion King and Strictly Ballroom and plenty more. And a host if international names turned up from Geoffrey Rush, Baz Luhrmann and Lou Diamond Phillips.
You can read the full list of winners here : but special congratulations must go to the superb new intimate Kings Cross theatre, the Hayes Theatre which opened just 6 months ago. Their production (and the Shuttle watched it from the very back row which has a superb view of the stage) of Sweet Charity, an ambitious feat, picked up three well deserved gongs.

Lisa McCune & Lou Diamond Phillips     Robyn Nevin & Nicholas Hammond   Silvia Colloca & Richard Roxburgh
Andrew Upton                          Baz Luhrmann & Catherine Martin                  Kelley Abbey & Craig McLachlan
Below : Nancye Hayes with Hayes Theatre Director David Campbell : Sweet Charity

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Another Top Nite Spot Opens

 above :Rosie Cramer, Mathew De Groot                   Marni Wood, Michael Brown & Casey Burgess
Kings Cross may be in the doldrums but nightlife in the city itself is thriving with new bars and restaurants opening to cater for the burgeoning apartment blocks that are making inner city living Sydney a vibrant new destination.
Shelley Horton,Henry Roth Zoe Marshall, Steven Khalil
The  CBD’s newest bar and eatery Mr Tipply’s hosted its grand opening last Thursday night – and grand it was! In addition to a delicious selection of canapés designed by executive chef, Elaine Lee, guests were treated an array of sumptuous cocktails designed by internationally recognised head bar tender, Jonathan Coates. Patrons were also given an exclusive first look at the brand new cocktail bar, aptly named The Attic, which sits above the bustling space below. Taking pride of place in CBD nestled on the corner of Kent and Kings streets, Mr Tipply’s is sure to become a favourite watering hole for city-dwellers and visitors alike.

CaseyBurgess                                 Erin Holland                                             Jono Lance & Michael Hodge

Photographs by Dominic Loneragan

Monday, August 18, 2014

Diva Night at the Helpmann Awards

The 2014 Helpmann Awards will be held tonight, not at the Opera House as our pic implies but at the very beautiful Capitol Theatre in Haymarket.
Special guest will be US actor Lou Diamond Phillips.
Awards up for grabs include gongs for some of our fabulously talented female performers in musical theatre.
Below are just some of these terrific actors.
Lisa McCune                                             Katrina Retallick                                          Queenie van de Zandt                          

                  Christine Wheeler Brown                                                  Debora Krizak
                    Caroline O'Connor                                                    Geraldine Turner
courtesy :

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bar De Thé opens

A smart new bar Bar De Thé opened last night in Victoria Street, Darlinghurst. Here are some snaps from the opening party. It's all very swish and pretty nice and a welcome addition to Sydney's nightlife.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Double Bay Revival

It should be the shot in the arm the village of Double Bay needs. In November the new Intercontinental Hotel will open in the old premises of the Ritz Carlton Hotel. In it's brief history from the 1980s to the late 1990s , the Ritz was a terrific boost to the fortunes of Double Bay and became the hotel of choice for visiting celebrities like Madonna, presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush Snr, Princess Diana and Bob Dylan.The new Intercontinental promises to be a 5 start venue with a ballroom, top restaurants and a new nightclub which along with the thriving Casablanca just across the road will revive the Bay's nightlife.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Myer Spring Summer fashion

It would be remiss of us having spruiked the David Jones' 2014 Spring Summer fashion parade, to not present their direct competitor Myer. And so here is the official video of the event. Keep an eye out for Jen Hawkins and see if you can spot the lump (baby!)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ground Hog Day !

We are being wicked of course. In the nicest possible way. The media excitedly told us that a new broom was to sweep through the clipboard guest lists and names would be ruthlessly slashed to pave the way for a new generation of society figures to attend this week's David Jones Spring Summer fashion parades.
How pleasing then to arrive and find the usual suspects- Terri Biviano, Anthony Minichiello, Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Richard Wilkins and his permanent date these days, son Christian.
And best of all the champagne remains the same with the party awash with Bolinger.
Below : Jessica Gomez,Gary Bigeni, Carla Zampatti & Marta Dusseldorp, Miranda Otto, Tash Oakley, Rachael Finch
And the fashion...
And the video of the event..

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hollywood : Where Dreams Come True

Pictured above at the Los Angeles premiere of Hercules is Bondi Battler James Packer, his film business partner Brett Ratner & star of Hercules Dwayne Johnson and his wife Simone Johnson.

Yesterday the movie premiered in New York with the same line-up. Our dear friends at the UK Daily Mail have indulged in the same fantasy that has gripped several local publications with this tale of Miranda Kerr & Packer supposedly meeting secretly in New York with Kerr going to great lengths to swap cars. Alas the tale is almost word for word for the April Fool's Joke we ran on April 1st this year. The fact the Mail excitedly contacted us for more details on the great non love affair of the year is entirely co-incidental. Below is a preview of the Packer Ratner flick.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

LattéLife's new Southern Highland's publication

LattéLife, the Eastern Suburb's free newspaper that has thrived over the past 3 years- somewhat denting claims that print publication is declining, has launched their Southern Highland's edition which brings distribution up to 100,000 copies with over twice that in readers and an audience amongst the most influential in Australian arts, music, politics and business.
If you live elsewhere in this beautiful land you can still read the newspaper online here :
 LatteLife Southern Highlands

Monday, July 21, 2014

At the Archibalds

 The Archibald portraits never disappoint and an invite to the opening night is much sought after. Pictured above left is the NSW Art's Minister Troy Grant with the youthful NSW Premier Mike Baird and the director of the NSW Art Gallery Michael Brand on the far right. Below is the winning portrait on the left, a painting of Penelope Seidler by Fiona Lowry (it picked up $70,000), Rodney Pople's Barry Humphries, Tonya Bright & Zoe Young and Kate Benyon with 'Sangeeta and Fuji'.
# The Shuttle was once invited to a party at Harry & Penelope Seidler's magnificent harbour side duplex that overlooks Luna Park in North Sydney. Asking for the gents, Penny responded "upstairs and down the hallway and through the door with the Picasso on one side and the Van Gogh on the other".  Below-more portraits.
Two snaps have come to our attention. One is a pic sent to us from our good pal Joan Rivers currently on a European tour. She's just about to join a queue to get into The Vatican. The other a sharp eyed reader has sent with a query : there is a remarkable resemblance between the popular (?) Speaker of the House of representatives Bronwyn Bishop MP and the famous Australian housewife & megastar Dame Edna Everage. Are they perchance related ?. I think we should be told.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

King and his Prince

 Media baron Rupert Murdoch tonight hosted the 50th year celebration at the Horden Pavilion for his beloved Australian newspaper. As can be seen in our pic he arrived with heir apparent Lachlan Murdoch and daughter-in-law Sarah. Amongst the guests, PM Tony Abbott, former PMs John Howard and Paul Keating, James Packer and rival media mogul Kerry Stokes who owns the Seven Network.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

David Frost : " A Towering Intellect"

When the Shuttle interviewed the late Sir David Frost in 2011 he responded to a question about former Australian prime minister Gough Whitlam : "a towering intellect, possibly the most intellectual politician"'
Friday was Gough's 98th birthday and he celebrated with his family at his nursing home Lulworth House. Sadly Gough has lost his great Labor Party ally and fellow resident, former NSW premier Nevile Wran who died in April this year. But another mate and resident Sir Laurence Street was there to wish Gough all the best. In our picture is Gough and son Tony Whitlam. Gough's wife Margaret died in 2012.
Next Friday the winner of the Archibald Prize for portraiture will be announced at the Art Gallery of NSW. Watch this cool video of every winner from 1921 to 2013 morphed into one.

Courtesy : ABC and Art Gallery of New South Wales

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Geat Honour for Sir Les

A magnificent portrait of the noted Australian diplomat Sir Les Patterson, representative of the Cheese Board and Cultural Affairs Attache to the Court of St James has received a rare honour.
A portrait of him has today picked up the Packer's Prize, chosen by those who receive, unpack and hang entries for the Archibald Prize.

And the prize is not to be sniffed at either, artist Tim Storrier wins $1000 plus an ANZ Bank $500 gift card. Sadly for Storrier, no Packer's Prize choice has gone on to win the Archibald. That will be chosen next Friday at a gala bash at the NSW Art Gallery.
Below is a film of Sir Les in action. You
can see why he is respected in diplomatic circles world-wide.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Birthday News

Did anyone know that former Treasurer and Deputy PM Wayne Swann was an old rocker at heart?.
We knew he was a surfer in his young days living in sunny Queensland and still regularly hits the waves with his board and wetsuit but we have pleasure in outing the backbencher as a card carrying & bandanna wearing Bruce Springsteen fan.
Yesterday Wayne celebrated his 60th and as our exclusive snap shows  good pal and former Prime Minister Julia Gillard dropped by to celebrate and bop away to Wayne's surprise gift from friends, a concert by The Springsteen Experience.

We think bandanna wearing should be encouraged to loosen up the House of Reps and have forwarded a communique to our pal Speaker Bronwyn Bishop MP. Failing that we may lobby Clive Palmer MP . He should be up for it.

Below is a video of The Springsteen Experience in action. Gosh, aren't they good!

( although we think a few drinks beforehand may help aid that experience)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Royal Ascot, Royal Secrets

Please watch the video first as an introduction : that's a command from Her Maj, Queen of Australia (UK, Canada etc etc and so on) who is seen in our exclusive snap arriving at the pollies' Mid-Winter Ball in Canberra last week.

           It's very chilly in Sydney with a wind howling down from the snowfields but in London it's bright and sunny and that time of the year for Wimbledon, Windsor Polo and the races at Royal Ascot. Plenty of pics have been published of famous Aussies in the VIP Box at the tennis but here are our exclusive snaps of ritzy Double Bay hairdresser Joh Bailey who has taken Ascot by storm. And doesn't he look elegant? (no idea who the lady in top hat is but she looks great)
 Joh is a fine horseman himself so he has a great interest in the beasts and when he isn't tending to the locks of Sydney society matrons or visiting celebs like the Duchess of York or movie legend Jane Fonda- seen with Joh in our snap - he's appearing at gymkhanas and horse trials. At present he's moved on from the grand Belgravia mansion he was staying in and is now in Paris. Ain't life grand for some !

## The Shuttle has attended Ascot twice. Many moons ago we traveled in style in a Range Rover with a good friend Stephen Barry who worked at Buck Palace.  Amazingly, Barry's car was waved through at blocked intersections by police as they spotted him bearing down on them. They held up traffic as we sailed past. It's then we learned the car was owned by Barry's employer Prince Charles and he had borrowed it for the day. Being painted a special blue supplied by British Paints, a colour reserved for the Royals (right), it's how we discovered that all British police are trained in spotting the special coloured cars to ensure smooth passage of VIPs. Like us.
          Below is a pic of the Windsor Polo and the Cartier Cup. It's a splendid snap and we love the lady in front. Apparently in one of our snaps is a royal impersonator and in our other snap it's a genuine Royal. We can't tell which is which, perhaps you can!

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Simple Lass

Barely a soul took notice of the blond lady clinking through the various bottles of reasonably priced Chardonnay in a Kings Cross bottle shoppe last night, but she's Hollywood Royalty these days : Jackie Weaver winner of an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, Screen Actor's Guild Award, endless AFIs and a host of others. The Shuttle often runs into Jackie shopping at the local supermarket picking through the grocery bargains and not a head turns. This night she was pondering over a nice white for dinner with hubby Sean. He was next door in the local community medical centre waiting for a check -up.
Said Jackie later to writer Mandy Sayer ( another Cross resident) :  "I've been thinking that, now we're grown ups, maybe we should start seeing a regular doctor in a private practice?"

I'm Confused about Rolf

I had a fierce English master who put the fear of God into me via threat of his over arm swing that wielded a sharp cane with a brutal effectiveness when it came crashing across a callow youth's palm.But I still can get it all wrong and if in doubt, usually look up the word or meaning.
But just what is happening with the Rolf Harris trial ?. Here are just two of dozens of similar reports of questions asked of the judge by the jury :The UK Daily Mirror says this : "can the voracity of a witness statement in one count be taken into account when judging the voracity of a witness statement in another count.”
News Ltd complicates it even further with : "Can the veracity of a witness statement in one count be taken into account when judging the voracity of a witness statement in another count.”
 Is the jury suggesting the complainants may have attempted to eat Rolf?
Macquarie Dictionary:
veracity : habitual observance of truth in speech or statement
voracity :devouring or craving food in great quantities

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More Dramas at the Opera House

Pussies Riot
 One day after soprano Tamar Iveri was "released from her contract" with the Australian Opera : the Shuttle first revealed her homophobic Facebook rants : a new drama has cropped up with the annual Festival of Dangerous Ideas .

 The Sydney Opera House has withdrawn writer Uthman Badar from the festival after a twitter campaign. The Sydney based Muslim speaker and activist was to ask why western countries act as a 'moral judge' in the matter of honour killings. His photo-published here- has vanished from the Dangerous Ideas website.
Never fear : there is a line-up of controversial names appearing with former PM Malcolm Fraser and ex-pollie Mark Latham, writers Salman Rushdie and John Pilger and some Russian controversy with the infamous Pussy Riot. Tickets are available here.

Monday, June 23, 2014

LattéLife's New Power Base

Nicole & Keith               Matt Handbury           Reg Grundy               Miriam Margolyes                 James Fairfax
It's like a roll call of Australia's most powerful citizens : businessmen like billionaire poker machine king Len Ainsworth, properly mogul Theo Onosforou, show biz giants Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Miriam Margolyes and Reg Grundy, publishing family scions James Fairfax and Matt Handbury, horse trainer Gae Waterhouse and artists John Olsen and Tim Storrier.

Bill Ranken                John Olsen                          Theo Onosforuw                         Len Ainsworth                    Tim Storrier
All have two things in common- they live in beautiful homes in the surrounds of NSW's gorgeous Southern Highlands just an hour's drive from Sydney and all will be amongst the readers of LattéLife's new Highland's edition of the popular Eastern suburb's newspaper.
In a few short years LatteLife has grown to a circulation of 50,000 in Sydney with the new edition boosting that to 80,000 to an audience that now contains a concentration of the most powerful Australians in politics, business and the arts.
Two experienced editors have been appointed- Monique Butterworth will oversee the Sydney edition while Bowral local Alex Speed will take on local newspapers. Both will continue the current lively mix of news, interviews with locals , colourful offerings from social snapper Bill Ranken (who fortunately lives in both places- Elizabeth Bay and on a splendid property near Goulborn) motoring tips from Aaron Zerefos and the newsy snippets that have drawn advertisers flocking to the pages, making rivals look decidedly dull by comparison.
New editors: Monique Butterworth and Alex Speed :  below -local scenery