Sunday, December 4, 2016

What is happening with James Murdoch?

Whispers asks this question because of a sudden spike in a story we penned in 2010.  It's the tale of how we spotted a 15 year old James Murdoch asleep on a sofa at a party at Lady Mary Fairfax's home Fairwater in Double Bay. At the time Murdoch was accompanying the Sunday Telegraph social writer Primrose 'Pitty Pat' Dunlop (pictured right) on 'work experience'. Our spy disguised as a Tiffany's compact in Jerry Hall's handbag and which sends us regular reports on hubby Rupert Murdoch's movements has produced no news about the Murdoch clan that may have inspired over 100,000 readers from the UK to click on the tale in the past few days.

Read the full story here:

A 15 year old Murdoch and the groom who eloped with his best man in Venice


 A screenshot of our statistics shows how readers can suddenly flock from a certain country depending on the current post. As an example, when we published the claim that former Sydney and now Los Angeles based private investigator Frank Monte was heading to New York to work on Donald Trump's presidential campaign, readers from the USA flocked to Whispers at the rate of around 40,000 a day. But why an older tale about James Murdoch has suddenly gained new traction is a mystery.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A French Honour

Brian * Emile * and Gene Sherman
Gene Sherman owns the up-market Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation Gallery in Paddington. Now for the second time she has been honoured by the French government for her contribution to the arts and culture presented at a small cocktail party as our snap above shows.
Pinning on the medal is France's Ambassador to Australia, His Excellency Monsieur Christophe Lecourtier.

And watching were some proud family members - husband Brian and son Emile. Brian Sherman who sold his investment company for $$mega-millions now concentrates on his charity Voiceless started by he and his daughter Ondine which raises awareness of animals suffering in factory farming and the kangaroo industry in Australia.
 Emile Sherman is probably best known as the producer of the 2011 Academy Award winning film The King's Speech. Currently he's working on several TV series : Love Nina and Codes of Conduct, a science fiction film How To Talk to Girls at Parties starring Nicole Kidman and a re-make of the Lynda la Plante Widows starring Viola Davis.
And if you haven't been to the wonderful Sherman Gallery you'll find it at 16-29 Goodhope Street, just off Five Ways in Paddington.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Vale Florence Henderson

She was best known as the star of The Brady Bunch.

Actress Florence Henderson has died at the age of 82. Four years ago Henderson was in Sydney to promote a brand of canned tomatoes and Whispers attended a reception for her at the Kings Cross night spot Concrete Blonde.

Florence said she loved tomatoes as her father had been a share-crop farmer who grew and sold tomatoes for a living. A lively, chatty and friendly lady, Florence looked twenty years younger than she then was at 79.

Friday, November 25, 2016

It begins : Christmas

It's a Sydney institution. While others may come and go, Lucios Italian Restaurant in quaint Paddington has been there, well forever. The finest Italian food, an intimate atmosphere and walls laden with art from many of Australia's most famed painters. When Lucio sends out an invitation to enjoy a lunch for Christmas, it would be a sin to turn it down.
Glen Marie Frost & the man himself Lucio * chef Janni Kyritis & Francesa Emerson
Above: famed chef Tom Rutherford * publicist Rae Francis* ABC broadcaster Simon Marnie * Michael Yabsley

Angela Thompson with New Zealand TV star Peter Mochrie
Around Town
At the benefit for Taronga Park Zoo,  beautiful Michelle Walsh & hubby Martin Walsh * right: former Labor Party leader Mark Latham with Liberal Party heavyweight Peta Credlin at the Bong Bong Picnic Races

Comedian Bob Downe & drag star Cindi Pastel on the Sydney Harbour Funboat * a feel-good tale about superstar Russell Crowe- read it HERE

Monday, November 21, 2016

Daily Mail Fail #45

The inimitable Daily Mail newspaper is a source of constant amusement here among office staff (1) and the office cat over cups of tea at the water cooler. Here is their latest blooper with a dig at various signs for typo errors and just the Fail's Mail's very own typo.
This still doesn't beat the Fail's Mail's Best Blooper spotted by us when they announced the death of comedienne Tracey Ullman's 85 year old mother Doreen Skinner and ran a picture of her with Tracey...except it was a snap of a fairly healthy 50 year old Aussie star of the Rocky Horror Show Nell Campbell known as Little Nell.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Super Moon #2

Whispers will be back onboard soon- a hurried business trip abroad caught us by surprise. In the meantime here is snap of the Moon taken in Lebanon- wow !

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Maria Venuti in hospital following a stroke

Entertainer and tireless charity worker Maria Venuti (above at last year's Wharf 4 Ward) has suffered a
stroke after being confronted by a stranger in her home yesterday. 

Maria was rushed to the Royal North Shore Hospital after falling ill. She had arrived home and after around twenty minutes Venuti found a stranger was in her living room. After calling police she was taken ill. Maria's daughter Bianca (pictured right with Maria) is by her bedside. Whispers will update as more news comes to hand.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Nearly Summer

 Mid Spring but it feels like Summer with warm and balmy sunny days. A perfect excuse to attend a bikini launch! Designer Fiola Labron Johnson (above centre) launched her new swimwear range Fiola Rose Swim at the d'Albora Marina at The Spit in Mosman.
And there were some pretty swell gin palaces on display. We could get used to this. Below, AdProManagement's Grant Dwyer with Fiola and some gals wearing those new swimsuits. Look good don't they?

We clambered aboard this vessel with only a flute of Champagne to fortify us against the seas


A missive arrives from LA gumshoe Frank Monte who has taken up residence at New York's wondrous Waldorf Astoria Hotel (our favourite ) :

"Hi Friends, much has been said in the press and radio here in NYC about my checking the stories of these 'Ladies' who are impugning Mr. Trump's Good name. At the outset there's a confusion about who I am. A younger Frank Monte 45, of New Jersey and a Vet. has been in court several times against Mr Trump and has been fighting him for years. I am not he.
I am a Frank James Monte, over 60...and a fully licensed CA Private Detective formerly of NYC now of LA. CA. To date I've sucessfully blown out of the water 4 out of the 8-9 'Ladies' making unsubstantiated accusations against my friend Donald Trump. I'm now chasing after Attorney, M/s Gloria Allred's clients all of whom are in hiding from me.
It's a trial by the Press and the more they say, naively believing the crap these women say, the more press there is.I'm continuing with my case load. Those who know me, remember I totally destroyed the David Jones Ltd case of the $37 million sexual harrassment suit by a former DJ's staffer in 2010. She ran away with just court costs.
If you know more, speak up, I'm at the Walforf Astoria Hotel here on Park Ave.Cheers. Frank Monte." 


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Popbitch bloopers

We can't be too hard on the internet gossipy website Popbitch which can be a lot of fun at times although we get slightly irritated with what seems an obsession with bodily functions and the size or otherwise of "celebrity" private parts. After all Whispers has supplied them with the odd snippet over the years but how did they make mistakes like these two when the facts are so easily verified?
Such as this:

Max (right) is a Sydney based publicist whose office is a 5 minute walk from Whispers. Having been there numerous times we should know.  Perhaps a clue is in the billing Max gives himself as: Australia's Premier Publicist !
And this:                                                             

Friday, October 28, 2016

Will Hugo Weaving pick up an Academy Award?

Colin Freils & Judy Davis
The new play Faith Healer by Brian Friel just opened at the Belvoir Street Theatre in Surry Hills. It's a series of four monologues with actor Colin Friels, Alison White and Pip Miller.
Keith Robinson & Hugo Weaving
On the opening night we not only had Friels at the after party but his wife Judy Davis who has picked up 2 BAFTA awards, 3 EMMYs and 8 ACCTA awards. Not only that she starred in the Academy Award winning film My Brilliant Career. That movie was produced by Australian producer Margaret Fink who Whispers took to the ritzy Sardi's Restaurant in New York after she had nabbed the Oscar at the awards in LA. As we swept into Sardi's waiters snapped to attention as the maître d led us to the very best table.
"Crikey, you must be really well known in this town" offered Margaret. Whispers didn't have the heart to tell her that when we telephoned to book a table we said we'd be bringing the winner of this year's Academy Award for Best Film.
Also at the Belvoir party- Hugo Weaving who is getting rave reviews for his part in Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge which received a standing ovation from Hollywood's film community a few night ago when it premiered in Tinsel Town. Talk is Weaving is in hot running to pick an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. pics by William Yang
Faith Healer is on at the Belvoir until 27th November.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

shock report- Frank Monte appears in a New York court !

Frank Monte who just appeared  in a New York court.
Fast on the heels of our report that former Sydney gumshoe Frank Monte was traveling to New York City to aid the election campaign of Donald Trump comes news that a Frank Monte has appeared in a New York court and has been slammed by the judge as an unhinged stalker of The Trump !.

But all is not as it seems. The "Trump obsessed Frank Monte" who was arrested at the Trump Tower for stealing his own photo posted at a security desk to alert guards to his identity is a former Florida resident who is 43 years old and who had placed over 400 calls to the real estate mogul’s office and made repeated visits since his release from a prison in July 2012.

Whisper's Big Apple spy disguised as a Aspidistra plant in the District Attorney's office assures us that the former Sydney based, now Los Angeles resident Frank Monte is still on good terms with Trump and still is intent on clearing Donald of alleged sex assault claims. Below is a series of Careless Whisper's exclusive photos that show the 2 Montes are indeed, different people:

Monday, October 17, 2016

Mel's bad rap

And still the media keep asking questions of Mel Gibson about his meltdown years ago when he was in the grip of the grape in LA. It's as though no hack or hackette has ever had a drink and said unwise things.

Mel is a nice guy and his relationship with the media has always been a good one despite their attempts to whip up controversy.
Whispers first met Mel over dinner many moons ago in London at the Portobello Hotel in Notting Hill Gate. He was with a good friend, film producer Richard Brennan and the pair were promoting a film that had been a huge success in Europe but went largely unnoticed in the UK. It was called Mad Max.
As far as we can see, Mel hasn't changed over the years - well apart from becoming mega successful and growing an amazing beard-and is as pleasant as he was right back when he was an unknown Aussie actor.

Last night Gibson attended the world premiere at the State Theatre of his new film Hacksaw Ridge with partner Teresa Palmer who announced she is pregnant. And Mel's new flick has the Oscar crowd very excited.
Spotted in the audience (left), top legal eagle Chris Murphy with Mel's brother Chris Gibson on the right. Doesn't really look like Mel does he?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

PI Frank Monte flies to Donald Trump's aid

As more women make claims about US Presidential candidate Donald Trump help may be at hand for the besieged Republican candidate.
Australian private investigator Frank Monte who is based in Los Angeles is heading to New York City to in his words: " attack the credibility, discredit and reverse the statements of the female Trump detractors with my own brand of swashbuckling justice, and not intending to carry out any illegal acts such as bugging, breaking and entering, invasions of privacy or other crimes and misdemeanors."

Monte says: "I know and first met Mr. Trump, being introduced to him at a function in 1990 by NYC social photographer and Andy Warhol pal Patrick McMullen. During the time  I then resided in NYC’s Upper East Side until late 2001 and came across Mr. Trump socially on many occasions as we were at the same parties and functions. I was invited to his West Side openings and other events by our mutual publicists and friends, Nora Lawlor, Gus Ober and R. Couri Hay.'
Although he no longer operates as a PI in Australia Monte has always been licensed as a gumshoe in the US and has an office in Beverly Hills. In recent months Whispers has reported on the reality TV show he is filming there with partner Sharon Sargent titled "The Private Eye & The Madam"
Despite receiving negative press in this country when he started a GoFundMe page to film a pilot for the series he soon found financial backers in the USA .
Monte continues : "I am  arguably the world’s most famous private investigator, some say infamous. Whatever, after 50 years I’m still here. I’m writing this to dispel the notion that I’m dangerous. And because many detractors have labelled me less than legal, whereas I’ve never been found guilty of any wrong doing nor has Mr Trump "
With poll pundits saying rival Hilary Clinton has a "96%" chance of winning and less than 4 weeks to go to the US election perhaps we should remember the fateful words of former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson (right): "a week is a long time in politics !"
# announcing the forthcoming tale on Monte's bid to aid Donald Trump Careless Whispers had an extraordinary surge in visitors with almost 58,000 views yesterday, and over 70% of visitors were from  the US.  Below: scenes from the Private Eye & the Madam


Saturday, October 15, 2016


Sydney Private Eye Frank Monte heads to New York to aid US Presidential candidate Donald Trump

to be continued......... 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

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The statistics don't lie as internet surfers flock to Careless Whispers in their thousands. Is it because of our superb and unique take on society? Or are they simply bored. We'll never know but who cares as long as they keep visiting this distant corner of the internet.

Left is a screenshot of Blogger's 'stats' for this website and interestingly topics with a 'conservative' bent were all almost equally popular. Of the 'views ' of out little tale on Republican candidate Donald Trump, nearly three quarters came from the USA. Have we influenced the American election?.