Monday, June 27, 2016

Gabi Grecko Update

That saucy minx Gabi Grecko ( see our tale below) has been revealing more about her latest antics that includes a "mile high sex romp with NYPD officers."

What can poor Geoffrey Edelston be thinking as his former flame appears to  have re-joined the Oldest Profession. And what does his mum think?
Whispers once sat with her at a table at a Melbourne charity do and she said "Geoffrey always falls in love with the wrong type of woman". Indeed.
According to the current issue of Womans Day Geoffrey say he "didn't know Gabi was a prostitute".

Read about Gabi's Mile High Tricks Here

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Gabi's new life in Brooklyn

I know Dear Readers, that you have been pondering on just what the fragrant Gabi Grecko has been up to since she departed these shores and from the life of fabled businessman Geoffrey Edlesten, pictured right at the Melbourne Cup.
A tale has just emerged in the Times of Israel titled :

"Ex-prostitute alleges Orthodox businessmen mistreated her "

 No they aren't referring to Geoffrey of the hideous colourful suits, but one Jeremy Reichberg of Brooklyn in New York who has been arrested for bribing police officers.

Gabi says she met Reichberg at a "Manhattan bachelor party" and that "she initially expected the job to be limited to “sitting on people’s laps and drinking with them.” She described the men as “really creepy and very rude and offensive.” 
Read it for yourself here.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Society plays guessing game

It's been the talk of the Eastern Suburbs over the past week: who is the writer of this article referring 
Financial Review journalist Joe Aston who writes the gossipy Rear Window column has written a rousing defense of Roxy Jacenko who has been as would be expected, supporting her husband Oliver Curtis during his insider trading trial for which he has just been found guilty. Curtis will find out on Friday if he will receive a jail sentence.
Whispers met Curtis last weekend where he was keeping a low profile at a racing royalty Ingham's family christening held at Doyles in Circular Quay. We didn't like to bring up any controversial subjects. We've also attended many of Roxy's PR events and she's always pleasant and we find, one of the more efficient publicists in town. She's been receiving some flack for her choice of outfits while attending court but nothing new there- Roxy just dresses as she always does.
But this line has set the tongues wagging as names of columnists have been bandied about :
"And the laziest journos in the game, the furry-teethed ones with two decades of free canapes (literally) under their belts, write their one dog-tired column a week (don't ask us what their other workdays are devoted to), loathe Roxy" Ouch !

Read Joe's column here.
Update : Curtis was jailed for 2 years with a minimum of one year to be served.

High profile lawyer calls foul !

One of Australia's most successful (certainly for his clients) criminal lawyers Christopher Murphy is upset that the NSW Police have failed to charge a man who assaulted him.
Chris says he was walking home and minding his own business when he came across a 'tradie' van parked on the footpath. When he had a quiet word to the driver, the brute lashed out and clocked Murphy who despite being a fairly big man is now 68 years of age.
Murphy has reported the assault which surely comes under the One Punch laws that carry a mandatory sentence. Bashing anyone in this manner has caused recent deaths but Murphy is hitting a brick wall with the wallopers who are often on the losing side in some of Murphy's high profile cases.
 Whispers has heard talk around legal circles that other lawyers think it's an absolute disgrace the man hasn't been charged. Particularly as the offender is currently on remand for a hit and run accident as a disqualified driver. Right are some snaps Murphy took of his attacker.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Marie to tell All about Princess Diana

2017 will be the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales who died in Paris after a car accident with Dodi Fayed, the heir to the owner of Harrods, Mohamed Fayed.

Now the Australian charity worker Marie Sutton who engineered the very last public function attended by Diana in Sydney is to author a book on the tumultuous visit to Australia that marked Diana's retreat from public life. A few months later Diana was dead after a world-wind supposed affair with the tempestuous Dodi in the South of France.

Whispers knew Dodi well and lived in his Park Lane apartment for 3 months. Dodi's cocaine habit was legendary and Whispers, a non drug user, once saved the life of the secretary of a famous movie star in Dodi's apartment while Fayed and the movie star were literally, off their heads on cocaine.
Marie conceived of the project to get Diana to launch the Victor Chang Institute on the strength of being a pal of Dr Hasnat Khan who reputedly Diana was obsessed with. Once Diana agreed to come to Australia Sutton found the reins of the visit were snatched from her by then NSW premier Nevile Wran and a coterie of Eastern Suburb's society figures. But Diana remained loyal to Sutton and ensured Marie was by her side at every event during the visit. And we should know. We were there at the same time, once hiding under a rug in the back of a limo with Diana as she was whisked out of the Double Bay Ritz Carlton, avoiding the world's assembled media. It was on that occasion that Diana leaned out of the window of the car as we passed St Mary's Cathedral and she spotted a wedding party ascending the stairs and shouted "Don't do it !". Did the happy couple realize their heckler was the World's Most Famous Woman? . Marie also has the only known photos of Diana's grave on an island at the family property Althorp with some very touching mementos from her sons Princes William & Harry. Having seen them, Whispers has been sworn to secrecy but perhaps they will appear in Marie's expose.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

"Secret" wedding not so secret

It's being billed as the 'secret wedding' of Ginia Rinehart, heiress to her mum Gina Rinehart's fortune and one of her favoured children, to her ex-SAS bodyguard.
To be held on Hamilton Island the Oz media is hyperventilating about the "exclusive" guest list that includes Hayseed Central Barnaby Joyce and hamburger king Jack Cowin. Can you bear the excitement?
Whispers has been to Hamilton Island twice but the last time was 10 years ago. It's quite lovely but it's the sort of place you need to take your own company so it's ideal for the Rinehart clan and their pals. 
Mind you it's not a patch on Tangier in Morocco where Whispers attended the 70th birthday of publishing mogul Malcolm Forbes in 1989 and got sat at a table twice removed from Elizabeth Taylor who threw a bread roll at yours truly having mistaken us for someone else.
Even more exciting is the fact we can present you with a snap of Gina & Ginia from the website of the irrepressible Kua Hee Che. It doesn't get much better than this.
Below is a photo of the Concorde arriving in Tangier which Malcolm Forbes hired to jet his 200 guests to Morocco. Whispers only scored a regular flight and in Cattle Class at that. We didn't complain. 
Scarlett Johansson     Kim Kardashian                    Heidi Klum                        Joan Collins          Roseanne Barr

Friday, June 17, 2016

Register Now !

There are still some spots left for the amazing A Moveable Feast which will happen on Saturday 30th July at The Carriageworks. A MOVEABLE FEAST is an original and unique series of large scale experiential dining events, one for each season at a different location, with playful dress up styles, curated menus by renowned guest chefs, performances and installations. Gather up your friends and plan for a fantastic evening of food and good wines. Go to their website here.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Matt picks up a French Gong

 Good news for New York based director and former Sydney actor Matthew Newton. Matt has won a prize at the prestige Champs-Élysées Film Festival. The festival was created in 2012 by film distributor & producer Sophie Dulac and is held each June in Paris in 5 cinemas along the Champs-Élysées Avenue. The Festival brings together the best from French and American Cinema. The French take their arts very seriously and this win now brings Newtown to the attention of some of the world's most powerful European film industry identities. His film From Nowhere won the popular public inspired Prix de Public award.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Movie News

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban at the US Country Music Awards

  While the Australian media has ignored the activities of former Sydney based private investigator Frank Monte , the US media shows no such timidity. Monte along with his partner Sharon Sargeant upped stakes and moved to Beverly Hills nearly a year ago where Monte has always maintained an office. He is licensed to practice as an investigator throughout the US and has some pretty high profile clients from Hollywood stars to New York business moguls. He also acts for a famed Las Vegas casino.
Whispers first met Monte at a New York party given by US presidential candidate Donald Trump. Our snap below shows Monte with Trump and also on the Larry King Show. In total Monte has appeared in 1000s of US publications and TV shows.
Cindy Adams the show biz columnist on the New York Post's famous Page Six has now published a snippet about Monte & Sargeant's reality TV show The Private Eye &The Madam now in production in LA. Whispers hears that numerous TV networks are negotiating with Monte for his series including the giant Redo Globo in Brazil and Silvio Berluscini's  Italian Mediaset (Monte was born in Egypt & his parents were Italian).
Word now reaches Whispers that a long term Frank Monte project has fired up one Hollywood's top producers : a biopic on the life of Michael Rockefeller (left) the explorer who disappeared in New Guinea in sensational circumstances that gripped the world's media in 1961. Monte was hired by the powerful US Rockefeller family and has never revealed the truth of what happened to their son & heir except to the family. Monte penned a script for the film two decades ago which was picked up the powerful William Morris Agency with superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger buying the rights. Complex legal negations with the Rockefeller family stalled the project but apparently a settlement has finally been reached.

Sharon Sargeant & Frank Monte are regulars on the social circuit

Plenty of Gold

Last year Whispers attended the Gold Ball held at the Darling Point home of Aussie Home Loans boss John Symond. One guest crashed to the floor perhaps overwhelmed by the lavishness of the Symond digs with it's sweeping harbour views.
Fortunately numerous doctors were on hand, as guests, and our patient quickly recovered to enjoy the evening. This year the Gold Ball which raises funds for the Sydney Children's Hospital in Randwick- Nicole Kidman is a patron- packed in over 400 guests at the Royal Hall of Industries in Moore Park and we are happy to report not one ball goer swooned and a massive $1.6M was raised for the kids. Our snap (below) shows nightclub mogul Justin Hemmes with John Symond on the right and Symond's wife Amber. Amber & John were married earlier this year and it's the second time round for both- Amber was married to former prime minister Paul Keating's son Patrick Keating (yes we were at that wedding too as out exclusive snap above right shows).
On the subject of Prime Ministers and kids- Justin held a fundraiser on Saturday night for Malcolm Turnbull at his magnificent Vaucluse pile The Hermitage (pictured above) and a bunch of children turned up correctly dressed and waving bundles of cash asking to be admitted so they could grill the PM over environmental matters. Sadly they were rejected.
photograph by Belinda Rolland

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Barry Humphries and wife Lizzie Spender were spotted celebrating Lizzie's birthday at Billy Kwongs in Potts Point this week. Joining the celebrations was film director Bruce Beresford who directed Barry in the Barry McKenzie films. Lizzie is 66 and is the daughter of the late famed poet Stephen Spender and his musician wife Natasha.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Women of Achievement

The Black and White Committee has been established for over sixty years now and is made up of a team of hard working ladies who organise several fund raising functions each year. 
Uniquely every single penny raised goes to aid Children’s Services Development Fund of Vision Australia. The Women of Achievement annual lunch was held this year at the Four Seasons Hotel near Circular Quay with over 440 guests who turned up to listen to this year's speakers : actress Marta Dusseldorp, SBS broadcaster Jenny Brockie and the president of the Human Rights Commission Professor Gillian Triggs pictured here in our snap.

 I Got You Babe
Pictured left is the Black and White Committee's publicist Angela Belle McSweeney. Angela is the mum of Juliet Love who is married to horticultural expert Charlie Albone who is often seen on Foxtel cable TV shows. 
Charlie picked up yet another award at this year's Chelsea Garden Show where he is becoming a fixture. It was at Charlie's garden exhibit attended by Juliet and her mother Angela and Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge that the entire world got to hear that Kate's name for William is 'Babe' when the pair were admiring Charlie's peonies display. 
Isn't that fun ! 

below: Charlie Albone & Juliet Love   William & Kate
Whispers can also be read in the print copies of LatteLife Newspapers distributed in the city of Sydney, Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Farewell to Kerrie

 It was to be artist Kerrie Lester's last exhibition and the night also would have been her 64th birthday. Lester passed away earlier this year after a battle with cancer. Around 200 pals gathered in the Australian Gallery to toast & farwell Lester and by the look of the red dots that appeared, Kerrie's last show is a sellout. Folk historian Warren Fahey gave a talk about his good pal including his first meeting with Lester- he arrived at her house to find her with a large joint in her mouth and mowing the lawn.  Kerrie Lester's work is included in major corporate collections as well as the National Portrait Gallery and she was a favourite Archibald entrant once winning the Packer's Prize, Lester died from Leukemia at the age of 63.
GoggleBox stars Mick & Di                    Professor Ross Steele                      Martin & Michelle Walsh
Warren Fahey & Stuart Purves                                         V itek Czernuszyn & Deborah Thomas          

Monday, May 30, 2016

Taki's Take

It's been nearly ten years since Whisper's attended the Cannes Film Festival. We may be there next year for a film project we have been working on for years. We met Taki Theodoracopulos many moons ago in London at the launch of a book he contributed to : High Life, Low Life by Jeffrey Barnard. Barnard wrote a column in The Spectator titled Low Life while Taki wrote one called High Life. They were complete opposites. Taki is so far to the Right he makes Margaret Thatcher look like a Girl Scout. Here is Taki's take on Cannes. It's hard to fault him. Click here.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Vivid Sydney

Whispers ventured out on a chilly night with our Box Brownie to check out the cities colourful Vivd Sydney festival.

Naked Justin Bieber

Well OK Justin Bieber is not quite naked, just wearing his Calvin Kleins in his latest Instagram photo.

 But hey, if we put the words nude-justin-beiber together we get 1000s of new views per day so that's as good a reason as any to run another gratuitous snap of The Bieber.

Oh yeh- and he's clutching his crutch.

Monday, May 23, 2016

New York Letter #44

Paris Hilton at the Designer of The Year awards..and with brother Barron & Nicky Rothschild
 Some snaps from Whisper's resident New York City spy the ubiquitous social snapper Patrick McMullan
It's just a hint of the Big Apple's social scene and golly, there isn't a newsreader or footballer to be spotted.
left : Richard Gere at the Carnegie Hall 125th Anniversary dinner 
right : Henry Kissinger at the Carnegie Hall dinner
Donald Trump's ex Ivana Trump with Karl Wellner & Larry Kaiser at the Designer of the Year awards
singer Neil Sedaka (you remember him: mega hits) & wife Leba at the Designer of The Year wards.

Meanwhile Downtown at the Lucky Bee Restaurant in Soho owned by Aussies Rupert Noffs & Matty Bee, writer Sir Salman Rushdie paid a visit for dinner- pictured here with Noffs

Thursday, May 19, 2016

More on The Private Eye & The Madam

The Madam & The PI
 A missive lands on our desk : it's a feature from a top US show biz magazine we quote in full:

Frank Monte Spills the beans on his Secret World.

LOS ANGELES, CA – 18 May, 2016 – Frank Monte, is the often well publicized LA- NYC- Sydney, Ex-Cop, Private Investigator known for his Irian Jaya expedition for the Skull of Rockefeller, body-guarding The Sheik of Dubai, The Sultan of Johore, Gregory Peck, Diane Keaton, Sydney Pollack, Perry Farrell and Aristotle Onassis whilst spying on Jackie Kennedy–O, and lastly the subject of thousands of media items over his Court fights with the Versaces over his Autobiography, ‘The Spying Game’, [Pan MacMillan & Vapula Press] where he makes supported claims of skullduggery and Mafia involvement in Gianni Versace’s Miami murder. Monte acted a few years ago, in destroying the court case by a young lady against David Jones Ltd a super store, for $37 million for Sexual harassment, by secret his aggressive tactics.

Monte [] has just released a made-for-TV Docu-Drama/ Reality Show Pilot, titled, ‘The Private Eye and The Madam’. Shot in January in Los Angeles it lays bare his behind the scenes work methods and clients as well as his fiancee’s actions as a Madam of a legal Beverly Hills VIP Escort service. The proposed ten-part episode series lifts the lid off the secret business and depicts the Private detective’s legal and grey-area practices of the 45 years in the business. CNN’s Larry King called him, ’The Best in the Business’, Leeza! Said, ’You are James Bond!’

Monte and the much publicized Sharon Sargeant, appear as themselves in the TV show and are supported by several real life call-girls and Private Eyes in LA as they go about their larger than life lives and work. In the 1990s Monte was often seen in his Rolls Royce Corniche and Red Ferrari in NYC. The show depicts a Jet, Mansion, helicopter and well as high end cars. It’s described as ‘Pretty Woman meets Taken3.’

The Show has been offered to E! A & E, Murdoch’s Fox as well as Rat Pac Entertainment which is partly owned by James Packer an Australian Casino and Press Billionaire and Brett Ratner Producer of The Revenant.

It's hotting up folks !