Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sharon's New Career

Feisty party girl Sharon Sargeant who has sold her escort agency (and treated herself to a new Mercedes with the profits) has launched a new career in the media and it's taking off like wildfire
The healthily built Sergeant has not only fronted a Japanese TV commercial shot on Bondi Beach (modestly dressed in full bikini) but has now acted in 2 movies soon to hit the screens.
Sharon has roles in both in the House of Hancock based on the life of Australia's richest woman Gina Rinehart which stars Mandy McElhinney and Sam Neil and the flick that has just been shot in Western Sydney Truth which stars Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford. In Truth Sargeant received plaudits from Blanchett whilst Redford was so impressed he asked Sharon to accompany him in his limo to discuss a possible film project in the USA.
And it seems she has taken Redford up on that offer as our latest snap shows Sargeant and fiancee Frank Monte in Beverley Hills.
Robert Redford              Cate Blanchett                                         Gina Rinehart                              Sam Neil
The  House of Hancock which will appear on our TV screens soon charts the life of billionaire Lang Hancock, his daughter Gina and Lang's marriage to his Filipino maid Rose Porteous.

 right : Frank & Sharon in LA & Rose & Lang in Perth

 Here's Rose in action, below:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

exclusive: What Barry Humphries misses about Australia

Comedian, author and artist Barry Humphries, manager of Mega Star Dame Edna Everage, who lives in London talks about his visits back to Oz:
 "I go straight to Machiavelli in Clarence Street in [Sydney], where I feel instantly at home. There, I have a restorative chicken consommé with parmesan and basil leaves, followed by a langoustine (the best in the world) or a minute steak on a bed of rocket, garlic and tomatoes. With a zabaglione for dessert I am totally restored. Alternatively, I fly to Mildura on the Murray River to Stefano De Pieri's incomparable restaurant at the Brewery, for Murray cod, perfect pasta or whatever delectable meal Stefano places before me. This has to be one of Australia's greatest restaurants."
OK, it is an exclusive but not the Shuttle's. Barry Humphries was talking to journalist  Naomi Chrisoulakis for the superb Aussie magazine Gourmet Traveller.
Naomi interviewed a number of famous ex-pats like Catherine Martin and make-up expert Napoleon Perdis about what they miss about their home country while living abroad. Read the full story here.
Pictured is Barry with his son Oscar at the recent Sydney launch for Oscar's new magazine The Art Book.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Real Thing

The Gold Coast is nothing if not colourful and glitzy in a sort of refreshing way that Sydney and Melbourne could take more notice of.
The Magic Millions is now one of the world's great race meetings with prizes that dwarf others. Obviously an injection of cash from (always complaining) retailer Gerry Harvey and his wife Katie is welcome. Yet the often clueless social writers who snatch their freebie flights and Casino hotel rooms in Queensland and breathlessly report on the z-list celebs that attend always forget whose idea it always was and who put the whole idea of a race meet on the Gold Coast into motion, against the odds, and was successful

Angela Belle McSweeney
And credit for that goes to Sydney socialite Angela Belle McSweeney who comes from a well known racing family. It was Angela's brainchild and it was her efforts that eventually saw Queensland's recalcitrant racing officials finally concede that her idea had merit.
The Magic Millions should always pay homage to one of Australia's more interesting public relation's experts and entrepreneurs.
Here are a couple of snaps from this year's event.
 Princess Anne's commoner daughter Zara Phillips (hey guys- she is not Royalty which was  the whole idea of her parents not giving her a title) and one of Sydney's glam couples, fine vodka purveyor Vitek Czernuszyn (right)and his always glamorous wife Deborah Thomas who is head honcho at Bauer Media and doubles up as a Double Bay councilor in her spare time, with a couple of good looking chaps.

We're Back !

A week in the sun on a sensational Fiji island. What bliss, followed by 3 days of some strange stomach bug contacted-we think- on the return flight of an airline we shall not name.
Sadly our New Year's Resolutions were not heeded. The ones we made for others. As always the Daily Telegraph is obsessed with the Ibrahim family with endless gushing stories of this family whose rise in Kings Cross over the past few years has mirrored the downfall of the wonderful and diverse nightclub area of Sydney.

There are other guilty parties though.

Hey guys- when Abe Saffron (rightMr Sin, ran the Cross he kept a very low profile. Very. The Shuttle met the Ibrahims many moons ago in The Tunnel, their first nightclub. It was at a PR promotion for something or other and they eagerly begged to be in the social pages (at the time we worked for one of Sydney's Sunday newspapers.) After pleasantries we politely declined. Since then they have risen to great heights aided by a few social writers who should know better. It will all end in tears.

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year Resolutions

Just a few we have made for other people :

a.The Daily Mail will hire extra sub-editors after this clanger in their headline about Soraya Kashoggi ( The Shuttle worked for Adnan Kashoggi for a few years)

 b. Columnists who should know better will finally abandoned their fantasy of an affair between James Packer and  Miranda Kerr which reached a fever pitch after the Shuttle's April Fool Joke that brought a dozen enquiries from local and international media when the phony snaps could easily be found via Google. We have said for ages : we know who James is dating and while we are sworn to secrecy she is not famous and leads a very private life.

c. Same columnists will abandon their love affair with the Ibraham family of entrepreneurs whose rise in Kings Cross has mirrored the downfall of the same with drunken yob filled streets and 'one-punch' killings.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Nearly Time

2015 is going to be a really fab year. That's according to the Shuttle's trusted astrologer Victor Olliver and our resident mystic the mysterious Madame Guyon, a Roman Catholic nun channeled via a spooky old lady who lives downstairs.
The Shuttle will see in the New Year in style (?) at the Sydney Opera House (after picking our way through 200,000 revelers- surely golf carts should be provided) at the Lord Mayor's Party. We may pop into the celebrations upstairs where they are serving Pommery & Bollinger (try and keep us away!).
Here's a little snap from earlier tonight of the esteemed Lord Mayor Clover Moore, our favourite Hollywood movie star who is organising tonight's party, Jack Thompson and the gloriously named Fortunato Foti of Foti Fireworks who is responsible for the most sensational fireworks on the planet. 
And a Happy New Year to all our readers.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Gratuitous One Direction Photo

Did you just watch the Royal Variety Performance?.  Fact: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 of Australia (Great Britain and Her Dominions) cost British taxpayers roughly $99M yearly. The British Tourism Board estimates that the income derived from tourism because of the history of GB and the Royal Family is from $700M to $900M per year (in 2013 5.8 million tourists visited a royal palace).
You do the maths.  That's a long winded way of introducing our exclusive photo from the 2014 Royal Variety Performance of the Most Famous Pop Band That Ever Lived- One Direction !!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Unforseen Event

Simon Turnbull, often labelled as Australia's  'psychic to the stars' and writer on parapsychology has died suddenly of a heat attack whilst giving a client a tarot card reading.
Turnbull appeared on many television and radio programs discussing psychic matters and debating with skeptics about the perceived value of following ones intuition, ran at telephone psychic consulting service and was president of the Australian Psychics Association (APA), and an astrologer. He is survived by his second wife Hiromi and their two daughters Marika and Karina, along with his four older children Simone, Peter, Christian and Rebecca.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dirty Dancing!

Our exclusive photographs of PM Tony Abbott getting down and boogying at last night's Christmas Party at Parliament House. What a groover !

Monday, December 15, 2014

Exotic Fiji

Is this ship headed to Fiji ? who knows but it's the sort of thing you see from the Intercontinental rooftop pool
Tom Williams tries Kava. Inset- Kris Smith
An invite arrives to attend the exclusive swimming pool at the beautifully re-furbished Double Bay Intercontinental Hotel. It's a small party to introduce the new celebrity ambassador for Tourism Fiji. If you have never been to Fiji you just aren't trying hard enough. It's a tropical paradise with wonderfully friendly people, beautiful scenery and the most romantic exotic islands. Best of all, it's not that expensive. And our new ambassador...the male model and TV presenter handsome Kris Smith. Apparently Kris won the hearts of the locals when he visited Fiji to work on a Myer promotion. Naturally Kava was that is a drink!

they effects of Kava...Monique Wright,Tom Williams, Kris Smith,Prue McSween, Kylie Gillies, a chap from Fiji and Peter Everett

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mega Beauty

It's been responsible for launching the careers of some of Australia's top models.

Now in it's 10th year Australia's Next Top Model has some glamorous judges lined up for the 2015 season. Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio and Tyra Banks will strut the boards next year. Watch out Alex Perry!
left : Jennifer Hawkins & Tyra Banks

right : Alex Perry

Friday, December 5, 2014

A (food) Star is Born

 If you have never tried chef Stefano Manfredi's food you really haven't lived. He's been one of Sydney's most favoured star chefs who is admired by his customers and all in his profession.
Stefano has opened PizzaPerta at The Star casino and it really must be visited. Do your self a favour, these are undoubtedly the best pizzas I have ever tasted and I've traveled the world seeking out the best !
left : Luke Mangan showed his support along with Richard Wilkins and Stefano
Find out more here :
where else would you get a juggling waiter ? Perhaps the Veuve Clicquot helped.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Water Diviner is divine

Jai Courtney,Steve Bastoni, Isabel Lucas and Russell Crowe join other cast members at the premiere

Russell Crowe premiered his new film Water Diviner tonight at Sydney's State Theatre, The movie tells the story of an Australian man who travels to Turkey after the Battle of Gallipoli to try and locate his three missing sons. And the film is superb as is Russell and the cast.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Tropfest time

 December 7th is the date for the 2014 Tropfest short film contest where budding film-makers present their efforts. All the Hollywood stars in the above photo have been supporters from day one and been judges at Tropfest so you are in good company. Take a picnic rug, chairs and umbrella to Centennial Park and settle in for the day- it's free !. There will be as usual plenty of food and drink outlets available and a chance to hobnob with movie celebrities. It's a fun day out!

When Newsreaders Attack!

This snap below landed in our inbox with no explanation. It appears SBS news reader Le Lin Chin has been floored by Network Ten newsreader Sandra Sully who is brandishing an axe. Chin must have put up a fight as a baseball bat lies nearby. There was a one-line caption with the pic "I finally have Le Lin Chin where I want her". The Shuttle has encountered both ladies around town. We thought they were such nice girls. Left is a snap of Sandra at jeweler Jan Logan's birthday celebration at the Double Bay Intercontinental Hotel a fortnight ago and one of Le who is noted for the fashionable outfits she wears when reading the news.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Snapped !

Ever since these world leaders clutched an indigenous marsupial it looks like being the new craze. So we got 2 visitors to these shores, the actor who plays the horrible young King Joffrey in Game of Thrones, Jack Gleeson to do the honours and for good measure Alan Tudyk star of Justice League and countless other movies. Both actors are in town for Supernova.

 And playing a visit to broadcaster Bob Rogers at the 2CH studio was Bold and The Beautiful star Ronn Moss who is touring the country in a one man show relating tales from his 25 year career on the show. What fun ! (pics: Lionel Mitford Publicity)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Intercontinental bash

It was the first of what is expected to be many parties and promotions at the new Double Bay Intercontinental.
Local jeweler Jan Logan one of Australia's top purveyors of fine pearls and other gems celebrated 25 years of being in the Bay with the first official party at the Intercon. Jan also introduced the new 'face' of her range beautiful Perth born actress Courtney Eaton and premiered a film produced, directed by and starring the actress Rachael Taylor, a tribute to Logan.

Among the guests, Marie Sutton, Carla Zampati,Marta Dusseldorp and Georgie Gardner.

above : Marie Sutton
Right : Jan Logan and Courtney Eaton.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Waiting for Jennifer

When you look like Jennifer Hawkins you will probably be forgiven for most things. Whether the assembled paparazzi at the Polo In The Park will is not known.
Given instructions that Ms Hawkins would arrive at 11.30 am they patiently waited until she did actually get there- at 1.30pm.Water was consumed, brows wiped in the alternating hot sun and cold wind. Faces began to burn. But she did arrive and duly posed with a Range Rover.
Crowds seemed to be down this year possibly because the event has grown a reputation for always being extremely hot in it's home in the sheltered area of Centennial Park. But the weather was perfect, the champagne chilled  and the food excellent. Well that was at the Land Rover corporate tent. Wandering past the other marquees guests looked happy and contented and some even watched the polo matches while ladies and some men swooned over the handsome polo players.
It's a rich man's game but we loved the announcer proudly introducing one team member as the "son of a fish monger". So there, polo is now an egalitarian sport and mere mortals like me and you can attend and even play !
Polo guests : Darren Palmer, Camila Franks,George Gregan, David Novak-Piper, Neale Whitaker and Guy Sebastian

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Patrick McMullan reports from New York

It was the cultural event of the season - An Evening with Stella McCartney in Conversation with Jerry Seinfeld  at the Alice Tully Hall.

All her closest friends came to support her big night, Liv Tyler, Drew Barrymore, Kate Upton, Carolyn Murphy, Seth Meyers and dozens more. It even brought in a little The Beatles reunion with her father, Sir Paul McCartney, Dhani Harrison & Yoko Ono. The sublime soiree left virtually everyone on cloud nine.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gum Leaf Mafia step out in New York

Big name Aussies were amongst those at the gala Louis Vuitton Monogram party at New York's Museum of Modern Art including Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban with Miranda Kerr ( the model who is not having an affair with billionaire James Packer) and actress Melissa George.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Patrick McMullan

Patrick McMullan is New York's, and probably the USA's most celebrated social snapper and we at the Shuttle are proud to call him a  good pal. In fact he visited Sydney to attend an exhibition organised by us a few years ago. He is a contributing editor on Vanity Fair as well as a contributor to numerous US magazines like Ocean Drive, Allure and Andy Warhol's Interview. Here he talks on Morning TV about his new exhibition of fashion personalities that has just opened at the Hearst building in Manhattan. Check out his website at

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Good Reads

Dean Dudley & Marie Sutton
DIANA-SURVIVOR. This book was brought to out attention by Princess Diana's Aussie pal Marie Sutton who organised Diana's last official function before she was to retire- the Victor Chang Institute fundraiser in Sydney in 1996. It's the debut book by British writer Dean Dudley and is available in paperback or Kindle version.                         
Diana-Survivor tells the story of Diana surviving the car crash and giving birth to Dodi Fayed's Muslim son. Some years later, in the wake of 9/11, her child is kidnapped.
 "I can almost imagine this happening " says Marie. "it's a completely believable tale with twists and turns.I loved it". Along with Marie's endorsement it also gets a seal of approval from the Scottish Herald. Buy it here

Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay: The dodgy business of popular music  by music figure Simon Napier Bell is a complete history of popular music from the late  1700s- when composers first obtained legal copyright - to the present day. Simon is the best selling author of Black Vinyl White Powder which is described as the definitive history of pop and was included in the UK school curriculum in 2013. 
Simon's books are never boring. His I'm Coming To Take You To Lunch which charts his successful endeavours to get the band he managed WHAM ! as the first Western pop music band to give a concert in China is fascinating. Napier-Bell is also a writer of huge hits for Dusty Springfield & Elvis Presley. Buy it here.

 As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride by actor Cary Elwes who starred in the Princess Bride and Robin Hood Men in Tights, Glory, Days of Thunder, Twister, and Saw and dozens of movies since. Elwes is to direct his first film about the late Kit Lambert the discoverer of The Who & Jimi Hendrix who died in mysterious circumstances in 1983. Cary's book takes you behind the scenes of the making of a Hollywood film and has received rave reviews from the New York Times and US Weekly. Buy it here.


Lifesurfing : Your Horoscope Forecast Guide 2015 by noted Astrologer Victor Olliver is an invaluable guide for the coming year. We at the Shuttle still consult our 2014 guide and swear by Olliver's accuracy. Buy it here.