Monday, April 16, 2018

Star spotting exclusive !

Whispers omnipresent spies are everywhere. Even in far flung Sydney suburbs. One disguised as a suburban latté drinker informs us that Hollywood great Jack Nicholson was spotted sipping coffee with two pals in the Thirmele Cafe in Thirmele, a small suburb near Picton in the Camden area of outer Sydney. Thirmele is also the home of the NSW Railway Museum.

Our man on the street reports Jack is also a train enthusiast and visited the museum in the morning.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Barefoot Contessa Moment

Prince Charles and Camila demonstrate they are real people by walking onto the sand at Surfer's Paradise beach. She is barefoot- he wears suede shoes which many are complaining about. We have no view either way. Others claim the Duchess of Cornwall read a magazine during the opening ceremony. Whispers is reliably informed she was actually reading the program for the Commonwealth Games opening night gala events. Perhaps she was trying to check what time the misery would end.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

"Little Black Bastard"

An eagle-eyed regular Whisper's reader (we have thousands) draws our attention to the photograph we published of the late Stephen Hawkings (with walking stick) marching to protest the Vietnam War with Vanessa Redgrave, writer Tariq Ali and others in the late 1960s.
Directly behind Hawkings and holding the banner is a very young Australian dancer, actor, director and choreographer Noel Tovey.
Tovey is part Aboriginal and enjoyed a very successful theatre career in the UK including teaching at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre and the world famous RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art). At one stage he also ran a successful Art Deco antique store in London.
His autobiography Little Black Bastard is recommended reading.
The title refers to an earlier life as a teen in Melbourne when he worked as a male hustler for a time . The insult was hurled at him by coppers as they shoved him into a cell after arresting him.
By co-incidence Whispers just borrowed Tovey's second book And Then I Found Me from the local library.

The last time Whispers encountered Noel was at an event at the Sydney Town Hall where the guest of honour was then PM John Howard. As Howard got up to speak Tovey hurled some choice insults at Howard over the Iraq War, and then stormed out of the building.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Baz marches

Among those marching the other day during the March For Our Lives event was the Oscar winning Australian movie director Baz Luhrmann as seen here in Whisper's exclusive snap. Luhrmann moved permanently to the USA 3 years ago when he sold his inner Sydney Darlinghurst mansion Iona for $16M in order to base himself in New York. He is currently working on the TV series The Get Down.
As he joined 1000s in the New York march and demonstration Baz said : "These young people are not asking for much… It’s time for those in power to grow up." 

Friday, March 30, 2018

Overdose on Cartier

Naomi Watts looked sensational at the dinner to launch the Cartier exhibition in Canberra at the NGA.
The National Gallery of Australia’s next extraordinary exhibition featuring many of the world’s greatest jewels opens in Canberra on 30 March. Cartier: The Exhibition includes the tiara loaned to Catherine Middleton on her wedding day , a necklace worn by Her Majesty The Queen, Grace Kelly’s engagement ring and Elizabeth Taylor’s ruby and diamond necklace, along with some of the most exquisite pieces from the stunning Cartier Collection.

Below: at the Cartier dinner in Canberra: to launch the exhibition: Countess Zofia Krasicka v. Siecin, Lady Potter AC and Countess Primose Krasicka v. Siecin
For the uninitiated Countess Primose Krasicka is the former Primrose "Pitty Pat" Dunlop who featured in the madcap adventure in Venice when she and her fiance Prince Lorenzo Montesini arrived with the cream of Melbourne society in tow for the pair's expected marriage. At the very last minute Prince Lorenzo got cold feet and ran off with his best man and "life partner" Robert Straub. Straub and Montesini had met whilst doing their National Service during the Vietnam War.
You can read more of Primrose's adventures here.
A 15 year old Murdoch and the groom who eloped with his best man in Venice
Cartier fans and some of their jewels:
The Countess of Cambridge * HM The Queen* Elizabeth Taylor*Grace Kelly*Duchess of Windsor* Dame Nellie Melba

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Party Cenral !

Whispers partied hard at a new venue and it's a great find. Archie Brothers Electric Circus is nestled behind an industrial centre in deepest Alexandria and it looks like a winner to us. This is really a great spot to hold a party. Not too far for a taxi, plenty of parking (it's own car park) terrific party food, a huge bar and a  range of fun fair type games that would keep guests occupied for hours.
Location: 55 Doody Street, Alexandria (next door to Sky Zone) 1300 888 FUN |

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Vale Stephen Hawking

OK he's not a "social" figure as such but he's the real Mr Universe. It's heartening to read the numerous tributes to Stephen Hawking who was so inspirational for so many given his physical limitations.
 Whispers never actually met him but we did once attend a presser for him. It's very hard to describe the feeling of being in the same room as Hawking. It's not something you ever forget.What can we say..others are saying it so much better.
Here is one our favourite pix of the great scientist. It's Stephen Hawking (with the walking sticks) before he was confined to that wheel chair. He was attending a protest about the disastrous Vietnam War in the 1960s.
# As a callow youth Whispers wagged school to attend a similar anti-Vietnam War demonstration in Sydney as the visiting US President Lyndon Baines Johnson was to drive by. The then NSW (corrupt) premier Robin Askin had coined the phrase "all the way with LBJ" and accompanied the President in his limo. As the US President's motorcade sped down College Street a bunch of us demonstrators surged out onto the road and temporarily stopped the President's car.
Askin ordered his driver to "drive over the bastards !". Fortunately he didn't but it became a small moment in history.
# Note: the very beautiful actress Vanessa Redgrave on the right.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Leap of faith

Whispers was very disappointed due to a prior engagement at having to miss the opening of The Book of Mormon which has finally arrived in Sydney at the Lyric Theatre at The Star in Pyrmont. Fortunately ace snapper Belinda Rolland was there to record the event. We have no idea why everyone is Jumping For Joy. Perhaps they have "found religion". Still, it's all good fun. You too can take a leap and book tickets here for the show but get in early. It's going to be very popular.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

exclusive: Cher hits town

The annual Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras is in full swing for it's 40th anniversary. Here is our exclusive 'selfie' sent poste haste to Whispers from the PM himself, Malcolm Turnbull. Pictured is Malcolm, Cher, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Lucy Turnbull. What fun !

Sunday, February 25, 2018

MailOnline channels Whispers- again.

We honestly don't mind and think it's not only very sensible but a compliment when the UK MailOnline and Daily Mail newspaper re-print tales sourced from this humble blog. Having been around for aeons- pretty sure Whispers recalls attending the launch of The Ark and bidding Noah and family "Bon Voyage" the Mail does well to look to aging scribes as a source for fodder for their website. Thus we were pleased to note today they bring the exciting news that uber smart multi-millionaire accountant Anthony Bell and his missus, the delectable Kellie Landry are back together as a couple. And that as pleasing as when we first mentioned the fact in October last year.

The Feud #6 Lord Alan Sugar strikes again

"Well the Tate Gallery have not agreed to rent these from me . So I will put max 10 limited editions canvas copies up for sale at £1000 each with all proceeds going to GOSH. If I can get to sign them its £2000"

Monday, February 19, 2018


TV presenter Sam Armytage has been tweeting about the dreaded paparazzi hounding her at Bondi Beach. To nip them in the bud she posted this snap on Instagram. And who is the chap Sam is getting up close and personal with on the far right ?. it's designer Jonathan Ward who has been responsible for the successful revival of the iconic Aussie brand R.M.Williams.
The annual Fag Hag 2018 bash went off with masses of wigs and hairspray at The Star Sydney as a lead-up to the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras (pics by Belinda Rolland)
The Bay Soiree at the Watson's Bay Boutique Hotel raised funds for the Victor Chang Institute (launched in 1995 by the late Princess Diana as her last public charity event). Artistic duo Charles & Krista Billich (left) attended 
(pics by Belinda Rolland)
And last but not least: our snaps from the sensational Inaugural Grammy Awards party hosted by Steven Tyler in Los Angeles to raise funds (nearly $2M !) for Janie's Fund which assists young girls from across America who have suffered from trauma and abuse. Our own Ruby Rose was there along with..some Kardashians (it's not a party without a Kardashian) Alice Cooper with Sharon Stone while Tyler performed.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Strangest story of the week

Broadcaster Phillip Adams who chairs the Late Night Live program on the ABC's Radio National is a particular favourite of Whispers. Each day when we are traveling by car we avidly listen to Adam's show when it is re-broadcast. His mixture of guests with their take on world affairs is always fascinating as is Adam's presentation.

But now word reaches us the Adams and an ABC crew have been banned from visiting India. They have been denied visas after planning the trip for weeks. Why? This is a real mystery. Many consider Adams a bit of an old 'lefty'. Indeed former Prime Minister John Howard on one of his regular attacks upon the ABC and the (ill-conceived) view it was too "left wing" famously pondered "where is the right-wing Philip Adams.?"
Australia's media seems to have ignored this bizarre insult which can only be political but India's Hindustan Times has the scoop.

Whispers has spotted Adams around town in the past but he now appears to have retired to the country after selling his magnificent Paddington home. On one memorable occasion we attended a party in Queen Street Woolahra for the launch of the famed Prince Lorenzo Montesini's (left) autobiography, wittingly launched by Philip.

Monday, January 29, 2018


G'Day Australia went off with a bang again in Los Angeles on the weekend. This is when Australian business including the local film industry showcase their wares for the US market. Naturally, those in the Gum Leaf Mafia come out in force.
Below: Left to Right : John Travolta * Ruby Rose * Rose Byrne *Rebel Wilson * Nicky Whelan * Delta Goodren * Olivia Newton John & John Farrar and Human Nature.
And it wouldn't be an Aussie celebration without Margot Robbie and Rachael Griffith.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

That Big Versace lie

Private eye Frank Monte and girlfriend Sharon Sargeant
WHILE THE VERSACE FAMILY fulminate about the new TV series The Assassination of Gianni Versace : American Crime Story about the murder of Gianni Versace one matter still remains unresolved.
In 2002 Donatella and Santos Versace sued Sydney and Los Angeles based private eye Frank Monte for defamation over his book, The Spying Game in which Monte alleged Gianni was murdered over his involvement with the Italian Mafia and that the accused killer Andrew Cunanan was acting for the Mafia but soon realized he had been set up as a patsy and as promised support from the underworld evaporated he killed himself shortly after.

The Australian media, as it so often
does acted like a chorus chamber and their reports on the Versace family were frankly, embarrassing as they treated the Versaces like Royalty and Monte like something the cat dragged in who dared to challenge the Versace empire.

Not one media outlet- bar Whispers- has reported one very pertinent fact. Donatella Versace was grilled via a TV link in the Australian Federal Court by one of Australia's most respected legal eagles Clive Evatt QC.
She emphatically, and with some outrage stated that she had never taken drugs in her life and said the claim was an outrageous lie. Monte lost the case.

Yet less than 2 years later Donatella Versace gave an interview to Vogue Magazine in which she stated that she had been addicted to cocaine before and after Gianna's murder and the singer Sir Elton John had aided her recovery in a clinic.
Donatella had committed perjury in Australia's top court and the Australian media remained mute, occasionally continuing their outrage at Monte's claim the Versace empire was propped up by Mafia money.

In 2011 one of Italy's most famous and respected investigative journalists Gianluigi Nuzzi released the book "Metastasi" in which he detailed how the feared and  notorious Italian Calabrian mafia N'Drangheta had murdered the fashion icon over financial skullduggery. Santos Versace threatened to sue Nuzzi over claims that mirrored Monte's. He never did.

Even in the current controversy over the new TV series to be screened in the UK and USA next week, the Australian media still remains silent on this insult to our courts. The provincial nature of our media is sometimes an embarrassment.
# with the original book pulped, Monte re-released The Spying Game without the Versace claims which became a best-seller in Europe.
## In 2010 a Miami detective confirmed their suspicions echoed Monte's claim of Mafia involvement in Gianni's murder.
### Vanity Fair's article on Maureen Orth's book on which the new Versace TV series is based.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Whispers will be jetting into LA for this event

Janie’s Fund Gala and GRAMMY Awards® Viewing Party

When: Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hot Spot: RED Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Deets: Iconic singer, songwriter and humanitarian,Steven Tyler, and Live Nation will present the inaugural Janie’s Fund gala and GRAMMY Awards® viewing party on Sunday, January 28, 2018 at the historic RED Studios Hollywood. The exclusive event will include a star-studded red carpet, live viewing of the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards telecast, live auction, dinner, and a musical performance.

Attendees will be treated to a multi-course dinner menu designed by GRAMMY Award-winning singer, best-selling cookbook author and lifestyle expert Trisha Yearwood. Following the dinner and telecast, Steven Tyler and his Nashville based band, LOVING MARY, will take the stage for a can’t-miss special live performance to close out the night.

Co-chair supporters for the event include Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Andrea Bocelli, Bo Derek, Britney Spears, Sir Elton John, Jim Carrey, Joaquin Phoenix, Joe & Marjorie Walsh, Kate Hudson, Lionel Richie, Sharon Stone, Whoopi Goldberg, and Yoko Ono.

Proceeds from the event will benefit Janie’s Fund, a philanthropic initiative created by Tyler in partnership with the national family services nonprofit Youth Villages to bring hope and healing to girls across America who have suffered the trauma of abuse and neglect. Tyler first gave voice to this cause with his hit “Janie’s Got a Gun,” and his establishment of the fund ensures that these vulnerable girls will have an enduring voice for years to come.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Lost in Paradise

 Whispers has been invited several times to check out the Lost Paradise Festival in NSW's Glenworth Valley but we haven't quite made it yet. Still our spies are omnipresent and sent some snaps from the idyllic valley where the festival is fast becoming one of the main music attractions of the New Year celebrations.
The valley itself is lush as our snaps show and despite it being the middle of summer cool breezes are constant making the weather ideal.
Long gone are the days of camping in an uncomfortable tiny tent. Luxury marquees with comfortable beds and living areas make perfect accommodation.

And below: the people- they dress up, they behave, the dance and sing and make merry.