Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Quelle Horreur !

An almighty row has broken out after the UK gay & lesbian publication Pink News labelled Prince
George as a "gay icon".
Really?. He looks more to Whispers ( as does Princess Charlotte) as delightfully 1950s in that Windsor way. Surely his Father Prince William and uncle Prince Harry are obvious candidates for gay icons.
Anyhow our aging NSW parliamentarian the Reverend Fred Nile is completely outraged and says :  “The article is an underhanded attempt at promoting a divisive agenda of radical social reform by abusing the symbolism of the Royal Family. No child, especially a potential future Monarch, should be exploited for ideological purposes in this way."

Heaven forbid that Australia's (and the Commonwealth's) Royal Family should ever be exploited for ideological purposes.
What to make of this budding scandal? We have no idea.

Disclosure : Whispers once interviewed the Reverend Fred in his NSW Parliament office. He was most friendly, pouring tea and offering biscuits but as we were about to depart he insisted we join his Parliamentary prayer group with his Christian Democratic Party colleagues. A Bible placed in our hand and a gentle shove in the back made it clear a refusal would not be accepted.

We are most honoured to say that the Reverend Fred Nile prayed to The Lord and requested He (She)  place Whispers into his (her) gentle arms when That Time comes.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Margot's Message

The latest Australian export to Hollywood Margot Robbie sends Whispers her latest snap and with an important message:

"LOVE IS LOVE 👬👭👫Aussie's register to vote before August 24th:"

Box Office Bonanza

As if to prove Whispers' point in our last post mentioning a low budget film we are working on, a
perfect example occurs to prove powerful Hollywood film producer Cassian Elwes' belief in the big profits to be made on small films.

And taking the box office by storm the flick also stars two Australian actors. Annabelle: Creation is the tale of a couple who welcome a Nun and six orphaned girls into their California farmhouse. But terror soon strikes the house when one child enters a forbidden room.
Directed by Swede David Sandberg the film stars Miranda Otto and Anthony LaPaglia. It was released in Australia on the 10th August and is a smash hit.
Costing a reasonable $15M , the picture has already taken over $71M at the box office.   
Below is a trailer for the film.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Let's Get Real

Following Whisper's revelation that colourful Sydney artistic duo Charles and Christa Billich are headed for the USA, a Sydney newspaper has called into question the claims about several planned reality TV shows.
(left : Christa & Charles Billich)
Whispers only knows what we have read about the Billich's show which reputedly follows the duo as they attempt to set up a Los Angeles art gallery. Former Sydneysider James Maas who hails from the North Shore is reported to be starring in the series which has the blessing of Hollywood director Adam Shroeder. The fact that James is Shroeder's live-in  partner is co-incidental.

As to former Sydney gumshoe Frank Monte and his partner Sharon Sargeant's The Private Eye & The Madam we know a bit more. Monte has received some flack for originally trying to raise funding on Kickstarter. But it did in fact pay off with an LA film investor ponying up $250,000 to finance a pilot and one episode which are now in the can. We can assure readers the financier is genuine and has confirmed the deal but wishes to remain anonymous at this stage.

We also know a South American TV network ( we checked !) offered to purchase the series from Monte but Monte says the price offered along with restrictions on distribution didn't make the deal viable. Making the pilot is almost the easy part. Selling it is the hard part.
                        (right: Frank Monte & Sharon Sargeant)
Whispers more than anyone knows how difficult it is getting a film project off the ground. Having moved into the Moving Picture Industry five years ago we have worked on two successful documentaries with one currently playing in UK cinemas. Another project we have in the pipeline has been thirty years in the planning.
Hollywood heavies Cassian & Cary Elwes
It's taken that long to get a biopic based on the life of The Who manager Kit Lambert written by Whispers with famous UK rock manager Simon Napier-Bell and former MOJO editor Pat Gilbert to the stage where powerful  US independent producer Cassian Elwes has picked up the project for a new production company he has formed with his brother actor Cary Elwes.
The film has the enthusiastic backing of Pete 
 Townshend and Roger Daltrey. The Who are still huge stars in the US and can pack stadiums giving The Rolling Stones a run for their money.

Elwes is specializing in low budget films, although the expected budget $US18M isn't chickenfeed, in Hollywood terms it's low. Elwes sells the rights to his films to cable TV to cover production costs where they end up following a cinema release. But it's almost like the old studio system with a production line. He has 8 films on the go and where ours is in the pecking order is complicated
by whether a name actor is available seeing they are obligated for years ahead. Every actor that reads our script wants the role including  Colin Farrell but will they be available?
It gets to the point where all you care about is- as long as the cheques roll in. Hopefully one day we'll get to attend the premiere.
 Right: Simon Napier-Bell & his famous discovery George Michael

Saturday, August 12, 2017

"Sizzling" Fashion

We just know that loyal Whisper's readers are dying to know just what you will be wearing next Summer.
Some of these events in Sydney are like our very own Ground Hog Day. It's a bit like entering a world where nothing ever changes. Even the faces. Especially when they invite assures you the legendary "A-List" will be in attendance.
Here is our snap that has excited so many. It's two models at the recent David Jones' Summer Fashion parade. Whispers had an invite but quelle horreur, we weren't feeling top-of-the-world that evening. Just as we also had to miss the launch of a fabulous luxury car the same week at which we were assured numerous "influencers" would be attending along with that A-List again.

The snap is from a Getty photographer. For the uninformed Getty is a photographic agency that is scooping up independent photo agencies in the hope they will be the only photographic agency on the planet. The media seem more than happy to go along with that. At least you know- next Summer people will be wearing shorts and bikinis. Isn't that fun?
If you want more fab fashion shots go here.
If you want to see a video of these scintillating Summer Fashion Sizzles in a film introduced by TV hosts Karl Stefanovic (favourite of the Mail Online) and Lisa Wilkinson who apparently someone wasn't very nice to recently, go here.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Dreams of Stardom..

It was just a short time ago Whispers brought you the news that artistic Sydney duo Charles & Christa Billich were heading for the USA and a planned meeting with US president Donald Trump.

This info was imparted to us as we were being whisked home after a party in the Billich's sleek chauffeured Bentley.
Now news arrives that the colourful pair are to feature in a US reality TV show. And why not? Everyone is doing it these days.

Partnering in this proposed fab series is Aussie LA based budding show-biz star James Maas (pictured) who also appears in many scenes in the pilot as our snaps show. But where is Charles? It seems James (30 something) is romancing Christa (70) in most scenes. Possibly inspired by the glamorous French First Couple Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron.
Well the Billichs are a freewheeling pair.

According to Maas he is working with US producer Adam Schroeder  who produced The Truman Show and the very weird Zoolander hit movies.
The film follows the colourful pair as they attempt to open an art gallery in Los Angeles.

And what of Mr Trump?. When he gets through with dealing with the errant Kim Jong Un and North Korea surely he will host a dinner at the White House for Charles & Christa.
After all, the trio have so much in common.
And just to remind our loyal readers: here is what happens at an average Billich party...and below that..a scene from the series Real Housewives of Sydney Maroubra where Christa marries her cat. As one does.

Monday, July 31, 2017

"Culture Heist"

The annual Archibald prize ( $100,000) for portraiture is always (we hope) a controversial event and one of Sydney's most fascinating artistic events. Everyone should get along to the Art Gallery of NSW to see this year's exhibition and take the time to explore this wonderful gallery.

Our photo collection shows some of the entries. The top picture is the portrait of TV journalist Lisa Wilkinson which won the Packer's Prize where Gallery workers decide on their favourite. To date no Packer's Prize has won the Archibald.
 (right : a rejected portrait of  Yassmin Abdel-Magied)
And this year's Archibald did not fail to explode into a controversy. It started off with little comment until renowned artist John Olsen weighed in lambasting the winning choice. Others like artist Tim Storrier have made similar comments.
(The winner is the middle painting below Lisa, a portrait by Mitch Cairns of his partner)
Now journalist Judith White who is a member of the Art Gallery Society has joined the outcry with a must-read article.
Whispers has to agree with White on one point : we badly miss the presence of former director Edmund Capon who was lured from the V&A in London and has positively breathed amazing life into the wondrous but stuffy art gallery


 John Olsen says Archibald Prize win is 'the worst decision I've ever seen'

 Behind the Archibald controversy by Judith White


Is that a very young John Olsen (left)  protesting the Archibald in years past?

Sunday, July 23, 2017

exclusive : A Murdoch Marriage

In a low key ceremony Elisabeth Murdoch the daughter of media mogul Rupert Murdoch has married artist Keith Tyson (right)
Various members of the Murdoch clan gathered at Elisabeth's Cotswold farm in the UK this weekend including father Rupert and his partner Jerry Hall, Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch and flying in from New York where they now live, her mother Anna Mann and her partner William (pictured below).

Among the influential and powerful guests, former UK PM David Cameron and wife Samantha, the controversial News Corp head honcho Rebekah Brooks and Emily Oppenheimer heir to the South Africa diamond fortune.
Noticeably absent was Elizabeth's previous two husbands, publicity guru Matthew Freud and Dutch economist Elkin Pianim.
Now that's a real power get-together. Below is a sample of Tyson's work

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Things that happen at 10am

Maybe the Big News is that White House press secretary Sean Spicer has finally resigned (what took him so long?) after being asked to organise a press conference at the ungodly hour of 10am.

Sydney however is now a day time city with it's once thriving nightclub scene having been almost obliterated by the Lock Out Laws.

So a 10am invite to meet the UK reality TV star Julie Montagu (she appeared in the US Bravo show Ladies of London) at the Inyoga centre in Surry Hills was well within our stride.

Julie is oddly billed as the "future Countess of Sandwich" which seems a tad strange. She already has a few titles. Lady to begin with due to her marriage to Luke Montagu who has the discreet moniker Viscount Hinchingbrooke in his passport.
In the pecking order of titles, as these things go, a Viscountess is a step up from Countess but then as Luke is already the Viscount, Julie should already be the Viscountess. All very confusing at such an early hour.

 Julie hails from Chicago and is known as the Flexi Foodie and is a nutrition expert and yoga teacher and whatever she's doing, it must something right as she looks radiantly healthy. The meet & greet with Montagu was to launch her range of healthy eats. You can see more about her great recipes here.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Even more Art News

Lance Gold at his exhibition Orcaedia
 The Sun Studios in Alexandria are Sydney's most prestigious photographic studios used by so many industries from fashion to advertising,
And a suitable venue to launch photographer Lance Gold's series of stunning shots called Orcaedia inspired by an orchid that was a gift from his mother. The exhibition is open to the public at present and Whispers popped along to the opening night. On hand were many of Lance's pals including those from art, film and fashion.
Where: 42 Maddox Street until 24th July.
Guests: Glenn &  Jo Shorrock, Akira Isogawa &Alethea Gold, actors Alex Dimitriades & Susie Porter
We were even treated to a few songs by Little River Band great Glenn Shorrock. Camera work is a little shaky (after 2 glasses of champers)

Art News

The Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay is always a fascinating gallery to visit. Among it's current exhibitions is a series of works by Jenny Watson called The Fabric of Fantasy.

And Jenny had a major sleb in her corner to launch the exhibition, movie star Rachel Griffiths as our snap shows.

When : 5 July-2 October 2017on Level three.


Pictured above: Jenny Watson and Rachel (left) and Rachel with MCA board director Liz Ann McGregor

Saturday, July 8, 2017

We reveal identity of Marco's Mystery Blonde !

Marco Pierre White with the glamorous interesting cast of the upcoming Hell's Kitchen
The adverts for the 7 Network's new series of Hell's Kitchen starring celebrity chef Marco Pierre White have been running non-stop. A youngish Marco appears in numerous snaps including one with Gordon Ramsey with the claim that he "made Gordon cry".
 But another snap flashes up with a glamorous blonde giving the handsome (younger) Marco a juicy kiss on the cheeks. 
But all is not what it seems as Whisper's ever eagle eye spotted who that blonde was - the androgynous British singer Marilyn who had a hit song in 1983 called "Calling Your Name". Marilyn- real name Peter Robinson - is well know to Whispers who at one time promoted the then struggling singer.

Along with his close pal Boy George the pair often flopped on Whisper's living room floor at our Notting Hill Mews house after Tuesday's night's legendary Blitz nightclub where kids know as the New Romantics would gather.
Indeed there is a scene in the forthcoming film based on the life of legendary The Who manager Kit  Lambert who also occasionally bedded down on Whisper's living room floor.
At the time Whispers was working on a film being shot at Pinewood Studios called Saturn 3 with famed Hollywood great Kirk Douglas and the late Farah Fawcett Majors. A scene in the Lambert film includes an extraordinary but amusing meeting between Marilyn, Douglas, Lambert and Farah Fawcett Majors in the Mews street at 6 am in the morning.

This wasn't the first encounter with a Hollywood star for Marilyn. Before his recording success, famed actor Jack Nicholson flew Marilyn / Peter - who at the time looked exactly like Marilyn Monroe- to Los Angeles and arrived at a gala show biz party with Marilyn on one arm, and on the other Australian model Linda Kerridge (pictured above left) famous for her Monroe impersonations. As only Nicholson could get away with- a male and female Monroe. Ahhh, the memories.
# Whispers once asked singer Marilyn what his mother thought when he dolled up and left their suburban London home for the evening : "she just cries" he responded.
Kit Lambert                   Kirk Douglas & Farah Fawcett Majors                                   Jack Nicholson

Thursday, July 6, 2017

exclusive: Rebel's new "paparazzi proof" pad

 Celebrating her libel win against Bauer Media,  actress Rebel Wilson has shelled out nearly $3M for a New York pad described by agents as "paparazzi proof". In an old converted book bindery in the trendy Tribeca area (it was a slum when Whispers lived there for 5 months in 1982) the luxury loft-style apartments have some starry residents with Harry Styles, Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively also purchasing in the same building. A large private garden means Rebel can sun bathe in private and an underground garage means she can slip in and out in a limo with darkened windows.
The asking price was $4M and the apartment had been on the market for 2 years so Wilson got an excellent discount which means, if she collects the $7M she reckons she deserves in libel damages from Bauer, she'll have plenty of cash left over.

Monday, July 3, 2017

That guest list in full...

At a weekend party in the ritzy Hamptons outside New York this weekend. Many of those in attendance are fierce critics of each other-on social media. For example Steven Spielberg is a virulent critic of president Donald Trump on Twitter. Billionaires George Soros and David Koch are the polar opposite in politics. Isn't it nice that they can all sup and wine together without a fight breaking out ?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Exclusive ! Barack Obama in Bali

Here is our exclusive video of former US president Barack Obama and family on holiday in Bali yesterday. They were leaving the Four Seasons Hotel to go sightseeing on a rainy afternoon. OK you can't actually see the Prez and Michele but they're in one of those 17 vehicles in the motorcade. Courtesy of former Sydney nightclub owner Arthur Karvan who was caught in the traffic jam. Isn't it fun?.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Made for Me

Whispers is an unashamed reality TV junkie. Now there's a new streaming service Hayu dedicated to just that : reality TV shows and often on the same day they appear in the US or elsewhere.

So we jumped when we heard Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne was in town to promote the service.

Here is  snap of Erika on a glorious harbour cruise with stylist-about-town Danny Galella.  Disclosure : we've never actually watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills nor anything with the Kardashians in it.

Our tastes are somewhat a tad more down market. Mafia Wives was a favourite and Real House Wives of New Jersey a particular favourite- oh those fights !.
And dare we admit a sneaky love for 60 Minute Makeover which has suddenly disappeared from our broadcast TV screens?
You can find more about hayu here.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Fifteen Minutes...

Have television producers been secretly scouring the pages of Whisper's contact book?. Yet another 'reality" TV show is to be launched that features long time pals of this website.
Following the success of Googlebox comes a new show called Common Sense which features "real life" people as they comment and give opinions on the main talking points of the week.

Two of the stars will be (as seen above) man-about-town Frank Elgar and designer Robert Burton (on the right). Frank is a man of many talents although we've never quite pinned down what they are in the decades Whispers has known him- he has so many. But he always seems to be at the centre of the action.
Burton is a talented designer and has boutique in uber smart Queen Street Woollhara selling fashion and luxury goods designed by himself.
Whispers is still reeling from the fact two very long time pals, Mick & Di Kershaw ( left) are part of the crew on the hugely successful show Googlebox which is produced by the same producers as Common Sense.
Just last week we attended a party at the gallery of artist Charles Billich and chatted to his Italian wife Christa, another pal, who features in the controversial Real Housewives of Sydney.
When will be Whispers time to shine?. Perhaps when the feature film being produced in Hollywood on the life of legendary British rock manger of The Who, Kit Lambert - pictured with Keith Moon -based on script authored by Whispers, rock impresario Simon Napier Bell and journalist Pat Gilbert. It's being produced by top film-maker Cassian Elwes.

US election update

Jon Ossoff, an American documentary film-maker and former political aide is the Democratic candidate for Georgia's 6th congressional district which will take place on the 20th June. Ossoff has created some serious waves and even incurred the wrath of President Donald Trump (which isn't that hard) given he picked up 48.1% of the vote in an election that was predicted a few months ago to be easily won by Republican candidate Karen Handel. As neither candidate got a majority vote they will compete in a run-off vote this month.

And a little known fact- Ossof is also half-Australian. His mother Helen Fenton (pictured with Jon) hails from Sydney and emigrated to the US where she married Thomas Ossoff with the couple settling in Georgia where Jon was born. As an investigative journalist Jon has exposed human traffickers, been responsible for taking down dozens of international corrupt politicians and has exposed ISIL atrocities in Iraq. He makes a formidable opponent as can be seen in this debate 3 days ago. It's that Aussie spirit !