Sunday, July 23, 2017

exclusive : A Murdoch Marriage

In a low key ceremony Elisabeth Murdoch the daughter of media mogul Rupert Murdoch has married artist Keith Tyson (right)
Various members of the Murdoch clan gathered at Elisabeth's Cotswold farm in the UK this weekend including father Rupert and his partner Jerry Hall, Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch and flying in from New York where they now live, her mother Anna Mann and her partner William (pictured below).

Among the influential and powerful guests, former UK PM David Cameron and wife Samantha, the controversial News Corp head honcho Rebekah Brooks and Emily Oppenheimer heir to the South Africa diamond fortune.
Noticeably absent was Elizabeth's previous two husbands, publicity guru Matthew Freud and Dutch economist Elkin Pianim.
Now that's a real power get-together. Below is a sample of Tyson's work

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Things that happen at 10am

Maybe the Big News is that White House press secretary Sean Spicer has finally resigned (what took him so long?) after being asked to organise a press conference at the ungodly hour of 10am.

Sydney however is now a day time city with it's once thriving nightclub scene having been almost obliterated by the Lock Out Laws.

So a 10am invite to meet the UK reality TV star Julie Montagu (she appeared in the US Bravo show Ladies of London) at the Inyoga centre in Surry Hills was well within our stride.

Julie is oddly billed as the "future Countess of Sandwich" which seems a tad strange. She already has a few titles. Lady to begin with due to her marriage to Luke Montagu who has the discreet moniker Viscount Hinchingbrooke in his passport.
In the pecking order of titles, as these things go, a Viscountess is a step up from Countess but then as Luke is already the Viscount, Julie should already be the Viscountess. All very confusing at such an early hour.

 Julie hails from Chicago and is known as the Flexi Foodie and is a nutrition expert and yoga teacher and whatever she's doing, it must something right as she looks radiantly healthy. The meet & greet with Montagu was to launch her range of healthy eats. You can see more about her great recipes here.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Even more Art News

Lance Gold at his exhibition Orcaedia
 The Sun Studios in Alexandria are Sydney's most prestigious photographic studios used by so many industries from fashion to advertising,
And a suitable venue to launch photographer Lance Gold's series of stunning shots called Orcaedia inspired by an orchid that was a gift from his mother. The exhibition is open to the public at present and Whispers popped along to the opening night. On hand were many of Lance's pals including those from art, film and fashion.
Where: 42 Maddox Street until 24th July.
Guests: Glenn &  Jo Shorrock, Akira Isogawa &Alethea Gold, actors Alex Dimitriades & Susie Porter
We were even treated to a few songs by Little River Band great Glenn Shorrock. Camera work is a little shaky (after 2 glasses of champers)

Art News

The Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay is always a fascinating gallery to visit. Among it's current exhibitions is a series of works by Jenny Watson called The Fabric of Fantasy.

And Jenny had a major sleb in her corner to launch the exhibition, movie star Rachel Griffiths as our snap shows.

When : 5 July-2 October 2017on Level three.


Pictured above: Jenny Watson and Rachel (left) and Rachel with MCA board director Liz Ann McGregor

Saturday, July 8, 2017

We reveal identity of Marco's Mystery Blonde !

Marco Pierre White with the glamorous interesting cast of the upcoming Hell's Kitchen
The adverts for the 7 Network's new series of Hell's Kitchen starring celebrity chef Marco Pierre White have been running non-stop. A youngish Marco appears in numerous snaps including one with Gordon Ramsey with the claim that he "made Gordon cry".
 But another snap flashes up with a glamorous blonde giving the handsome (younger) Marco a juicy kiss on the cheeks. 
But all is not what it seems as Whisper's ever eagle eye spotted who that blonde was - the androgynous British singer Marilyn who had a hit song in 1983 called "Calling Your Name". Marilyn- real name Peter Robinson - is well know to Whispers who at one time promoted the then struggling singer.

Along with his close pal Boy George the pair often flopped on Whisper's living room floor at our Notting Hill Mews house after Tuesday's night's legendary Blitz nightclub where kids know as the New Romantics would gather.
Indeed there is a scene in the forthcoming film based on the life of legendary The Who manager Kit  Lambert who also occasionally bedded down on Whisper's living room floor.
At the time Whispers was working on a film being shot at Pinewood Studios called Saturn 3 with famed Hollywood great Kirk Douglas and the late Farah Fawcett Majors. A scene in the Lambert film includes an extraordinary but amusing meeting between Marilyn, Douglas, Lambert and Farah Fawcett Majors in the Mews street at 6 am in the morning.

This wasn't the first encounter with a Hollywood star for Marilyn. Before his recording success, famed actor Jack Nicholson flew Marilyn / Peter - who at the time looked exactly like Marilyn Monroe- to Los Angeles and arrived at a gala show biz party with Marilyn on one arm, and on the other Australian model Linda Kerridge (pictured above left) famous for her Monroe impersonations. As only Nicholson could get away with- a male and female Monroe. Ahhh, the memories.
# Whispers once asked singer Marilyn what his mother thought when he dolled up and left their suburban London home for the evening : "she just cries" he responded.
Kit Lambert                   Kirk Douglas & Farah Fawcett Majors                                   Jack Nicholson

Thursday, July 6, 2017

exclusive: Rebel's new "paparazzi proof" pad

 Celebrating her libel win against Bauer Media,  actress Rebel Wilson has shelled out nearly $3M for a New York pad described by agents as "paparazzi proof". In an old converted book bindery in the trendy Tribeca area (it was a slum when Whispers lived there for 5 months in 1982) the luxury loft-style apartments have some starry residents with Harry Styles, Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively also purchasing in the same building. A large private garden means Rebel can sun bathe in private and an underground garage means she can slip in and out in a limo with darkened windows.
The asking price was $4M and the apartment had been on the market for 2 years so Wilson got an excellent discount which means, if she collects the $7M she reckons she deserves in libel damages from Bauer, she'll have plenty of cash left over.

Monday, July 3, 2017

That guest list in full...

At a weekend party in the ritzy Hamptons outside New York this weekend. Many of those in attendance are fierce critics of each other-on social media. For example Steven Spielberg is a virulent critic of president Donald Trump on Twitter. Billionaires George Soros and David Koch are the polar opposite in politics. Isn't it nice that they can all sup and wine together without a fight breaking out ?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Exclusive ! Barack Obama in Bali

Here is our exclusive video of former US president Barack Obama and family on holiday in Bali yesterday. They were leaving the Four Seasons Hotel to go sightseeing on a rainy afternoon. OK you can't actually see the Prez and Michele but they're in one of those 17 vehicles in the motorcade. Courtesy of former Sydney nightclub owner Arthur Karvan who was caught in the traffic jam. Isn't it fun?.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Made for Me

Whispers is an unashamed reality TV junkie. Now there's a new streaming service Hayu dedicated to just that : reality TV shows and often on the same day they appear in the US or elsewhere.

So we jumped when we heard Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne was in town to promote the service.

Here is  snap of Erika on a glorious harbour cruise with stylist-about-town Danny Galella.  Disclosure : we've never actually watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills nor anything with the Kardashians in it.

Our tastes are somewhat a tad more down market. Mafia Wives was a favourite and Real House Wives of New Jersey a particular favourite- oh those fights !.
And dare we admit a sneaky love for 60 Minute Makeover which has suddenly disappeared from our broadcast TV screens?
You can find more about hayu here.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Fifteen Minutes...

Have television producers been secretly scouring the pages of Whisper's contact book?. Yet another 'reality" TV show is to be launched that features long time pals of this website.
Following the success of Googlebox comes a new show called Common Sense which features "real life" people as they comment and give opinions on the main talking points of the week.

Two of the stars will be (as seen above) man-about-town Frank Elgar and designer Robert Burton (on the right). Frank is a man of many talents although we've never quite pinned down what they are in the decades Whispers has known him- he has so many. But he always seems to be at the centre of the action.
Burton is a talented designer and has boutique in uber smart Queen Street Woollhara selling fashion and luxury goods designed by himself.
Whispers is still reeling from the fact two very long time pals, Mick & Di Kershaw ( left) are part of the crew on the hugely successful show Googlebox which is produced by the same producers as Common Sense.
Just last week we attended a party at the gallery of artist Charles Billich and chatted to his Italian wife Christa, another pal, who features in the controversial Real Housewives of Sydney.
When will be Whispers time to shine?. Perhaps when the feature film being produced in Hollywood on the life of legendary British rock manger of The Who, Kit Lambert - pictured with Keith Moon -based on script authored by Whispers, rock impresario Simon Napier Bell and journalist Pat Gilbert. It's being produced by top film-maker Cassian Elwes.

US election update

Jon Ossoff, an American documentary film-maker and former political aide is the Democratic candidate for Georgia's 6th congressional district which will take place on the 20th June. Ossoff has created some serious waves and even incurred the wrath of President Donald Trump (which isn't that hard) given he picked up 48.1% of the vote in an election that was predicted a few months ago to be easily won by Republican candidate Karen Handel. As neither candidate got a majority vote they will compete in a run-off vote this month.

And a little known fact- Ossof is also half-Australian. His mother Helen Fenton (pictured with Jon) hails from Sydney and emigrated to the US where she married Thomas Ossoff with the couple settling in Georgia where Jon was born. As an investigative journalist Jon has exposed human traffickers, been responsible for taking down dozens of international corrupt politicians and has exposed ISIL atrocities in Iraq. He makes a formidable opponent as can be seen in this debate 3 days ago. It's that Aussie spirit !

Monday, June 5, 2017

Chelsea pad for sale

News reaches us via our London realtor that star of the Christian The Lion frenzy John Rendall is selling his Chelsea apartment with the amazing view above, down the River Thames.

During the 1960s, Rendall who hails from country Bathurst was a regular on the Sydney social circuit usually on the arm of Penfold wine heiress Rebel Penfold Russell.
He then decamped to London's Kings Road and set up home with Sydney Indigenous art dealer Ace Bourke, a descendant of the legendary NSW Governor Bourke.
When they bought a lion cub at Harrods- you could do that sort of thing then - the pair were often spotted tooling up the Kings Road in a Rolls Royce Corniche convertible with Christian, as the lion was named, hanging out in the back seat.

John was also once married to British publicist Liz Brewer who featured in the TV reality series Ladette to Lady where Liz attempted to refine and introduce Bogan style young lasses to the cream of British society like Lady Georgia Campbell, a few Hooray Henries and the occasional Used Car dealer.

Fast forward to 2008 and someone attached a song to a grainy film of Rendall & Bourke in Africa where they had deposited Christian to live as he had become too big. Christian recognizes the pair and a Group Hug ensues and is seen around the world.

Rendall's apartment is in World's End and a building Whispers knows well. We visited the infamous / famous courtesan Christine Keller twice to research a book. She lives on the lower floors but John's studio penthouse is right at the top and is yours for the measly sum of £675,000 or $A1169021
We've provided some snaps of the apartment and below, that famous film of Christian and that hug.
Rendall currently hosts Safari style tours to Africa while Bourke lives at remote Bundeena in southern Sydney.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

At the Cannes Film Festival

Spotted by our spy disguised as an aging French movie star, Big Jim Byrnes, Sydney resident and one of this cities most 'colorful' characters, at the Cannes Film Festival.

And doesn't he look elegant - he's about 6'6" - and seems to have lost a lot of weight. 

 Jim is regularly seen around town in a tasteful red (or is it a silver one now?) Bentley. The glamorous lady on his arm is a friend Hannah Varland. 

 Jim's Byrnes Group was an official Sponsor for AMFAR. 
How the other half live !

Friday, June 2, 2017

From Nancy Sinatra

We'll have a report soon on the new Marilyn Monroe documentary that has been years in the making and which will present sensational new evidence about her death.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Plastic Fantastic

Whispers is a reality TV show aficionado. We can't get enough of them . Here is the latest show to come out of the US : Plastic of Hollywood. It's about a model agency featuring surgery enhanced models. Nothing new there but these models are, well slightly on the extreme side as you can see in our video. Not much more we can say about this...

# And we'll have an update soon on the Aussie /US reality TV show currently in pre-production : The Private Eye & The Madame which stars ex-Sydney gumshoe Frank Monte and his girlfriend Sharon Sargeant.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017

Mangling the Met

Whispers has been to three Metropolitan Museum Gala Balls. It was before Vogue's Anna Wintour took over. We once accompanied artist Andy Warhol who at the time was probably the most outrageous guest. But that was a different era in New York City were we once lived and have visited many times.
The heady days of New York in the 70s and 80s have long past as the city has picked up an homogenized "Westfield" shopping centre feel to it much like most of the Mediterranean resorts including the once exotic Morocco where fascinating cities like Tangier and Marrakesh are almost indistinguishable from Manchester or Melbourne. Every bit of local 'colour' now has a forced tourist attraction feel to it especially when you see billboards advertising Gucci or Fendi near the old souks. The days when Whispers sat alone at a tiny Marrakesh coffee shop and within an hour found ourselves invited for drinks at Yves St Laurent's magnificent house and dinner with Madame De Gaulle are long past. Now St Laurent's house is a museum.
When designer Jasper Conran opens a hotel in the old city you know the good days have finally passed.

The Greek writer Taki Theodoracopulos, an admitted snob, has ripped into the Met's Gala Ball in only the way he can. But he's spot on.

"Once upon a time, the Metropolitan Museum’s gala ball was fun. Serious social-climbing multimillionaires competed openly for the best tables and for proximity to blue-blooded socialites like C.Z. Guest and her ilk. Pat Buckley, wife of William F., ran the show with military precision, allotting the best seats to those who had paid a fortune for them, but also to those who were young and handsome and whose pockets were not as deep. I used to be a regular. Then something happened. Anna Wintour took over after Pat’s death and the party turned into a freak show no self-respecting circus would allow on its premises.

Last week the uglies were out in force, the newspapers and glossies revealing themselves as fake-news purveyors by calling the show exclusive and impossible to get an invitation to. Do the people who write such crap take the rest of us for total idiots? The Met Gala is reserved for a few D-list celebrities, fashionistas, and advertisers. Proper souls wouldn’t be caught dead on the premises, especially near the Kardashian table. The ugliness of some of the attendants assaulted one’s frontal cortex, and I only saw the photos; imagine the horrors of seeing it live. Clinging like a barnacle to the Met’s hull, Anna Wintour’s horror show diminishes a great American institution. The freak show should be staged in Times Square, in the exact spot where the peep shows of old used to be."
Ouch !

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Just to show we here at Whispers are on the ball despite a lazy office assistant ( Mildred the Cat) news just comes in that Cristian King as we just reported below, has been found Not Guilty on the three criminal charges he was facing.

right: Waterstreet & King outside the court today

Said King outside the Moss Vale Court House:

"I'm really happy that freedom of the press won today and that I don't have a criminal record. A huge shout out to the amazing legal team at Christopher Murphy's firm, Murphy's Lawyers. Solicitors Nava Oh and Bryan Wrench with top barrister, Charles Waterstreet were amazing and found the truth from the conflicting evidence given by Bowral real estate firm, Campbell-Jones Property."

Court drama in the Southern Highlands

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban's SH home Bunya Hill and local resident Miriam Margolyes
The gentle rolling pastures of the beautiful countryside of the Southern Highlands are abuzz as the latest court drama over a local newspaper and a property developer plays out in the local court. The Highlands are a weekend retreat for many well heeled Sydneysiders with their hobby farms and numerous celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Harry Potter actress Miriam Margolyes and the late British politician Lord McAlpine
Top Sydney barrister, Charles Waterstreet was at Moss Vale Local Court this morning  representing newspaper executive Cristian King .
The prosecution relates to an investigative editorial ran by the local newspaper, LattéLife Wingecarribee, last year entitled 'Yuill Be Right’.
The article revealed that local real estate agent Angus Yuill of Campbell-Jones Property in Bowral had been trading without a property certifcate or licence for nine months, resulting in enforcement action by NSW Fair Trading.

left : barrister Charles Waterstreet and Cristian King

Mr King has been charged with intimidation, offensive behaviour and obstructing a vehicle in a public place. He is pleading not guilty to all charges.
King arrives at Moss Vale court today
Evidence was given by Campbell-Jones Property principal,Angus Campbell-Jones and his receptionist,Ana Calvert on 20 March 2017.
However, the hearing was adjourned to 18 May 2017 due to an allegation by Ms Calvert that Mr King had intimidated her at McDonald's restaurant in Moss Vale following her testimony although Mr King says he was at the courthouse at that time.
Mr Waterstreet, a family friend of the King's, has taken a special interest in this case and said "It is an honour to represent a journalist."

 Below: Highlands' competing newspapers : LatteLife and the Fairfax newspaper Highland News

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

They're strutting the catwalk at the Sydney Opera House. Sydney's fashion week has gone off with a bang with and dozens of designers are salivating over huge orders they hope will follow.
Who said fashion was dead? Here are some scenes from the last few days. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Charles & Christa for the White House?

As Whispers was being ushered home from the rather splendid Twinnings Design Challenge the other night in leather luxury via the chauffeured Bentley of the artistic duo Charles & Christa Billich, the pair told us of their plans to visit New York in the near future. It seems Charles has an exhibition lined up at the United Nations building in the Big Apple.

Christa & Charles at the Twinnings party

The pair had also just returned from Canberra where the Cuban ambassador had laid on a splendid dinner for the pair. They have just been to Havana and were somewhat of a hit among the locals. Charles is also hoping to present US president Donald Trump with a painting . Will it be one of Charles' tasteful nudes? Perhaps one of Christa. It would surely be to The Don's taste and would make a terrific talking point if it were hung in the Oval Office. Just imagine the discussions Trump could have with the Russian ambassador!

We felt we had to warn Charles of the incident when decades ago Trump commissioned a painting from the late Andy Warhol, of his splendorous Trump Tower. Warhol duly presented the portrait of three Trump Towers in typical Warhol colours. Trump was unimpressed particularly as the picture was based on a Polaroid camera snap (as were all Andy's portraits) and besides, he wanted the tower to be gold just like everything in his palace. He refused to accept the painting or pay for it. Let's hope Charles has more luck. Just to remind folks of Charles at work we present Whispers' video taken last year at the Billich Gallery.