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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Party With The Stars

which is the real Alf?
Amanda Keller(s)

That's what the invitation said-'party with the stars at the opening of Madame Tussauds" in Darling Harbour. It was a fairly understated affair. The stars?- Layne Beachley, Amanda Keller, Dawn Fraser and a couple of Home & Away stars.

the Shuttle finds Madame Tussauds a little on the creepy side. We went to the one in London 25 years and haven't been back although we know someone in television who goes regularly to check up on celebrities heights, Tussauds being the only place one can really get the correct measurements!.

old &wrinkly works best
What do slebs think when they see a real life version of themselves?. It's probably a great example of the ego today's sleb must have in order to succeed-clocking a life size version of themselves and not being frightened to death in the process. One thing we have noticed is that older and wrinkly people come up best in wax as opposed to the young and botoxed, as our pics show.

Delta with scary Delta
Madame Tussaud herself

Below-our favourite-Rolf Harris

The Shuttle  went to a do once where they had a Tussauds 'Michael Hutchence on display and having known the singer when he was alive it was startlingly lifelike. His father Kel burst into tears upon seeing it.
plastic Brangelina
Julia Gillard
Madame Tussauds is now open at Darling Harbour next door to the Aquarium so you can do the sharks and celebrities in one go.
NB: the real  Ray on the right!