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Thursday, September 5, 2019

"Hiding" in plain sight?

Much fulminating in the New York tabloids about a very large "super yacht" parked- if you are at a certain angle- obscuring the Statute of Liberty.
The rather grand Hasna is owned by our very own 'Aussie Home Loans' king John Symond, he of the amazing modern mega-mansion (now sold) that peeks out over the bay at Sydney's ritzy Point Piper. Whispers has been to a couple of shindigs there and while it's a very impressive house we were rather disappointed with the very slow lift that takes you down a couple of floors.
# you can buy the Hasna for a cool $97M.

What has actually been missed by the  assembled US media is that John is married to one rather attractive Amber McDonald and the happy couple seem devoted to each other and have recently been traveling the world having the Lady Liberty dispatched to each destination while the pair travel by John's nice little private jet. A fortnight ago it was parked off Los Angeles.

The Symond mansion
Amber McDonald? Who she you ask (or our American readers do). Why she is the ex-wife of one Patrick Keating as seen here in our exclusive wedding photo when the pair were wed at Sydney's impressive St Mary's Cathedral. The pair separated in 2012 after 10 years of marriage and two children. It wasn't an acrimonious parting- they grew apart like couples so often do and have remained friends as some couples also often do.

 In fact the entire Keating family has remained on fairly good terms with Amber and Symond which includes one- Katherine Keating who was recently thrown into the public eye having been seen off by the father of her very close friends- one Prince Andrew from Jeffrey Epsteins' Manhattan mansion.
Is Katherine on the yacht? Well we aren't telling. You decide for yourself. The fact various Keating family members have holidayed on the Hasna is entirely co-incidental.