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Monday, April 4, 2016

A Girl From Oz

Lyndall Hobbs is an ex-Australian TV journalist who moved to London in the 70s and began a relationship with the theatrical impresario Michael White (Rocky Horror Show) who passed away recently and was the subject of Gracie Otto's award winning documentary The Last Impresario.
Lyndall lived with Michael White for 10 years and their house in trendy Egerton Crescent in West London was the "salon" of 70s London where she introduced 'Chalky' White to some emerging Australian talent like Jim Sharman, Barry Humphries and Martin Sharp (and even Whispers).
This is only one chapter in her fabulous life story from her new book "A Girl From Oz". When her affair with White ended she moved to New York and lived for many years with the actor Al Pacino
Hobbs now runs a highly successful design business in Los Angeles where some of Hollywood's biggest show business names are her clients.The book is fascinating reading about a person who has lived a rich and rewarding life. Available in all good books stores (the ones that are left) . Buy it for a glimpse of a fascinating era, the 1970s to early 90s.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Theatre impresario Michael White dies

Michael White at the launch of The Last Impresario with Gracie Otto (far right)
 One of the UK's greatest theatrical impresarios of the last century has died in Canada at age 80. Michael White was the original producer who took the famous Rocky Horror Show into London's West End which was such a success the musical has never been out of production on a stage somewhere around the world since.

During his time White worked with Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French, the Monty Python team and the comedy team called The Young Ones.

White who once famously quipped :"I'm the most famous person you have never heard of " lived with for many years with the Australian journalist Lyndall Hobbs who remained a life long friend and was the subject of the 2013 documentary produced by Gracie Otto called The Last Impresario.

 Gracie tweeted : "Love you so much... a true inspiration and generous soul. Changed my life forever. RIP dear dear Michael White,"