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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Alan's Boat For Sale

The late tycoon Alan Bond's floating palace is for sale if you have $17M to spare  Once named the Southern Cross 111 in honour of his yachting success with the America's Cup the 181-foot long yacht accommodates 12 guests in 6 cabins and has a crew of 15. 

 Built in Japan in 1986 for the subsequently disgraced Australian tycoon who died in 2015, the vessel was bought by Lord Alan Sugar after Bond's death.
Lord & Lady Sugar
Sugar, better known as the host of the British reality TV series The Apprentice re-named the boat   The Lady A after his wife Ann and it's described as a “unique market opportunity” and “one of the most distinctive yachts on the water” by brokers.
When Sugar is not castigating President Donald Trump he indulges in an on-line battering of the UK TV host Piers Morgan who in the past he has called a "Trump toady". Now he has decided the yacht is surplus to his needs. It's moored off the romantic Isle of Capri where Sugar has a holiday home.
You can find more information at the ship brokers Edmiston

We've provided a few snaps of the luxury interior which one wag described as "looking like it was furnished by Ikea". How rude! Mind you those 'art deco' Lady Lamps look suspiciously like the floor stock from the legendary 1970s London department store BIBA which lasted about 3 years before closing with the fittings sold off for a song in a fire sale.