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Thursday, November 1, 2012

More On Jason Sullivan's Exploits

Top New York society photographer Patrick McMullan has supplied the Shuttle with the following photograph of Tom Cruise trespasser Jason Sullivan at McMullan's own Mumm Champagne party in 2005.

It seems Sullivan (far right) has been a close friend of top Hollywood agent Kevin Huvane (third right) for several years and stays with Huvane at his house next door to Cruise. Huvane is also Cruise's agent.

Although Sullivan has received a flood or media offers including from Australia, reports are now emerging that Huvane, who has been advising Sullivan on possible US media projects is not pleased with his house guest's foray into the Cruise garden.

Jason Sullivan's Star Shines

Sullivan & Huvane has picked up on the Shuttle's exclusive report that Tom Cruise's inadvertent trespasser Aussie model Jason Sullivan had received a flood of offers including phone calls from 2 top Hollywood agents.
How do we know these things ?.

Well in this case because one of the agents who contacted Sullivan is also acting for the Shuttle in a proposed film project. It helps to have contacts especially in Hollywood. That same agent informed us yesterday that contrary to reports Sullivan was staying in Julia Robert's house, he was actually living a house owned by Kevin Huvane who just happens to be Cruise's agent.
Huvane is one of Hollywood's most powerful agents and looks after the likes of Uma Thurmann, Brad Pitt, Keanue Reeves , Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep. We reckon Jason's in good hands.
It's all in who you know. Always has been!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tom Cruise's Hunky Trespasser

Model, interior designer and budding actor Jason Sullivan has been living with friends a house owned by Cruise's agent Kevn Huvane in Beverley Hills  when he made a drunken foray into neighbour Tom Cruise's backyard only to be met by some taser wielding guards.

Jason who has been a regular around the Sydney scene has spent 9 months in LA pursuing a career in films and it looks like his hopes are about to be realised quicker than he anticipated. With news about his Cruise mis-hap sweeping around the world, a friend of Sullivan's tells us today that amongst the flood of telephone calls the actor has received were two very powerful Hollywood agents. Like a dream come true.

left : Sullivan exercises with Lara Bingle