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Saturday, April 17, 2021

The Great Fairy Bread Scandal

It's a delicacy that has delighted Aussie children for decades. No birthday party for any child under 10 is worth it's salt if the caterer doesn't supply copious quantities of the unique Ausse delicacy: Fairy Bread. A simple concoction: white bread and butter (nothing healthy like Rye)and covered with hundreds and thousands.

So it was understandable that the mighty Rupert Murdoch News Corp empire and it's dozens of newspaper outlets screeched shock, horror when it got wind that a sinister anonymous "woke" mob were demanding a change to the name. The moniker Fairy Bread was deemed an insult to , well we aren't quite sure what..fairies?. We'll never know as for some reason the tale which swept the tabloid pages of the Murdoch tabloids have inexplicably vanished

Possibly because the whole thing was a hoax but by whom? That's still a mystery. Radio annnouncer Ben Fordham had already declared the mini drama a scam during the week but News Corp scribes were not having it. Until Friday that is when the penny finally dropped. At least the mini scandal has delighted fierce Murdoch critic and ex-prime Minster Kevin Rudd who has gleefully tweeted news of the minor furor to his million plus Twitter followers.

. The only real mystery is why the wondrous Daily Mail /MailOnline didn't pick up and run with the hoax. Right up their alley.