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Friday, August 23, 2013

DJs , Myer : "Cyberbullying For Profit"

A David Jones' advert beneath a malicious post about a 14 year old US teenager.
While Australia's tabloids pound out endless words of praise for the Ground Hog Days that constitute the seasonal fashion parades of the countries biggest department stores, Myer and David Jones, an Adelaide academic has uncovered an extraordinary scandal where both retailers along with many of Australia's top corporations are placing their adverts via Google on some of the USA's nastiest cyber bullying websites.
There has been a growth in so-called 'customer advocate' website that are little more than extortionist entities that allow posters to publish the most vile claims, many about Australian politicians, celebrities,  teenagers and school children. To get the statements removed the website owners charge an extortionate fee while Google charges a further fee to remove the item from their search engine.

The advertisements from Aussie companies like Coles, Myer, Bunnings, Officeworks, Foxtel and others can appear along side racist, homophobic and disgusting comments about young teens. The academic says some Australian companies she has contacted are shocked to hear their adverts appear on the websites but have as much trouble contacting Google as a member of the public does.
So much for Google's inane "Don't Be Evil' motto.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fashion Follies

Meet Felix Reiss who just last November was working at the Shuttle's supermarket of choice, Coles in Macleay Street Kings Cross. This month he has been treading the boards on the European catwalks and last week he opened and closed the Dior Homme show in Paris.The excellent rag trade website frockwriter brings us this and other hot-tips about the fashion world. It's a good read.
One Australian fashion personality has been sounding off this week .
 Nicholas Huxley (left) is head of the Fashion & Design Studio at TAFE and he's had a hand in crafting the careers of the majority of our fashion designers and some of the the biggest names in the industry.
Huxley has ticked off both David Jones & Myer department stores for leaving him off their guest lists for years at the yearly fashion parades and soirees. As Nicholas puts it :
             " Today I appeared in the Sunday Telegraph as one of the 10 Secret Style Makers of Australia! (Thanks Elle again)! I have been nominated 5 years out of the 6 years of the Fashion Laureate Award for service to the Fashion industry.I have been nominated for the Fashion Group International Lifetime Achievement award. I have won two FIA(Fashion Industries of Australia ) awards. I have been nominated for an AFI (Australian Film Industries) Award for costuming a motion picture. In 2008(Sydney Magazine) I was chosen along with 4 other Fashion Industry people to be one of the 100 most influential people in Sydney."
 Huxley has a good point. The number of vacuous b-list slebs rolled out at these parades is as legendary as the snooty clip-board  (Ipads now) wielding "PR" consultants who think they are terribly important.
the judges : Didier Cohen * Charlotte Dawson * Alex Perry * Jennifer Hawkins
 Now he's also laid into the new season of the reality TV show Australia's Next Top Model
" OMG!!!! Australia's Next Top Model!!! Sorry..but what can I say?? WOW!! I'm sorry but I'm finding it very difficult to look at the judges..There is so much of everything going on...BOTOX GALORE..SO MUCH TALK BUT NO MOVEMENT IN THE FACE / WHITENED TEETH TO THE POINT OF WHO NEEDS THE LIGHTS ON..JUST FLASH THE TEETH! AND A MALE MODEL///WHO'S A BIT LIKE A LOG OF WOOD!
Ouch ! You tell 'em Nick !!