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Monday, April 16, 2018

Star spotting exclusive !

Whispers omnipresent spies are everywhere. Even in far flung Sydney suburbs. One disguised as a suburban latté drinker informs us that Hollywood great Jack Nicholson was spotted sipping coffee with two pals in the Thirmele Cafe in Thirmele, a small suburb near Picton in the Camden area of outer Sydney. Thirmele is also the home of the NSW Railway Museum.

Our man on the street reports Jack is also a train enthusiast and visited the museum in the morning.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Peter & Hugh's Goodbye to Joan

 One little fact unreported about Joan Rivers' star-studded funeral- as she wanted it to be- was the song she was finally bade goodbye with that brought tears as well as applause to her last exit. The late Australian singer Peter Allen was a good friend of Joan's and each would go to see their respective shows in whatever city their paths crossed. Indeed the Shuttle who worked with Peter in London recalls Joan turning up to see Allen sing on three occasions when he appeared at a club called Madisons in Camden Lock.
And so Hugh Jackman who portrayed Allen in The Boy From Oz bicycled to Joan's farewell to sing the song Peter originally wrote about the late Judy Garland : Quiet Please There's a Lady on Stage.
Here is Peter's original recording of that song.