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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spot The Difference # 1

An occasional quiz:  match the face with the story !

(a) this man is the head of a controversial organisation that released information sent to it by whistleblowers  which was subsequrntly published around the world. He is fighting for his freedom in London. Clue: MasterCard, Visa, etc refuse to process donations to his organisation.

(b) this man is the head of a controversial organisation that criminally hacked thousands of voice mail messages for information that was subsequently published around the world. He arrived in London recently to launch a new venture ? Clue:You can access many of his products via MasterCard, Visa etc.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 Tickets to Vivienne Westword for £999999.00

Two tickets to Vivenne Westwood's  Gold Label catwalk in Paris (Spring/Summer 2012 collection) at 6:30pm on 30th September 2011... the exact venue to be announced just before the show.
That's the ebay item on sale right now to aid Wikileak's founder Julian Assange,

The starting bid is £850 or you can buy them for £8500 but the seller values them at just under a million pounds!. Sadly, no bids yet and just a little over 3 days to go.

Also for sale :  Julian's prison coffee, signed and fingerprinted (smuggled out by him)- 9 bids and currently £255, signed photos of Assange, books, a signed John Pilger poster and a gold "60 Minutes Challenge Coin" donated by US 60 Minutes reporter Howard Rosenberg.

Most of the items were donated to Julian at his recent 40th birthday. Start bidding here

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chardonnay At Ten Paces : Guardian's Nick Davies Attacks!

News comes of an incident this week between two leading journalists at a book launch in London. The occasion was the launch of Heather Brooke’s new book The Revolution will be Digitised at the offices of publishers Simons Muirhead & Burton in trendy Soho.

Nick Davies
One guest was the Guardian journalist Nick Davies who has been diligently plugging away in the back ground for years on the great hacking scandal  that recently brought about the demise of Britain's best selling tabloid, Rupert Murdoch's News Of The World.

In 1996 Davies also worked at The Age in Melbourne where he scored a major scoop by getting several doctors to say, off the record, that they had helped with assisted suicides and would do so again.It caused a political firestorm.

Enter another guest, Australian writer Guy Rundle, popular correspondent for websites , Counterpunch and more.

Guy Rundle
Rundle is a vocal defender of Julian Assange and had written a piece that appeared on crikey and Counterpunch, dissecting what he says was a 'stitch-up' of the Wikileaks founder Assange by The Guardian.

Davies took Rundle to task in this letter published in The Monthly claiming Rundle got his facts wrong. On the 11th April crikey ran this correction following Rundle's story.

Apparently this wasn't enough for Davies and upon spotting the hapless Rundle at the book launch was finally able to deliver a coup de grĂ¢ce
with a well aimed tumbler of excellent  publisher's white hurled into the face of Rundle. While Davies did a victory dance around the room Rundle trundled off to change his contact lenses, doused by the wine.                                                
Tom Albanese

Meanwhile not far from Soho at the British Museum, the mining corp Rio Tinto are sponsoring an Australian season with presentations on our fauna and flora, talks by writers Malcolm Cox and Phillip McLean along with an exhibition of Sydney Nolan paintings and a lecture on that iconic Aussie family saloon the FJ Holden.
A debate was underway about the environmental effects of European civilisation in Australia with Rio Tinto CEO Tom Alabanese at the lectern when a blaring fire alarm resulted in 340 guest fleeing  the lecture room. It was a false alarm.

The official explanation was that a fierce storm and wind outside had set off the alarm,. Not so according to Stephen Hopper, the Australian director of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. He reckoned a slide of red-bellied black snake being used to illustrate a point by Albanese was the cause.

"They have evil powers according to Aboriginals " says Hooper. "they avoid them like the plague".

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sir David Frost on Julian Assange and Robert Kennedy

 David Frost spoke today of the most impressive person he had ever interviewed in his long career: The former US Senator Robert Kennedy who was assassinated in 1968 .
Robert Kennedy

"He was forthright, honest and had a keen intellect, one of the most truthful people I have ever interviewed" said Frost at a press conference he gave today in Sydney with the former British talk show host Michael Parkinson.
Parky & Frost

The pair are doing 2 shows at the Sydney Theatre this week where they interview each other and reveal some candid moments  interviewing some of the most famous people during their respective careers.

Both said Nelson Mandela was a interview subject they had both greatly admired. Frost who has concentrated on world leaders said that he found former Australian prime minister Gough Whitlam to be a "towering intellect, possibly the most intellectual politician"' while Parkinson said that both he and Frost were fond of cricketer Shane Warne who he described as "a life enhancing force".

Of all the people he had loathed David Frost described the former head of the Hitler Youth League
Baldur von Schirach who served 20 years in prison for crimes against humanity as a "particular loathsome person".
von Schirach "loathsome"

"He had absolutely no regrets about his time as a Nazi and I shivered after the interview when he put his hand on my arm and with a twinkle in his eye said 'at 23 you were in charge of your own television show and at 23 I was in charge of the Hitler Youth-you see we really aren't so different! ' "

On Julian Assange who Frost has just interviewed and Wikileaks he said: "I was expecting a fairly soul-less person but I was pleasantly surprised and liked him by the end of the interview".

Asked what he thought about Assange's release of secret cables Frost said:
"it hasn't been proved that anyone has been harmed by them and they have exposed serious crimes. It's the sort of thing journalists should be doing".

Parkinson and Frost said that research and preparation was the most important aspect of interviewing any person with Parkinson giving the ABC interviewer Andrew Denton as a great example of a young interviewer of today who gets the most out of his subject.

And they weren't giving much away about what their two man show will be about :
"I'm still working out things to ask Michael "said Frost."In fact this press conference has given me some new ideas".
"I think David will turn out to be my favourite interview subject of all time " responded Parkinson.

To book for Parky And Frost. Two Nights Only Tues 8th Feb & Wed 9th Feb go to this website.

Here is David Frost and part of his famous interview with Richard Nixon: