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Thursday, August 6, 2015

"No Comment"

One guest at the David Jones Spring Summer fashion parade last night was TV presenter Angela Bishop, pictured right. Angela's mom is the Hon Bronwyn Bishop MP who has just had a horror few weeks culminating in her resignation as Speaker of The House. Something to do with a helicopter. And what did Angela think of Bronnie's Mensis Mensis Horribulus (hey it's Latin for a ghastly month!).
"No comment" was Angela's response. Sensible girl.
And another guest- the delightful actress and film producer Samara Weaving  (who is actor Hugo Weaving's niece) who we are showing just because we can. And she looks fab.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Mel B & Stephen Belafonte
Brynne Edelsten
Here they are-Who Magazine's 'Sexiest People'. Presented at a red carpet party at the Grand Hall at Sydney University. Plenty of good looking people but the only original thing about this bash was the superb location.

Breathless PR persons rushed yet another soapy star to be interviewed on the subject of being a 'sex symbol'. No wonder guests were fleeing after about 40 minutes.

One guest who looked rather pale and snatched the taxi the Shuttle was headed towards was Melbourne medical entrepreneur Geoffrey Edelsten and his Las Vegas born wife Brynne Edelsten who appears regularly on red carpets in sparkling outfits. Maybe Geoff had other matters on his mind such as a slight problem with the Taxation Office.

Here are a few of the guests and you can see the full list .here

Samara Weaving (Hugo's little girl)
Rhiannon Fish & boyfriend

Jodi Gordon
Rikki-Lee Coulter
Dr Geoffrey & Brynne