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Monday, March 12, 2018

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Feud #6 Lord Alan Sugar strikes again

"Well the Tate Gallery have not agreed to rent these from me . So I will put max 10 limited editions canvas copies up for sale at £1000 each with all proceeds going to GOSH. If I can get to sign them its £2000"

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Lord Sugar Vs Piers Morgan #1

Whispers noticed this snap on twitter 2 days ago. It's a pic of a young lad at Sydney's prestigious Knox Grammar school. He grew into one of Australia's most loved movie stars. Over drinks that evening we showed it to a pal who works for the MailOnline where it dully ended up today.
Aren't we nice to our fellow struggling hacks?
# Hugh Jackman is the lad in the middle in the plain t-shirt.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hair included

Here is the latest snap of Lord Alan Sugar on his boat the Lady A having his hair cut. You can almost see those ex-Biba art deco lady lamps in the background. All of this- except Mr Sugar and hair stylist, can be yours for under $20M.
The boat is moored off the beautiful island of Capri where Sugar has a holiday villa. Give Lord Sugar a call and maybe he'll put you up for the week-end as you inspect his ship. For details- see story below.
# you can always follow Lord Sugar on his twitter feed and in fact he is encouraging more followers so he can beat Piers Morgan's number.

Monday, January 23, 2017

exclusive: QANTAS drama over Breitbart News

Following on the heels of the drama over the US cereal manufacturers Kellogg pulling their advertisements from the Libertarian website Breitbart News where President Donald Trump is fond of getting his 'news', comes word that one of the world's biggest airlines the Aussie owned  QANTAS are pulling their ads from the site as well.
When a concerned shareholder contacted QANTAS via their Twitter account, the response was rapid which you can read below.

And even more fun & games over the US election, the Inauguration of President Trump and the amazing marches around the world the following day when apparently 3 million women attended the protest in the capital.
 Daily Mail pundit & British TV host Piers Morgan was up in arms with the following tweet:
 It received a quick response from our favorite Woollahra based Hollywood star Sam Neill:
Alas for poor Piers there was a further humiliation to come from reality TV star and multi-millionaire Lord Alan Sugar of the UK's Apprentice fame:



The  following message popped up on Facebook (and presumably elsewhere and posted by the high profile lawyer Chris Murphy:

Whispers has seen this couple about town so many times and they looked very happy as recently as 3 months ago as our photograph shows. Below: Kelly Landry & Anthony Bell

Sunday, December 27, 2009

the continuing fall of Paris Hilton

  Which is more tragic ?

       British TV host and ex-tabloid editor Piers Morgan or the so-called 'party' girl Paris Hilton ?. Britain's Daily Mail today carries pics and a story of a mock wedding between the 2 in Las Vegas complete with a (yawn) Elvis impersonator.
       Apparently the stunt is to promote Pier's new ITV show Piers Morgan On...whatever. The decline of Las vegas appears to be the first in the series. Sadly Piers is about 2 years out of date. Vegas started plummeting about 2 years ago around the same time Paris Hilton partied there with Sydney "nightclub identity" (or organised crime figure according to police) John Ibrahim (pictured right (c))
       Morgan's tale in the Mail about the decline of Vegas isn't bad reading but the ABC TV's 4 Corners did it better and earlier with their "Will The Son Also Rise" story on James Packer and his $2Billion loss in Vegas which can be viewed here. It's a far better insight into the decline of the Nevada gambling city than Pier's tale, although to his credit, perhaps his TV version may be more fun.
        As for Paris, she's let it be known that she is available for a gig in Sydney for New Year's Eve but hasn't found a taker yet. That's probably after her behaviour in 2008 when she was paid a reputed
 $200K to front a party at Kings Cross bar The Piano Room (co-incidently another Ibrahim venture) when she swept through the bar at mid-night into a small hidden VIP closure never to be seen again. Guests who had paid a small fortune to see the party girl cried foul.
 Hilton agreed to attend the regular New Year's Day charity party in 2007 held at the chic Icebergs restaurant overlooking Bondi Beach-as long as no media were allowed to attend. Just to show there were no hard feelings tSS went anyway and snapped her snogging with Stavros Niarchos who had slipped in unnoticed by all.

                                                    the on/off Paris & Stavros (c)

    And on the theme of New Year's Eve, the once 'party to be at' , the Lord Mayor's Opera House get-together that once hosted celebs like Kylie Minogue or Sarah Michelle Geller to push the start button for the spectacular fireworks display has become a pay only event with the privilege to listen to music presented by Lindsay Lohan's ex, Samantha Ronson for around a $1000 entry fee. No thanks. One press conference with the snarly Ronson is one too many in a lifetime.

tSS will be reporting NYE from a 30th floor apartment in an East Sydney building, which hosts so many parties special tickets are printed with limited numbers supplied to each resident. Bolinger and a small comedy set by Austen Tayshus (right) will be a bonus.

Distant cousins # 3 ?

former Prime Minister Bob Hawke

Minister for The Yartz Sir Les Patterson