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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hugh Grant :Thumbs Up for Social Shuttle & Others

OK the title is an exaggeration.

We feel sure Hugh Grant would love the Social Shuttle even if when he asked your scribe one day what his occupation was and heard the reply (Australian journalist ) he responded "that's a contradiction in terms".

Grant was talking today on the Richard Bacon show on the BBC's
Radio Five Live which was broadcast from the offices of The Independent newspaper in London. He said he was still deciding if he should sue the News Of The World after being shown evidence by British police that he was a victim of phone hacking in the scandal sweeping the British media.

The actor is hopeful to see the end of tabloid newspapers : “We don’t need them  we don’t want them and the sooner they go out of business the better."

On the  tabloid's invasion of privacy he said: "They would go temporarily out of business because they rely almost entirely on stealing people’s privacy, but then I think they would actually be grateful because in six months, a year they would have to go back to being real journalists and they would feel good about themselves.”
 Journalist Nick Davies who first wrote of the hacking scandal and who wrote Flat Earth News, a book about media manipulation was also on the programme and said  Grant was "thinking along the right lines”.

Ironically, when Grant was busted in Hollywood with Devine Brown it was the making of his career. Never looked back really. We feel sure thousands of vicars all over the UK will rest easy if the NoTW goes to the wall plus websites like the Shuttle could only find a vastly increased audience (currently around 2000-2400 readers a day ).

# More news on the purported libel case that may be mounted by a Melbourne based celebrity against Facebook and it's founder Mark Zuckerberg. The Shuttle has read some of the legal advice on the case and Zuckerberg's words may come back to haunt him.

In the past week it has been revealed that Facebook hired a big PR firm to spread tales about Google. The escapade has completely backfired on Facebook.

Reading Facebook's introductions it goes to great pains, like many other social media websites, to point out that it cannot be held responsible for the content on Facebook as it is 'stored ' on outside servers which are not controlled by Facebook.

The Rumpole's advice is that the claim is nonsense as it attempts to avoid responsibility for publishing and a journalist, editor or publisher could make the same claim that their product is carried on outside newsstands etc.

But he also points to a speech given by  Zuckerberg in 2010 and where he proclaimed that "the age of privacy is dead". Our learned friend says the statement points to the 'intent' of the net tsar to re-write privacy laws without having the right to !.

US  giants Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores have censored a book cover featuring Australian androgynous model, 19 year old Andre Pejic who has become the darling of the fashion world.

Read the story in the Mail Online.

Friday, April 22, 2011

exclusive : Defamation Case to Be Launched Against Zuckerberg & Facebook

The Shuttle has seen some of the legal papers but we cannot reveal the name of the litigant. This is going to be a biggie though.

A Melbourne based celebrity and high profile figure is to launch a massive defamation case in the Australian and other courts against Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg.

He/she claims they have almost been driven  mad and to despair by a facebook page set up in their name and only just brought to their attention after 18 months, which contains dozens of defamation's and libelous posts by the approximately 1000 'friends'.

And we aren't talking just personal insults here which this person could wear-we mean viscous nasty rumours of extra-marital affairs, involvement in murder and all sorts of illegal activities.

Our anonymous litigant has a Sydney and a Melbourne QC itching to take on the Internet giant and one of the countries top law firms working pro bono. They intend launching actions in the English, US and Australian courts simultaneously. They also intend to ask a British court to suppress the name  of the litigant because of the nature of the falsehoods which they say may be authored annonymously but are published by facebook.

We have been told that the law firm and both barristers has been appalled by a recent case of a  facebook page that named a deceased child on which pornographic images were posted and the seemingly lax attitude of the facebook managers, and the way in which British anti-child abuse campaigners were continually rebuffed when trying to get a 'panic button' installed for kids. That lawyer claims facebook only acts at the last moment and after considerable pressure and only then , when it feels it may receive bad publicity.

Further-the law firm says it has now been requesting via the normal facebook channels to have the offending pages removed and have basically met a brick wall.

"Facebook is one of the most troubling internet websites at the moment " says one lawyer "It operates under that hoary old claim of 'freedom of speech' which is a cover for the freedom to insult, libel ,defame and humiliate. It offers the most illusory but dangerous feeling of security in that people feel they are reaching out to find friends when the very opposite could be happening. There are stories of vunerable teens committing suicide after hate messages being posted. There are media releases galore from facebook saying they will solve these problems but it's just words in the end"
If successful this could open the floodgates against facebook. It could rival the famous case in 2002 when diamond merchant Joseph Gutnick launched a successful libel action against Dow Jones in a Melbourne court which basically changed the rules.