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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Koalas F**k For Oprah, Wikileak's Chic and John Lennon

The Oprah jet & Gayle & Oprah on Hamilton Island
 * If you haven't noticed, Oprah Winfrey arrived by private jet in Cairns in Northern Queensland today. She didn't alight as the plane was cleared by Customs but flew onto Hamilton Island where she and her great friend Gayle King visited a zoo where they were confronted by 2 mating Koalas !.

According to Oprah as she cuddled one Koala "oh it feels just like the ones in the stores back home". Shops that sell Koalas in the USA? .

** Overheard by our spy in  Parliament House in Canberra in the Member's Bar : 2 Labor politicians  were discussing the Wikileaks cables and the ones where US diplomats describe former PM Kevin Rudd as a "control freak".
One, a well known cabinet minster said to the other " no, it's very disappointing. I haven't even been mentioned. It's like the kiss of death, I feel like a complete nobody !"
John Waters
*** It's 30 Years since John Lennon was gunned down in New York City. Rolling Stone Magazine is to publish the very last interview with the great song writer recorded by Jonathan Cott on the 5th December 1980. You can hear much of the material on the magazine's website.

Cott recorded nine hours of interviews with Lennon but had forgotten all about them and most of the material has never been heard before.

**** Local actor John Waters is to tour his brilliant and successful one-man show  Lennon in Word and Music: Looking Through a Glass Onion. Water's sings just about every song Lennon wrote and talks through the show about Lennon's life. It's a superb show-the Shuttle first saw it it in 1998 and now Waters has the blessing of Yoko Ono.

Today Waters  was at the  Hard Rock’s Sydney Rock Shop, Harbourside, Darling Harbour to launch the Imagine There’s No Hunger in co-operation with Yoko's Why Hunger campaign.

The campaign was launched by Hard Rock International in November at the Hollywood Cafe and featured performances by Ringo Starr, Dave Stewart, Booker T, Joe Walsh and many more.

Waters is one of Australia's hardest working stage and film actors. Born in the UK he became fascinated by the entertainment industry while watching his father work in his  own movie studio very near Thames TV . His first break-as a child in the first Titanic film A Night To Remember.

Check out dates for Looking Through A Glass Onion at the website.

A video of John Waters in Looking Through A Glass Onion