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Monday, April 4, 2016

A Girl From Oz

Lyndall Hobbs is an ex-Australian TV journalist who moved to London in the 70s and began a relationship with the theatrical impresario Michael White (Rocky Horror Show) who passed away recently and was the subject of Gracie Otto's award winning documentary The Last Impresario.
Lyndall lived with Michael White for 10 years and their house in trendy Egerton Crescent in West London was the "salon" of 70s London where she introduced 'Chalky' White to some emerging Australian talent like Jim Sharman, Barry Humphries and Martin Sharp (and even Whispers).
This is only one chapter in her fabulous life story from her new book "A Girl From Oz". When her affair with White ended she moved to New York and lived for many years with the actor Al Pacino
Hobbs now runs a highly successful design business in Los Angeles where some of Hollywood's biggest show business names are her clients.The book is fascinating reading about a person who has lived a rich and rewarding life. Available in all good books stores (the ones that are left) . Buy it for a glimpse of a fascinating era, the 1970s to early 90s.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

George Michael Blows In- Festival Kicks Off

Slipping quietly into town, George Michael has taken up residence in a Whale Beach house for summer. Although one report has him actually buying the house, our mole disguised as a potted palm in a realtor's office says Michael has rented the house for 3 months along with an apartment in the luxury Icon building in Kings Cross where he stayed earlier this year. His neighbours at the Icon-the Crown Prince and Princess of Japan who own a magnificent penthouse there  but are yet to stay in it.

George was last year's special guest at the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and spent 2 months holidaying on the Oxford Street Golden Gay Mile drinking in numerous bars. He seems to have fallen in love with the local lads.

Meanwhile Emmy Lou Harris has arrived for the Sydney Festival that opened on Saturday. She sang at last night's Hyde Park concert and will be at the State Theatre with her Red Dirt Boys tonight and Monday.

John Malkovich will be here next Wednesday to prepare for his appearance in  the Giacomo Variations at the Sydney Opera House while Arrested Development have taken up residence in the Beck's Festival Bar at the Hyde Park Barracks and one not to be missed-Mac Con Lomaire and his band will be appearing in the sensational Spiegeltent in Hyde Park. If you have never been inside the Spiegeltent you haven't lived !

There is heaps more on. Some notables- Los Lobos will be at the Enmore Theatre on 14th January, 5 international dance troupes including the Trocodero Dance Palace-they were at the opening party last night with some brilliant and energetic 50's dance routines. 8 art shows and installations at various venues, a program of rare films at Sydney University, heaps of free music shows all over the place and a series of talks not to be missed including John Malkovich at the Town Hall in conversation with Rocky Horror legendary director Jim Sharman, Phillip Glass (left) with Paul Grabolsky and singer Paul Kelly with Richard Kingsmill.

Phew-and that's just a few of the great local and international entertainment which lasts until the 30th of January and then of course, it starts all over again with the Mardi Gras festival which means you may run into George Michael on his nightly pub crawl up Oxford Street Darlinghurst (his favourite bar- the Midnight Shift!)