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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Kirsty's Palm Beach Bash

Palm Beach swells Carol Jaeger & Douglas Jenks pose on the Clark's patio
While all eyes are on Palm Beach's Mar-a-Lago (described by it's owner as the Southern White House) as Donald Trump plays yet another round of golf, Whispers presents an exclusive as former Queensland model Kirsty Clark (nee Hinze) and her billionaire husband Jim Clark host a concert for the Pelmen Music Program at their own nearby home.

The event saw nearly 200 classical music lovers and philanthropists gather for drinks on the porch of the Clark's magnificent mansion followed by a concert of Pelmen students with pieces by Mozart, Mendelssohn and Dvorak captivating the audience.
pictured left : Jim Clark

 Among the Palm Beach heavyweights on the guest list : Martha and Steve Greenwald, music figures Vicki and Chris Kellogg, legal eagles Patricia Lowry and Hon. James Hopkins and Hollywood actress Sheryl Lee Wilson (right) best known for Twin Peaks and The Book of Mormon. 
 Pics by Annie Watt
Music lovers joined Kirsty Clark (centre) : Susan Lloyd, Jason Laskey, Michael James, and Mark Addison