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Monday, September 19, 2011

Guy Up For An Emmy

Guy Pearce has been nominated for an Emmy as best Supporting Actor in A Miniseries for the re-make of Mildred Pierce. Actor Bryan F.O'Byrne has been nominated for the same award in the same film.

The mini-series is a re-make of the 1945 film which starred Joan Crawford at her campest and which starred Zachary Scott in the part played by Pearce. The new series has been nominated for a staggering 21 Emmys including Kate Winslet for best actress  in the lead role.

Pearce first found world fame in the Oscar winning movie Priscilla Queen of The Desert but Aussie TV viewers knew Pearce from the soap Neighbours where he starred alongside Kylie Minogue and Jason Donavon.

The Shuttle has uncovered some hot footage of the three former teen heart throbs frolicking on the beach :

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Robbie Williams revelation-Jason Donovan the Wimp

The ABC TV's Foreign Correspondent on Tuesday night in  a segment titled 'Allo 'Allo 'Allo, delved into the scandal still brewing on the Murdoch newspaper News of The World's hacking of well known figure's mobile phones.

The newspaper's Royal Correspondent and a private investigator served jail terms over the affair back in 2007 but some in the British parliament are agitating for a full judicial enquiry.

The program interviewed former top British policeman Brian Paddick, once the most high profile openly gay policeman in the UK, Max Clifford an agent to the stars and a former Labour government minister all who say their phones were bugged, a highly illegal act.

Most informative was when interviewer Eric Campbell asked actor Jason Donovon as he arrived at a red carpet  premiere if he was concerned about phone hacking- "Mate I’m not here to talk about phone hacking. Come on. It’s a film, I mean, come on” was his reply.  Perhaps the current batch of celebrities who rely on tabloid publicity are fearful of upsetting those who provide the exposure.

More forthcoming was singer Robbie Williams who was asked the same question as he arrived at the BBC.

Robbie Williams told the ABC his mobile phone was hacked into by a tabloid newspaper.

And he said that he wasn't worried about any further hacking as he had not used a mobile phone for two and a half years now "for that very reason".

One odd interview was with a former News Corp boss Kelvin McKenzie once editor of the tabloid The Sun who claims there were no more hacking incidents despite News Corp apparently paying damages to more and more people presumably to avoid matters being heard in a court.

 “Where is the proof? They’ve had six years to look at it." said McKenzie.

Max Clifford who reputedly received a million pounds from the NoTW after threatening to sue  thinks differently.

 'Allo 'Allo 'Allo can be viewed here where you can also read the transcript of the show.