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Friday, October 18, 2013


Significant events :
Congratulations to motivational speaker and advertising guru Siimon Reynolds and his gorgeous wife Kathryn Eisman who have taken possession of a beautiful daughter, Capri. The happy trio now live in the USA.
The Shuttle has felt the sharp tongue of a tabloid hack from one of Australia's oldest media organisations that is losing sales at around 20% a year and has sacked hundreds of workers in the past 5 years. The mocking in print we received defies the fact the Shuttle has had around 2 million readers in the past 3 years and has about 2200 visitors a day.
The arrogance of the established media knows no bounds yet when The Guardian set up a local online newspaper less than a year ago it succeeded in becoming the third daily visited website in Australia.
Pierre Omidyar                   Glenn Greenwald
A few months we were contacted in relation to a top secret project underway : and now the news is out.
EBAY founder and billionaire Pierre Omidyar is putting $250M into a new media organisation that is to be headed by Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald of Edward Snowden fame. Omidyar and Greenwald intend bypassing the printed media and old style hacks who seem oblivious to the rapidly changing world.
Meanwhile the highly successful local Eastern Suburbs newspaper Latte Life which now distributes throughout Surry Hills, Paddington, Double Bay and Darlinghurst will celebrate it's 3rd Birthday with a gala party tonight at Hugos in Kings Cross !. And they said it wouldn't last...congrats to all.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Date in New York City

Diary note for our New York readers (around 500 a day !)

photograph by Patrick McMullan (c) PMc

A missive arrives from New York (and America's) most famous social photographer Patrick McMullan (left):

"Next Wednesday I, alongside Jacqui Rosshandler and Arthur Shorin, am co-hosting a really exciting launch party for the revolutionary breath freshener, EATWHATEVER. It should be an absolutely 'kissable' event! Limited copies of my book KISS KISS will be available to buy and have signed. So check out the invite below, RSVP to and meet up with us at the Museum of Sex next Wednesday at 8:30PM. Hope to see you all there!"

No party in New York , Miami or Los Angeles is complete without McMullan or one of his trusted snappers present. He visited Australia in the late 90's ( courtesy of the Social Shuttle) and hosted an exhibition in Kings Cross on the premises that are now Hugo's nightclub and welcomed a host of local social figures like Lady Sonia McMahon, Kirk Pengilly from INXS, Min Keating and Deeta Colvin. There's talk that McMullan may visit Sydney and Melbourne in the near future to check out the local scene.

Read Patrick's internet magazine PMc here.