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Monday, December 23, 2013

Turning 30

The most popular Miss Universe of all time Jennifer Hawkins celebrated her 30th birthday with a masquerade party at a restaurant in The Rocks.
Like any event Jennifer attends, it's all about the money with an exclusive deal with a glossy magazine to publish photos of the event.

On the other side of town at the uber smart Beach Haus nightclub in Kings Cross, Fiji Water boss Aaron Zerefos who races Porches cars in his spare time also turned 30 with a fab party for 100 close friends.
Aaron always seems to be surrounded by pretty girls. The last time we saw Aaron Zerefos he was deep in discussion with Khloe Kardashian at Ottos in Woolloomooloo. How does he do it ?.

Some months ago the Shuttle went to Beach Haus for a small party thrown by superstar Leo Di Caprio.
We were given instructions not to approach Leo at his table which is pretty difficult in Beach Haus given it's size but by the look of his burly minders, wasn't at all advisable

Friday, September 9, 2011

Small But Cuddly Bar

It's tiny but popular.

Beach Haus in Kings Cross opened in a side street a year ago and has become one of the suburb's trendiest bars.

Jamie Wright

Certainly film star Leonardo DiCaprio must think so. He's been spotted there twice hunkered down with friends in a corner. There's even a claim he has has rented the magnificent penthouse of the Gazebo building, just across the road to be nearby.
On Wednesday night Beach Haus opened it's Moet & Chandon Bar for a select clientele of about 50 regulars only too eager to sample the bar's wares.
So many long legged beauties in one room !. Where do they all come from ?. Perhaps that's what attracts Leo.

One guest- former Bondi Blond beer model Jamie Wright looking heavily pregnant had to forgoe the champers for mineral water  but she still celebrated  the fact that she and hubby John McClean had completed purchase of their million dollar Eastern Suburb's apartment that week.

Jamie became the face of the beer when John Singleton launched it in 2008 and imported party girl Paris Hilton to do the honours. It was such a success that Singleton sold out while Jamie and Paris partied around the world.

Sadly Leo was a no-show on Wednesday even though it was rumoured he may turn up. Perhaps he hasn't moved into the Gazebo yet.
bar owner Danny celebrates with gal pals

Justin Under Attack

While the compact Kings Cross club Beach Haus celebrated the opening of their Moet & Chandon bar (above) Australia's most successful night club entrepreneur Justin Hemmes has come under sustained attacks that bear all the hall marks of the infamous Australian "tall poppy syndrome".

Justin Hemmes
No-one has invested as much money as the young mogul in providing chic and luxurious premises for Sydney-siders to party in. To date an estimated $200M. Hemmes employs around 2000 staff and is regarded by those who work for him as a firm but fair and generous boss. There is a waiting list of hundreds of young hopefuls wishing to be employed by Justin's Merivale Group.

Starting with 2 hotels in the city, Hemmes bucked the trend and turned old style pubs into stylish and modern bars aided by his sister Bettina who is responsible for decorating all his premises.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman partied at his Slip Inn while the Crown Prince of Denmark, Frederick met his future bride Mary Donaldson there during the 2000 Olympics.

When he opened the elegant Establishment in lower George Street in a beautiful colonial Georgian building he introduced the city to a style not seen before.

Huge marbled floored bars that become packed after office hours, an award winning restaurant Est run by top chef Peter Doyle (picking up '3 Hats' again last week at the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide launch) and a series of function rooms constantly in use with a nightclub Hemmesphere that became the place to relax for visiting international stars from Beyonce to Bono to actor Simon Callow.

In any other world class city Hemmes would probably be given a gold key to the city having almost solely revived central Sydney' dormant nightlife.

A party at the Ivy pool
Instead he has faced a raft of opposition from local police over exaggerated incidents that pale into insignificance when one considers he hosts tens of thousands of patrons every week.

Hemmes also came under the gaze of  Lord Mayor Clover Moore who donned a new hat as the head of the Anti-Fun Police and attempted to enforce strict drinking hours reminiscent of the dreaded 1950s "six o'clock swill" when pubs slammed their doors shut at 6pm each evening. Fortunately the outcry was deafening particularly as Hemmes had invested his family fortune in his city nightclubs

Three months ago Hemmes was held up at gunpoint in his recently purchased Surry Hill's pub . Outside a police car with 2 officers calmly watched as the armed raiders made their get away in a stolen BMW crashing into another car in the process.

A fortnight ago it is alleged his doormen bashed a patron in the cellar at Hemme's Ivy complex and mis-lead police whilst cleaners washed away bloodstains.

A few nights ago Hemmes distinctive black Rolls Royce Phantom was pulled over in Redfern and the driver was charged with drug possession. Yesterday a man claimed he had been assaulted by Hemmes at Ivy. Hemmes denies the charge and says CCTV footage backs him up.

Sydney once had the most corrupt police in the Southern hemisphere, routed out at great personal sacrifice by an imported British police commander who, for his efforts and success was forced from the country by a series of cowardly and false attacks from shock jocks and politicians.

It comes as no surprise Justin Hemmes has been spotted in New York City in recent months checking out premises. His talents would be snapped up in the USA. They would roll out the welcome mat.
It would serve the good burghers of Sydney right if they forced the man who has done more to brighten Sydney life to flee abroad to a city that would appreciate his talents.