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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tony Abbott & Political Lesbianism !

How their words come back to haunt them. A recording has surfaced of  The Man Who Would Be King (but probably won't be) from 2 decades ago.

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott was once a fiery University student . Unlike other students Tony railed against further money for Universities and demanded the government cut funding because it produced "left wing thinking" and as he says scathingly, courses at Sydney University like The Politics of Lesbianism.

Abbott has been referred to as a 'Manchurian Candidate' due to his adoration of Cardinal George Pell and his worship at the lap of the strange right-wing Catholic Bartholomew Augustine Santamaria 
B.A.Santamaria (1915-1998) was warning of conspiracies long before they were invented and in his Catholic Worker newspaper railed against Communism, the USSR and Socialism but claimed Capitalism was an even greater threat.
Fast forward to 2012 and Tony Abbott's sister Christine Foster -seen her in our snap from Deborah Thomas' council campaign launch last week- has not only declared herself to be a card carrying lesbian but a politcal one at that !. Chrsitine is standing in the September council elections against Sydney  Lord Mayor Clover Moore. Hear a young Tony at this link: 
And the man who most likely will be Opposition Leader when Julia Gillard wins again in November 2nd, 2013 with a slightly increased majority (take it from us-we know these things) Malcolm Turnbull has paid a touching tribute to the late Robert Hughes in Parliament today.
Hughes was the uncle of Malcolm's wife Lucy Turnbull and the pair cared for him after his shocking car accident. During the speech Malcolm cruelly taunts his leader Tony Abbott :

Malcolm Turnball: “It was the year of the republican referendum and Bob, first in a wheelchair, and then with his calipers became a prominent advocate for the yes vote. I think he had a swing at you Tony in one of those debates."
Tony Abbott:  "He missed"
Malcolm Turnball: "He missed? What a loss to the nation it would have been if he had connected."

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Former Foes Love-In & Germaine Greer Speaks Out

From a political standpoint they are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

 Bob Ellis, poetic writer, darling of the left and a speech writer for the Australian Labor Party and the conservative Catholic politician and Federal Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott.

In Ellis's new book  Suddenly Last Winter-An Election Diary Bob gets stuck into a few Labor Party heavies while announcing his admiration for Abbott.
On Prime Minister Julia Gillard  he says she is  "not well informed". He says Gillard is part of a Melbourne clique called the Mouse Pack, a reference to the size of their intellect.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald  Ellis said : 
" She hasn't I think read a novel or seen a film that has subtitles and I doubt if she has read Encounter or The New Statesmen or Vanity Fair or The London Review of Books or The New York Review of Books and therefore she doesn't have a hinterland. She has not much except a kindergarten sandpit response to things-'Nyah Nyah you're just jealous because I'm Prime Minister and you're not' "

" Civilised people already have their hands over their faces when she speaks!"

Ellis has form in courting those from the right. Often spotted lunching with Christopher Hitchers when in town or the famed right leaning poet Les Murray. And he has expressed an odd admiration for the xenophobic Pauline Hanson who Ellis swears attempted to pick him in a Surfer's Paradise bar long before her political career took off

But it's the astonishing turn around in his relationship with the political love-child  of the strange Catholic theologian and political fixer B.A.Santamaria and Margaret Thatcher-Tony 'Mad Monk'Abbot that is raising eyebrows.

Several years ago Tony Abbot and his wife along with a  fellow cabinet minister Peter Costello and his wife sued Ellis and Random House over Bob's new book Goodbye  Jerusalem and Ellis was badly bruised to the tune of a $277,000 libel payout that came right upon his uninsured Palm Beach home burning to the ground in a bush fire.

Ellis says he has just about forgiven Tony Abbot  over that episode and invited Abbot to launch one of his books a year ago which Abbot did.
The Opposition Leader who once studied to be a priest openly admires  the philosophies of the late B.A.Santamaria who railed against Communism and socialism in the 1960's, split the Labor Party and  in the 1930s supported Mussolini and Franco.
"resembles F.Scott Fitzgerald"
But Ellis reckons Tony Abbott  may be a closet socialist :
"He is no more a Liberal than I am . Liberal is the name of the suit he is wearing. He is actually a Catholic socialist. He's DLP [Democratic Labor Party] and always has been."

Ellis goes further in his SMH interview : "The person he most resembles, I've just decided, is F.Scott Fitzgerald. The classic good looks, big flashing smile, easy Irish eloquence, angelic writing style, self-doubt, Catholic guilt, hot temper, Gatsby-like yearnings for past relationships long gone and luminous in remembrance, fondness for football and self-flagellation and his need for a son, all bespeak a literary genius drawn by life and lesser pursuits into spiritual shallows and drunken remorse like Scott, poor Scott."

Writing in the UK Guardian newspaper Germaine Greer has slammed American architect Frank Gehy's plans for the new University of Technology describing the building as "five scrunched up brown bags"
The building (pictured) is to replace the ugly concrete bunker that stands on the proposed site and when the model was release the UTS Vice Chancellor Ross Milbourne said "We've got the Opera House, and it's hard to say we are going to beat that, but from what I've seen we'll have an equally outstanding icon at this end of Sydney." 

Responds Greer:" The Sydney Opera House may be one of the best known structures in the world, but it is also a worse building than anything Gehry would want to put his name to. The original design by Danish architect Jorn Utzon was rejected by the Australian judges in 1956, only to be reinstated. By the time the opera house opened in 1973, it was more than 10 times over budget. Utzon struggled to protect his vision of a building made of sails until 1966, when he was obliged to close his Sydney office and return to Denmark, because the New South Wales state government would not meet his fees. Government architects took over the project.