Saturday, December 19, 2020

Outrage as tabloid takes future Queen of England to task

Whispers favourite tabloid in all the world, the UK Daily Mail (and MailOnline ) has ripped into the gorgeous wife of HRH Prince William, future Monarch of Great Britain and all her Dominions (ie- Australia and New Zealand). Catherine Windsor,the Duchess of Cambridge has been hauled over the coals over a spelling mistake unearthed by an eagle-eyed Mail scribe. Catherine left a letter out of the word "country" when she wrote a tribute on a blackboard at a London train station as a "heartfelt whiteboard message thanking transport workers for their hard work during the pandemic". Poor Cate. Usually there would be a Lady in Waiting or perhaps a secretary to check her missives before they go out to the public. Our pic from the Mail shows Cate writing the offending message. We haven't the heart to alert said Daily Mail to this piece they printed in an article stating Catherine asked people to call her "Cate" (instead of Your Higness). It was just days before the Mail nabbed Her Highness writing "cuntry". Or was it "contry"?. Maybe she prefers Katherine to Catherine. Afterall, the British Royal family are known for their eccentricities. It's an odd thing. The Duchess was born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton yet 1000s of publications around the world have dubbed her "Katherine". Possibly an easy mistake to make but surely newspapers of record should keep to the script. Even her Wikipedia entry prints this common mistake as "Katherine" which should alert the world's sub editors.. Here's a copy of "Katherine's" signature to settle the matter.
# Whispers isn't perfect when it comes to both grammar or spelling but one must remember we have a tiny staff -one (but dozens of contacts) and a loveable but aging black & white dyslexic Moggie who doubles up as Sub Editor and office mouser. ##Congratulations to the 24 readers who emailed alerting us to our deliberate mistake to garner just what interest our tales generate. Our earlier story reverseing the names was put up less than 24 hours ago and 24 alert souls were on the ball. Mucho thanks. Readership of Whsipers hovers around 1000-1500 a day. During the pandemic's worst periods and Lockdown it skyrocketed to 15000 on one day alone. Online shopping must have gone through the roof.