Sunday, November 15, 2020

Did ya miss me?

 We're back. 

We promised you we would return. A mass of illnesses floored Whispers for 2 months in the middle of a pandemic. I think we had every know illness under the sun except Covid 19 or the "China Virus" as the (soon to be former) US president Donald Trump calls it (have we told you that he owes Whispers $3000 ?..a story for another time).

Did we miss anything?. Probably but this was one event not to be missed. Claire De Lune (left) is an import from French Canada so Claire knows how to throw a few things in a cooking pot and create a fabulous meal. 

Claire runs a wonderful restaurant in Sydney's Oxford Street called

Claire's Kitchen at le Salon

Oxford Street was once the busiest street in Sydney if not the Southern Hemisphere. There seemed to be a cocktail bar or nightclub on every corner and several in between. No wonder they called it the Golden Mile in it's heyday. All that disappeared with the infamous Lock down laws that saw premises that usually remained open until perhaps 11am the following morning, closing by 2am. Claire's establishment survives and flourishes. Often there is a floor show in between courses.

Claire's restaurant is in a fabulous 1930's building that was once a bank so you know it's grand as old banks often where.

Apart from the wonderful food on offer this special night had a performance from Rupert Noffs with his show titled “I CAN COOK TOO!”

 For the past few years Rupert and partner Matty Bee ran a popular restaurant in New York's Soho before returning to concentrate on the NSW's Central Coast. And Rupert also sings and can belt out a pretty good tune as he did on this night.

Rupert is the grandson of the legendary Rev Ted Noffs of Kings Cross' Wayside Chapel' fame (Rupert hangs out with pals like Prince William in his spare time) and he and Matty run their own sensational eatery on the Central Coast. It's called The Lucky Bee at the uber smart Hardy's Bay.

We've assembled a few pics from the night courtesy of Nicholas Huxley (left with Rupert Noffs) from East Sydney's fashion school. Nicholas has taught some of Australia's most famous couturiers and sent them out into the word to make their mark. In 2015 he spent a year setting up the Miami Dade College Miami, Florida US.
Above: Rupert Noffs,HRH Prince William & Kevin Rudd * Rupert with partner Matty Bee