Saturday, September 26, 2020

More on James Packer

 Following reports on a complicate legal stoush in the US involving Aussie billionaire James Packer comes a new tale from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

As it's behind a paywall we'll quote the relevant part involving Packer. In a story about the revelation that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s habit of bringing bags of dirty laundry from Israel to the United States on official visits in order for the clothes to be washed by U.S government workers comes a snippet about Packer & Netenyahu:

"Soon, Australian billionaire James Packer also began to gift the Netanyahus with expensive gratuities. Bibi confirmed Packer invited his son Yair 'to vacation in Aspen and Ibiza' and knew Yair occasionally slept in a luxury TLV apartment Packer rented"

Netanyahu confirmed he asked Australian billionaire Packer to buy the mansion next-door. Packer bought it, and Bibi behaved in it almost as though he owned the place. Before his visits, the housekeeper was asked to stock it with cigars and champagne"


Trust the French- the top selling Champagne in Paris