Saturday, August 15, 2020

Stuck in Italy

 If you have been lucky enough to dine in one of the Sydney restaurants run by star chef Stefano Manfredi you will know he is one of Australia's top hosts and about as good creator of glorious food that can be had in this land, quite apart from being an all round nice guy.

Stefano is currently hanging out in the famed La Cascina dei Sapori eatery in Rezzato, Italy. You only have to read Trip Adviser's rave reviews to know this joint is tops in a country of splendid restaurants.

Stefano has been interviewed today in the Weekend Telegraph and has described how difficult it has been for him to return home to Australia:

"There are quite a few problems getting back to Australia no matter what the Federal Government will have you believe.

It’s not just the restrictions placed on numbers allowed on each plane coming into Australia but in my case, Etihad has mandated a Covid-19 test within 96 hours before flying to Abu Dhabi to get my connecting flight. Ordinarily, that would be no problem as Rezzato has clinics that will perform these easily and quickly with results available within a couple of hours.
But @etihad want passengers to go to a facility approved by them, at a prepaid cost double to that which I would ordinarily pay.
The first clinic they referred me to in Bologna- a couple of hours south of here- is closed the week I need to have the test. Now, I’m waiting for them to contact me for an alternative arrangement.
They’ve promised they would! My flight is booked for the 30th August."

Well keep readers posted if and when he gets home. Meanwhile, I'm sure there are worse places to hang out during the pandemic!