Saturday, June 6, 2020

Sale of The Century

Former politician and Liberal Party heavyweight Michael Yabsley has put his collection of Australian ephemera up for sale at Lawson Menzies auction house. Yabsley's Wombat Hollow, an estate in the beautiful Southern Highlands has been his home for years now but for personal reasons the whole shebang is for sale and can be viewed here.
Whisper's favourite is the 1937 Chev pick-up truck with an estimated price $25,000 - $35,000. Dozens of rather wacky looking lamp stands and shades are up for grabs along with a quite extraordinary collection of old surveyors tripods and vintage tools, dozens of old oil cans and Mulga wood bits & pieces- Yabsley must have been collecting for years.
It's bound to be a popular sale in the local area where so many city elites have hobby farms. The Southern Highlands is also home to a number of notable characters including Harry Potter actress Miriam Margolyes currently touring Australia for an ABC TV special and Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban who snapped up the former Governor's mansion.

Michael Yabsley was an MP and Prison's Minister in the distant past who hitched his fate to former NSW Premier Nick Greiner when Greiner was the subject of  an ICAC investigation over a complicated matter which eventually saw him resign along with Yabsley in sympathy. No problem- both went on to become Liberal Party heavyweights behind the scenes.

Whisper's exclusively alluded to Yabsley's move from the Highlands and his new living arrangements in Wollooomooloo. Today Michael "outed" himself as gay in a daily newspaper. Better late than never!.
There seem to be some important moves for a small social group that includes top broadcaster Alan Jones who announced his retirement (at age 79) and the former well-liked social butterfly and top publicist Glen Marie Frost who has been down on her uppers of late for various reasons. Glen-Marie announced she had moved into a Housing Commission flat in Wooloomooloo and all we can say is : location, location, location. It has to be one of the most desirable suburbs in Sydney so well done Glen Marie !
And now that Lock Down measures have eased up lets hope Glen Marie's new business as a Marriage Celebrant goes into full flight. Honestly if you are planning to get hitched whether straight, gay or otherwise, Frost is the lady to make that special day even better.
You can contact her here at Glen Marie Frost Celebrant.

So all's well for this trio who often partied in the Southern Highlands where Jones has a rather splendid farm and where Glen Marie apparently lived for some time in a  cottage at Yabsley's Wombat Hollow- now they're all within a stone's throw of each other with Yablsey & Glen Marie in residence at The Loo and Jones who is just a hop step and jump away at his Harbour-side apartment at Circular Quay.
Speaking of Alan Jones, please come back in a few days when Whisper's will reveal some never published before facts about Alan's infamous arrest in a toilet in Piccadilly in 1988.
Many so-called "left leaning" pundits like former broadcaster Mike Carlton have been quite malicious about this event, often smugly inferring all sorts of impropriety despite the fact Jones was never prosecuted and had no intention of pleading guilty to a stitch up and despite ridiculous gossip that Jones' powerful friend (then) Lord Jeffrey Archer, a Minister in Margaret Thatcher's government somehow pulled strings. It shows an extraordinary ignorance on their part especially Carlton who was a broadcaster on a London radio station and should have known that Britain's Metropolitan Police wouldn't give a stuff about an Antipodean "shock jock" if they thought charges would stick as surely demonstrated when they eventually prosecuted  Alan's good pal Jeffrey Archer for perverting the course of justice.