Sunday, May 17, 2020

Hot off the presses

We too have been social distancing which isn't that hard to do when Society distanced itself from us and the rest of Sydney some time ago for many reasons apart from a pandemic.
We pray for small mercies so when this snippet fell upon our desk we felt it our duty to pass it on.
We are happy to announce that a well known former politician has departed the family home in the country leaving the trouble and stuff behind and moved in with a handsome chap of Lebanese extraction in trendy inner Sydney. OK it's not nearly as glamorous ss the announcement by UK TV host Phillip Schofield that he is gay and leaving the familty home for an exciting new life in gay London but beggars can't be choosers.
# We can't even run a snap of our man as it would reveal who is and we would never "expose" someone's new living arrangements unless he decides to "come out" which is a very stylish thing to do these days. I'm told

Nil By Mouth.
Whispers made a move as well- into a ward at Sydney's uber smart St. Vincent's Hospital. It's been 5 days now and we can report  that 1) morphine isn't nearly what it's cracked up to be and 2) needles sting 3) many patients are possibly mad and 4) oddly one does begin to look forward to jelly for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yum.