Sunday, April 19, 2020

For your entertainment..

Whispers knows you are all going crazy with "isolating" yourself. There's only so much television you can watch, so many dodgy recipes whipped up by desperate tabloids to keep you entertained.
Fortunately a video lands upon our desk.
Sydney party personality Sharon Sargent has been featured in our pages many times, usually for naughty but nice adventures. All very innocent of course such as posing in LA'S Rodeo Drive while appearing in her own reality TV show and as above with the English Rugby team at a lunch at Sydney's uber smart Otto's Restaurant at the Wharf in Wolloomooloo.

We still can't understand why one of Britain's top tabloids the Daily Mirror went a bit crazy over this episode. Sharon was merely waving the team goodbye as they headed off on a Sydney Harbor cruise with a bunch of scantily clad lasses who, if anyone had experienced Sydney's summer heat would understand the gels were sensibly dressed for the climate.
 Or undressed in this case. All healthy harmless fun.

Now Sharon has penned a song and put it to film. It's a pleasant little ditty and describes her feelings under "social isolation", the latest craze sweeping the world. In Sharon's' video she is pictured touring a Sydney almost devoid of any traffic or even people! It really sums up what we are going through today. Collectively-ie: no-one else is having a good time so stop feeling sorry for yourself.