Sunday, March 22, 2020

Tales From The Vault

Our invite never arrived..
A new series: as the deadly  coronavirus COVID-19 sends the world's capitals and countries into lock down, we've decided life must go on although of course, we well be Social Distancing (literally now that the town's high life has dried up) with tales from the past decades.
Whisper's invitation to the launch of Noah's Ark was lost in the mail, as is our wont to claim. We have been around that long.
So a new series begins of memorable moments from the past in Sydney, New York, London Paris and Rome and elsewhere.
Tidbits never told before and it includes a cast of famous characters like Andy Warhol, Kirk Douglas, Boy George, Richard Branson , Peggy Guggenheim, Mick Jagger, Malcolm Forbes..the list is endless.
Starting from tomorrow (Monday in Oz) - get the Ipad warmed up while you social distance..snuggle up with your pet (stay away from your other half until tested !) and please check back for some juicy tales.