Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Foodie News..

The "Godfather" of Australian nouvelle cuisine Tony Bilson has been telling pals of his stint in New York as a guest chef working for US president Donald Trump for a month at his restaurant in the Trump Tower. The deal had been arranged by the Australian Trade Commissioner without Trump's knowledge. Apparently Trump questioned why he would need an Australian chef when he believed that his restaurant served up steaks the size of Texas which would surely be all any diner would want.

Trump: steaks the size of Texas

Trump's view quickly changed when he saw the caliber of guests Bilson attracted to the restaurant which was soon packed during Bilson's stay. Beginning with Rupert Murdoch who had been a regular at Bilson's Sydney restaurant and who spread the word. During Bilson's four week stay New York's top society figures booked tables and local food reviewers were raving. At the end of his four week stint Donald Trump offered Bilson a permanent residency at the Tower thrilled with the success. Just think, if Bilson had stayed he could have now been head chef at The White House.