Saturday, June 8, 2019

Sale of The Century

Whispers is a regular at Sydney's more prominent auction houses. Its always fun and one can pick up interesting items at a budget price.
Our attention is drawn to an upcoming auction at the prestige Lawson's Auctioneers in inner Sydney Annandale. Lawsons regulatory host auctions of some of the state's more prominent households.
This week they have an online timed sale of all manner of goods from an establishment called Temple 22. We've tried to work just what this establishment was- some sort of clinic (there are lots of seemingly medical items for sale). Was it a sporting establishment- lots of assorted whips and restraints? To restrain what?. There are swings and hoists (for working under the car?) and leather features prominently.
Anyway we'll leave it to the dear reader to ponder further on this and they make like to peruse the catalogue here.
Our eye is drawn to the fabulous zebra print Chaise Lounge as featured above. You may find a whip more to your liking. Perhaps you fancy this rather interesting shower curtain.
Below: On sale- whips, paddles, masks and even a..Dunces Hat?