Monday, June 24, 2019

Bianca channels the Duchess

Spotted this week at the Victoria & Albert Museum summer party was Bianca Jagger, one time wife of legendary aging rocker Sir Mick Jagger.
Guests commented on Bianca's rather remarkable new look that is reminiscent of the famous (or infamous) Margaret, The Duchess of Argyle as our pictures show. Whispers met the Duchess several times and once dined at her rather splendid home in Mayfair with the late Lady Edith Foxwell.

The daughter of a multi-millionaire businessman Margaret married the Ian Douglas Campbell the Duke of Argyle in 1951 but the marriage only lasted a few years after the Duke accused her of being unfaithful. The subsequent divorce case scandalized 1960's Britain when Polaroid photos of the Duchess were produced in court with her in flagrante delicto wearing nothing but her regular pearls. Rumours spread around town as the identity of her paramour - from cabinet minsters to the movie star Douglas Fairbanks Jr. She died in 1992 keeping her secret.
These days, Bianca Jagger serves as a Council of Europe goodwill ambassador.