Sunday, May 5, 2019

Skye hits 60

 right: party girl Skye Leckie with fashion journalist Melissa Hoyer

Skye Leckie has reached 60 (believe me, that seems very young to some of us) and she held a shindig to celebrate at her Southern Highlands farm. Skye recently featured in the "reality" TV show Filthy Rich & Homeless where she lived on the streets for a time to see just what it was like. It made for riveting TV especially for a lady who enjoys a fairly sumptuous house in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs with her family and husband, the former TV boss David Leckie plus a pretty nice stretch of land in the ritzy south. As a dedicated charity worker- she's helped raise $millions for the children's hospital in Randwick Skye put her expertise to work and housed one homeless family she met during her homeless experiment.

Check out the magnificent hat on guest Jonathan Ward in our snap. Jonathan is the designer for the famed R.W.Williams and his fashions feature in stores around the world.
There to cheer on Skye: publicists Deeta Colvin and Nikki Andrews who between them created the legendary Cointreau Balls that guests flocked to from all over the world during their heyday in the roaring nineties.

Our exclusive snap here shows film director Baz Luhrmann who is now living in New York and developing new film projects.

Last week he was in Queensland celebrating here with the QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and the occasion: Baz is to film a new biopic of Elvis Presley on the Gold Coast. I guess it has a passing resemblance to Memphis.