Tuesday, February 19, 2019

So shoot us..the ship sails

Whispers has been on holiday and had to forgo the pleasure of keeping our loyal readers (so many in the USA & Russia) up to date.

Well it has been a long extended Silly Season so I doubt much was missed.
Even better: we picked up an amazing story while sunning ourselves in The Bahamas while staying with pals who were family friends of the legendary Sir Harry Oakes ( left ) who created the famous and exclusive Paradise Island resort there. COMING SOON !

However we have noticed that adverts for wacky Clive Palmer's United Australia Party are beginning to flood the airwaves as multi-millionaire Clive resurrects his political career.
But what of that other venture-  rebuild of the fated Titanic which sunk on the 15 April 1912 on it's maiden voyage with the loss of over 1500 lives.

Word reaches us via a Palmer operative that the project which was suspended in 2015 due to financial problems with Palmer's main company Mineralogy was in dispute with Chinese government-owned Citic over the payment of hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties to Palmer companies.
The Australian Supreme Court in 2017 found for Mineralogy, awarding it $US150 million, at the time worth about $196 million, in unpaid royalties.
Apparently the funds have now been paid which is why Clive is cashed up, going back into polticis and has relaunched the Titanic 2 project with the following video.