Friday, January 25, 2019

Turning Water into Gold !

More on model Kelleth Cuthbert the gal who photo bombed the Golden Globes with her tray of Fiji Water. Kelly has landed a guest-starring role on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” the show announced on Instagram.

 Cuthbert is set to appear in the show’s Feb. 6 episode. It really doesn't get much bigger than this and you have to admire Kelleth for seizing the opportunity. Publicity is everything and the one place that appreciates it is the USA !

I mean if Jack The Ripper was still around today he would score a contract for a Reality TV show and have at least one Kardashian on as a special guest.

But how about Fiji Water who I'm reliably informed only spent around $30,000 for a promotional campaign that went viral around the world and garnered $Millions in free publicity.
Alas one of our correspondents sends us a link and it's not the most positive on the this product: click on the link.
# one thing is for sure- you haven't heard the last of Kelleth.

Fiji Water Girl would be a great meme if bottled water were something to celebrate


Weight Watchers News:

A photo lands on our desk of Man About Town and financial wiz Big Jim Byrnes. Jim is about 6'6" and is a larger than life (Sydney) character who is usually spotted tootling around the ritzy Eastern Suburbs in his red Bentley but who is also known for his pretty hefty frame.

But no longer- Jim has been working out and has slimmed down and is looking pretty good. Word is he's moved into movies and film production. Perhaps it's from hanging out in Hollywood - he was last last seen on the Red Carpet at the 2018 Academy Awards - where looks are everything that matters. Jim is obviously pretty proud of his effort and who can blame him !.