Saturday, December 1, 2018

Tales From the Dreamtime #1

An invitation landed on Whisper's desk around three years ago. 

It was a request from a well known luxury car manufacturer ( via their "publicist") to attend the launch of a new model and snap guests in front of one of those wretched "media walls" that now appear at every major and minor event.

We advised unless we could mingle with guests (bearing in mind Whispers has a decades long history of cohabiting at parties with the most famous slebs on the planet and have yet to tread on one's toes or spill a drink- publisher Malcolm Forbes 70th birthday bash in Morocco was a memorable one where the late Elizabeth Taylor danced with gay abandon with a waiter) we find those endless celebrity pics in front of an advertising board a tad dull and believe readers may likewise. We tend to like mixing people together at parties for photographs.

Mind you, if of course there really was someone sensationally famous attending of course we would have been there with bells on..but no, the guest list comprised of  numerous names who upon inquiring as to their "celebrity status" we were informed they were "influencers". We've yet to meet an influencer and have little desire to photograph one in front of a board naming various products.

Besides the party was on the north side of Sydney at 6pm which is really a big no no- going "overseas" as it's called (across the Sydney Harbour Bridge) means 2 hours in a traffic jam.

But this little tale says it so much better: