Wednesday, November 14, 2018

GQ Awards

 If you haven't noticed the men's GQ Awards have been taking place all over the world.

They did here too in Sydney earlier tonight.  Some of our favorite actors were there as seen above: the talented Joel Edgerton, the ridiculously handsome Jackson Gallagher, actor Jonathan LaPaglia, host of Australian Survivor and the quite handsome model Jordon Barrett. Barrett hails from Byron Bay where Whispers regularly holidays and yes, he was brought up just down the road from our holiday pad,

 Was it he who used to deliver the paper?. Our pals reckon it was. Other Byron Bay locals who have hit the big time?..Chris Hemsworth and his brother Liam !.
Our pals who own the Byron Shire Echo Newspaper (we covered a party in honor of Johnny Rotten once for them) up that way swear blind that at a BBQ many moons ago Whispers helped dish up the food to the Fabulously Famous Hemsworths. Why should we doubt them?

And what a joy to see the wonderful Naomi Watts. At last count Naomi has nine films in post production.

And let's not forget British actress Emily Ratajkowski who looks, well words fail us. Sensational!

## Australia always seems to be the last with these type of Awards. At last count there were a dozen GQ Men's Awards in the last 2 weeks.

In Germany they decided British actor Henry Cavill was Germany's Man of The Year. And why not?. The UK is still in the EU. For now.

### Shoemaker Terri Biviano was not at the party. The Stenmark Twins were.