Thursday, September 7, 2017

Getting married..

 Despite all the delays and political machinations it's almost assured that the Same Sex Marriage act eventually will come into law with a Parliamentary vote
Thriving new businesses are bound to spring up catering to the various newly weds who will be rushing to get hitched.
And perhaps that's why popular society figure Glen Marie Frost (pictured) has just been ordained as a Civil Celebrant.

Glen Marie lives in the beautiful Southern Highlands (with her much loved cat) and could be one of the most popular Celebrants in the business. A former model and later political wheeler and dealer with the Liberal Party, she has made numerous impeccable connections over the years and is a regular on the social circuit and is seen at all the best parties.
But be assured : Glen Marie will perform a wonderful and memorable ceremony for any couple planning to get hitched no matter what their orientation is. All that matters is that they are in love!  Isn't that wonderful !

 Below: Glen Marie with Ros Packer & the late Lady Sonia McMahon