Saturday, August 12, 2017

"Sizzling" Fashion

We just know that loyal Whisper's readers are dying to know just what you will be wearing next Summer.
Some of these events in Sydney are like our very own Ground Hog Day. It's a bit like entering a world where nothing ever changes. Even the faces. Especially when they invite assures you the legendary "A-List" will be in attendance.
Here is our snap that has excited so many. It's two models at the recent David Jones' Summer Fashion parade. Whispers had an invite but quelle horreur, we weren't feeling top-of-the-world that evening. Just as we also had to miss the launch of a fabulous luxury car the same week at which we were assured numerous "influencers" would be attending along with that A-List again.

The snap is from a Getty photographer. For the uninformed Getty is a photographic agency that is scooping up independent photo agencies in the hope they will be the only photographic agency on the planet. The media seem more than happy to go along with that. At least you know- next Summer people will be wearing shorts and bikinis. Isn't that fun?
If you want more fab fashion shots go here.
If you want to see a video of these scintillating Summer Fashion Sizzles in a film introduced by TV hosts Karl Stefanovic (favourite of the Mail Online) and Lisa Wilkinson who apparently someone wasn't very nice to recently, go here.