Friday, August 11, 2017

Dreams of Stardom..

It was just a short time ago Whispers brought you the news that artistic Sydney duo Charles & Christa Billich were heading for the USA and a planned meeting with US president Donald Trump.

This info was imparted to us as we were being whisked home after a party in the Billich's sleek chauffeured Bentley.
Now news arrives that the colourful pair are to feature in a US reality TV show. And why not? Everyone is doing it these days.

Partnering in this proposed fab series is Aussie LA based budding show-biz star James Maas (pictured) who also appears in many scenes in the pilot as our snaps show. But where is Charles? It seems James (30 something) is romancing Christa (70) in most scenes. Possibly inspired by the glamorous French First Couple Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron.
Well the Billichs are a freewheeling pair.

According to Maas he is working with US producer Adam Schroeder  who produced The Truman Show and the very weird Zoolander hit movies.
The film follows the colourful pair as they attempt to open an art gallery in Los Angeles.

And what of Mr Trump?. When he gets through with dealing with the errant Kim Jong Un and North Korea surely he will host a dinner at the White House for Charles & Christa.
After all, the trio have so much in common.
And just to remind our loyal readers: here is what happens at an average Billich party...and below that..a scene from the series Real Housewives of Sydney Maroubra where Christa marries her cat. As one does.