Sunday, August 20, 2017

But the Chandeliers !

Last week just wasn't a good week for Whispers. Not feeling top of the world etc. We had to turn down the odd stiffy or two. And thus, we missed yet another glittering' event. And it was a glittering event because several newspaper columnists told us all about the crystal chandeliers that were featured at the 2017 Prix De Marie Clair Awards.

We can't really say we missed those in attendance. Mainly because we saw the same "A-List" the week before and will probably again next week at something or other. Assorted newsreaders and TV hosts, models and fashion designers were there to receive an award. Don't get us wrong. They're all nice people. And they all look nice. Some are beautiful even and some most handsome. Take the modelling Stenmark Twins (please). Absolute charmers and devilishly handsome. We can't say too much as Whispers knows the family quite well but..they were just as handsome as they were last week and will be next week at the next event.
Our one real regret was that last week we also missed an event at which many "influencers" would be in attendance. We've yet to meet a real influencer but it's early days. Back to Marie Claire. Editor Jackie Frank is one of our most liked and clever magazine editors. She's unpretentious and knows the business which is why her magazine is very successful. And apparently, she knows her chandeliers. And now the readers of many publications also know about those chandeliers.

Here is our snap of singer Danni Minogue at the event in an exciting white frock. It's so wonderful that the Mail Online ran at least 8 photos of it. Next to her is the wondrous make-up guru Napoleon Perdis who whipped up some gorgeous puff sleeves out of the the remaining fabric from Danni's dress. And a snap of the designing duo from Romance Was Born. What fun !