Saturday, July 8, 2017

We reveal identity of Marco's Mystery Blonde !

Marco Pierre White with the glamorous interesting cast of the upcoming Hell's Kitchen
The adverts for the 7 Network's new series of Hell's Kitchen starring celebrity chef Marco Pierre White have been running non-stop. A youngish Marco appears in numerous snaps including one with Gordon Ramsey with the claim that he "made Gordon cry".
 But another snap flashes up with a glamorous blonde giving the handsome (younger) Marco a juicy kiss on the cheeks. 
But all is not what it seems as Whisper's ever eagle eye spotted who that blonde was - the androgynous British singer Marilyn who had a hit song in 1983 called "Calling Your Name". Marilyn- real name Peter Robinson - is well know to Whispers who at one time promoted the then struggling singer.

Along with his close pal Boy George the pair often flopped on Whisper's living room floor at our Notting Hill Mews house after Tuesday's night's legendary Blitz nightclub where kids know as the New Romantics would gather.
Indeed there is a scene in the forthcoming film based on the life of legendary The Who manager Kit  Lambert who also occasionally bedded down on Whisper's living room floor.
At the time Whispers was working on a film being shot at Pinewood Studios called Saturn 3 with famed Hollywood great Kirk Douglas and the late Farah Fawcett Majors. A scene in the Lambert film includes an extraordinary but amusing meeting between Marilyn, Douglas, Lambert and Farah Fawcett Majors in the Mews street at 6 am in the morning.

This wasn't the first encounter with a Hollywood star for Marilyn. Before his recording success, famed actor Jack Nicholson flew Marilyn / Peter - who at the time looked exactly like Marilyn Monroe- to Los Angeles and arrived at a gala show biz party with Marilyn on one arm, and on the other Australian model Linda Kerridge (pictured above left) famous for her Monroe impersonations. As only Nicholson could get away with- a male and female Monroe. Ahhh, the memories.
# Whispers once asked singer Marilyn what his mother thought when he dolled up and left their suburban London home for the evening : "she just cries" he responded.
Kit Lambert                   Kirk Douglas & Farah Fawcett Majors                                   Jack Nicholson