Monday, July 31, 2017

"Culture Heist"

The annual Archibald prize ( $100,000) for portraiture is always (we hope) a controversial event and one of Sydney's most fascinating artistic events. Everyone should get along to the Art Gallery of NSW to see this year's exhibition and take the time to explore this wonderful gallery.

Our photo collection shows some of the entries. The top picture is the portrait of TV journalist Lisa Wilkinson which won the Packer's Prize where Gallery workers decide on their favourite. To date no Packer's Prize has won the Archibald.
 (right : a rejected portrait of  Yassmin Abdel-Magied)
And this year's Archibald did not fail to explode into a controversy. It started off with little comment until renowned artist John Olsen weighed in lambasting the winning choice. Others like artist Tim Storrier have made similar comments.
(The winner is the middle painting below Lisa, a portrait by Mitch Cairns of his partner)
Now journalist Judith White who is a member of the Art Gallery Society has joined the outcry with a must-read article.
Whispers has to agree with White on one point : we badly miss the presence of former director Edmund Capon who was lured from the V&A in London and has positively breathed amazing life into the wondrous but stuffy art gallery


 John Olsen says Archibald Prize win is 'the worst decision I've ever seen'

 Behind the Archibald controversy by Judith White


Is that a very young John Olsen (left)  protesting the Archibald in years past?