Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Charles & Christa for the White House?

As Whispers was being ushered home from the rather splendid Twinnings Design Challenge the other night in leather luxury via the chauffeured Bentley of the artistic duo Charles & Christa Billich, the pair told us of their plans to visit New York in the near future. It seems Charles has an exhibition lined up at the United Nations building in the Big Apple.

Christa & Charles at the Twinnings party

The pair had also just returned from Canberra where the Cuban ambassador had laid on a splendid dinner for the pair. They have just been to Havana and were somewhat of a hit among the locals. Charles is also hoping to present US president Donald Trump with a painting . Will it be one of Charles' tasteful nudes? Perhaps one of Christa. It would surely be to The Don's taste and would make a terrific talking point if it were hung in the Oval Office. Just imagine the discussions Trump could have with the Russian ambassador!

We felt we had to warn Charles of the incident when decades ago Trump commissioned a painting from the late Andy Warhol, of his splendorous Trump Tower. Warhol duly presented the portrait of three Trump Towers in typical Warhol colours. Trump was unimpressed particularly as the picture was based on a Polaroid camera snap (as were all Andy's portraits) and besides, he wanted the tower to be gold just like everything in his palace. He refused to accept the painting or pay for it. Let's hope Charles has more luck. Just to remind folks of Charles at work we present Whispers' video taken last year at the Billich Gallery.