Sunday, April 30, 2017

Blast from the Past

 Mick and Di Kershaw are two of the stars of Googlebox which has taken the Aussie viewers by storm. Googlebox picked up another Logie at this year's Melbourne glittering TV awards as the best 'Factual' program.
 Noticeable absent were the stars of the show at the event as producers have decided to keep them away from red carpet openings so the 'stars' don't overshadow the actual program which consists of various families commenting on a range of TV shows in a formula that has proved a winner.
That hasn't stopped the producers from extracting every bit of publicity
they can from the various stars such as distributing this wedding photo of the Kershaws who are dealers in  Indigenous art.

But nothing escapes the eagle eyes of Whispers. Ferreting around on Youtube we came across an Aussie TV show from 1961and the top local pop show at the time, The Johnny O'Keffe Show.

And there in the background smiling as Barry Stanton sings with the occasional giggle is our Gogglebox Star Di Kershaw.

And doesn't she look fab ?. And it was only 56 years ago . Wow.