Thursday, February 2, 2017

David Jones Winter Collection

Whispers as always selflessly attended the David Jones fashion spectacular last night so we could drink many glasses of French Champagne bring the latest winter fashions to you which you simply must have this year. As you can see there was a Media Wall -  a must have at every event, even the opening of a small coffee shop so readers can see yet another blatant advert know exactly where they are. Photographers of course hate love these media walls as they basically date their snaps. When picture editors surf through photographic files for a pic of a certain celebrity they tend to by-pass media wall snaps as they date the pic. Enough bitching. Whispers takes it's job as Nibbles & Fine Wine Inspector at social events very seriously. You know who all these slebs are or you should. They were at the last event. OK Lara Bingle wasn't so among our fabulous snaps you will find her, against that media wall. And the fashions? It's up to you to zip into your nearest DJs and pursue what's on offer. You won't be disappointed

Editor's note : corrected for spelling etc and hack severely reprimanded for supply copy at 2 am after consuming numerous refreshments
Below: Celebrities against the Media Wall!
 Below: models & fashion..a requirement at fashion shows