Monday, January 23, 2017

exclusive: QANTAS drama over Breitbart News

Following on the heels of the drama over the US cereal manufacturers Kellogg pulling their advertisements from the Libertarian website Breitbart News where President Donald Trump is fond of getting his 'news', comes word that one of the world's biggest airlines the Aussie owned  QANTAS are pulling their ads from the site as well.
When a concerned shareholder contacted QANTAS via their Twitter account, the response was rapid which you can read below.

And even more fun & games over the US election, the Inauguration of President Trump and the amazing marches around the world the following day when apparently 3 million women attended the protest in the capital.
 Daily Mail pundit & British TV host Piers Morgan was up in arms with the following tweet:
 It received a quick response from our favorite Woollahra based Hollywood star Sam Neill:
Alas for poor Piers there was a further humiliation to come from reality TV star and multi-millionaire Lord Alan Sugar of the UK's Apprentice fame:



The  following message popped up on Facebook (and presumably elsewhere and posted by the high profile lawyer Chris Murphy:

Whispers has seen this couple about town so many times and they looked very happy as recently as 3 months ago as our photograph shows. Below: Kelly Landry & Anthony Bell