Sunday, October 23, 2016

shock report- Frank Monte appears in a New York court !

Frank Monte who just appeared  in a New York court.
Fast on the heels of our report that former Sydney gumshoe Frank Monte was traveling to New York City to aid the election campaign of Donald Trump comes news that a Frank Monte has appeared in a New York court and has been slammed by the judge as an unhinged stalker of The Trump !.

But all is not as it seems. The "Trump obsessed Frank Monte" who was arrested at the Trump Tower for stealing his own photo posted at a security desk to alert guards to his identity is a former Florida resident who is 43 years old and who had placed over 400 calls to the real estate mogul’s office and made repeated visits since his release from a prison in July 2012.

Whisper's Big Apple spy disguised as a Aspidistra plant in the District Attorney's office assures us that the former Sydney based, now Los Angeles resident Frank Monte is still on good terms with Trump and still is intent on clearing Donald of alleged sex assault claims. Below is a series of Careless Whisper's exclusive photos that show the 2 Montes are indeed, different people: