Sunday, October 16, 2016

PI Frank Monte flies to Donald Trump's aid

As more women make claims about US Presidential candidate Donald Trump help may be at hand for the besieged Republican candidate.
Australian private investigator Frank Monte who is based in Los Angeles is heading to New York City to in his words: " attack the credibility, discredit and reverse the statements of the female Trump detractors with my own brand of swashbuckling justice, and not intending to carry out any illegal acts such as bugging, breaking and entering, invasions of privacy or other crimes and misdemeanors."

Monte says: "I know and first met Mr. Trump, being introduced to him at a function in 1990 by NYC social photographer and Andy Warhol pal Patrick McMullen. During the time  I then resided in NYC’s Upper East Side until late 2001 and came across Mr. Trump socially on many occasions as we were at the same parties and functions. I was invited to his West Side openings and other events by our mutual publicists and friends, Nora Lawlor, Gus Ober and R. Couri Hay.'
Although he no longer operates as a PI in Australia Monte has always been licensed as a gumshoe in the US and has an office in Beverly Hills. In recent months Whispers has reported on the reality TV show he is filming there with partner Sharon Sargent titled "The Private Eye & The Madam"
Despite receiving negative press in this country when he started a GoFundMe page to film a pilot for the series he soon found financial backers in the USA .
Monte continues : "I am  arguably the world’s most famous private investigator, some say infamous. Whatever, after 50 years I’m still here. I’m writing this to dispel the notion that I’m dangerous. And because many detractors have labelled me less than legal, whereas I’ve never been found guilty of any wrong doing nor has Mr Trump "
With poll pundits saying rival Hilary Clinton has a "96%" chance of winning and less than 4 weeks to go to the US election perhaps we should remember the fateful words of former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson (right): "a week is a long time in politics !"
# announcing the forthcoming tale on Monte's bid to aid Donald Trump Careless Whispers had an extraordinary surge in visitors with almost 58,000 views yesterday, and over 70% of visitors were from  the US.  Below: scenes from the Private Eye & the Madam