Saturday, October 1, 2016

exclusive : Anthony Pratt's New York party

PM Malcolm Turnbull & Lucy Turnbull     *      Hannah Godefa     *      Claudine Revere *      Eudoxie Bridges
 Anthony Pratt, Executive Chairman of Pratt Industries, opened the doors of his New York City townhouse for a fundraiser.. or a “friendraiser” as the invitation put it to honour the accomplishments of two young women helping to change the lives of millions of people in Africa.
And among the guests were some familiar faces : Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who had earlier addressed the UN, with Lucy Turnbull and daughter of former PM Paul Keating, Katherine Keating who now works in New York at the web publication Vice. Also there was Barbara Bush daughter of former US president George Bush Jr, who spent over a year in Australia studying.

Being honoured: Eudoxie Bridges from Gabon and founder of Unspoken Angels which aims to support, educate, inspire and empower young women and 19 year old Canadian Hannah Godefa , who serves as UNICEF National Ambassador to Ethiopia. 
Randall Lane* Hannah Godefa * Eudoxie Bridges * Anthony Pratt                     Eudoxie Bridges & Barbara Bush 
                                          photographs : Patrick McMullan Company (C)