Saturday, September 3, 2016

Miami Vice

Top Sydney fashion maestro Nicholas Huxley is taking the Miami fashion scene by storm. As we reported in April, Huxley has landed a plum residency at the Miami Dade College where he has been commissioned to set up a fashion design school.

 This week Huxley has been included as one of the seven best dressed guests by the Miami New Times newspaper at the Miami Fashion Week currently under way.  

Whispers reckons he had some pretty stiff competition especially from the wonderfully named Diamante Jones (left) who says his style : "is known to bring out the feminine side of men’s fashion. Classy but with a bit of edginess" which is surely exampled by his fetching Rubik's Cube hand bag.
Nicholas says his magnificent shirt comes from a cannibalized old t-shirt which he sewed onto a new garment.
Isn't fashion fun? Huxley's new fame means he also gets to sip cocktails with the Miami Fashion Week's new ambassador- movie star Antonio Banderas.                      

Below: some of Nicholas' competition on the fashion red carpet/